Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day Liberty Died ..


Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

What else is there to say, now that the most revolutionary POTUS in U.S. history has won re-election? 
Did the dead vote? Of course. Did illegal aliens too? Undoubtedly. Did fraud play a part? Ditto. Did Black Panthers – domestic terrorists – intimidate voters…NAACP alike? Yes and yup. Was ‘The One’s’ picture allowed to (dis)grace the walls, of  supposedly taint-free polling places, ala kindred spirits of Hugo, Castro and like-minded comrades? Bingo.
After all, when the Radical-in-Chief flouts the rule of the law; and the chief law enforcement official is a lawbreaker too; what else can be expected?
But the fact of the matter is that this electoral disaster will resonate throughout American history, but not because a reprobate won re-election. This is nothing new. But because an anti-American, Islamist supporting, red imbued POTUS has been allowed to destroy, the most exceptional force for liberty throughout modern times.
Make NO mistake. American ex pats, living in Israel, did their due diligence in America’s best interests. They voted OVERWHELMINGLY for liberty and freedom. Ain’t that a hoot. Don’t believe yours truly. Okay. But believe the stats -
A pox on everyone who brought this disaster upon the entire west! Hang your  heads in shame!
A collective stake has been driven into the heart, of the heretofore free world!
“According to DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources, Gilead offered a glimpse of a grimmer prospect which Israeli leaders are discussing behind close doors(emphasis added): They fear that the second Obama term will usher in a nuclear-armed Shiite Iran which will quickly reach out to the Sunni Muslim Brothers, starting with Egypt, for a joint bid to terminate the life of the Jewish state”.