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Men at War .. (AND VIDEO)

JAN 23, 2012, VOL. 17, NO. 18 • BY WILLIAM KRISTO

Men at War

We’ll stipulate that of course the Marines who urinated on the bodies of dead Taliban in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, last year should be appropriately disciplined, assuming things are as they appear in the video.
Photo of General George Patton urinating in the Rhine River
But it’s also worth noting that pissing has a distinguished place in American military history. Most famously, General George S. Patton relieved himself in the Rhine on March 24, 1945—and made sure he was photographed doing so. Patton later recalled: “I drove to the Rhine River and went across on the pontoon bridge. I stopped in the middle to take a piss and then picked up some dirt on the far side in emulation of William the Conqueror.” (At the time, actually, Patton was less concerned with emulating William the Conqueror and more worried about finishing off the enemy. Later that day he sent a communiqué to General Dwight D. Eisenhower, in command of Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force: “Dear SHAEF, I have just pissed into the Rhine River. For God’s sake, send some gasoline.”)
It wasn’t just American generals who seemed preoccupied with pissing back in 1945. Three weeks earlier, Winston Churchill had visited the front lines near Jülich. Churchill had long dreamed of urinating on Hitler’s much-vaunted Siegfried Line to show his contempt for Hitler and Nazism. Unlike Patton, Churchill forbade photographs of the occasion. But General Alan Brooke, chief of the Imperial General Staff, who was with Churchill that day, later wrote: “I shall never forget the childish grin of intense satisfaction that spread all over his face as he looked down at the critical moment.”
So perhaps, as Rep. Allen West, once a battalion commander in Iraq, put it last week, all the sanctimonious Obama administration bigwigs “need to chill.” Did Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta really need to speak up at all? Couldn’t comment have been left to some junior public affairs officer at Camp Lejeune? And once he decided to weigh in, did Panetta need to condemn the Marines’ action as not just deplorable but “utterly deplorable”? Perhaps he felt a need to match Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who expressed not just dismay but “total dismay.” 
Maybe, our current civilian leaders should spend a little less time posturing and a little more time supporting the troops who’ve been sent abroad to fight at the direction of their administration. They are, after all, carrying out a mission the civilian leadership has judged crucial to our national security. We know from the administration’s recent “strategic guidance” that President Obama now believes “the tide of war is receding” and that “we are turning a page.” That would be nice. But the “tide of war” resulted last year in fierce fighting, with seven dead and many more wounded from the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, in Helmand. Soldiers and Marines continue today to fight and die at the direction of the commander in chief. Until the page is fully turned (if it ever is), he and his administration have a responsibility to err on the side of supporting our troops, rather than competing to chastise them sanctimoniously—even when a few of them have done something foolish.
Indeed, the foolishness of these few young Marines is as nothing compared with the foolishness of Obama administration officials.
Let's go to a video that has received close to THREE MILLION "hits"!  ... That tells me that Americans are interested in listening to a "real" leader speak - one who isn't politically correct and has the wisdom to know the difference between good and evil - one who knows the wiles of the enemy and one who doesn't need a teleprompter in front of him, like a damn bib, before speaking to Americans (and the world). 
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Awe-inspiring performance! Writer/Actor/Comedian, as General George S. Patton...rants about Iraq and the modern world situation! "An absolute must-see!!"

Maspero Massacre: Egypt's Christians Cry for Justice

Gary Lane

CBN News is a national/international, nonprofit news organization that provides programming by cable, satellite, and the Internet, 24-hours a day.
Friday, January 13, 2012
CAIRO, Egypt - The Maspero Massacre was an event that has discouraged Egyptian Christians perhaps like no other in recent years.
Coptics had gathered in Cairo Sunday evening, Oct. 9, to protest the destruction of a church near Aswan.
Maged Fahim said his father, Magdy, joined those marching from the Shoubra neighborhood to the national television station at Maspero Square.
"Every time there is an incident, a church burned or attacked, nothing happens about it, no one is charged, no one is arrested. And this was bothering my father because he thought it was not fair," Fahim explained. "He believed some people had to pay for what they have done to the churches and to the Christians in Egypt."
A Father's Faith
Magdy Fahim was retired from his job at the American University Library. Maged said his father was a man of practical faith who often gathered the family together to read the Bible.
"He was teaching us to read it every day and to see what God is telling us and to hear the Voice," Maged recalled.
"'God does not want us to praise him by tongue; he wants our heart,' our father told us," he said. "I saw him every day writing the same verse from the Bible: God is my light and salvation, so whom shall I fear?"
Fearless, Magdy -- along with 10,000 other Christians -- proceeded past hostile Muslim crowds, toward Maspero.
"They were attacked by the tanks of the army, and he was hit with the army sticks they had," Maged said.
One week later, Magdy -- the devout Christian librarian -- died from a brain hemorrhage caused by repeated blows to his head.
The Maspero Massacre
In all, 27 Christians were killed as a result of the Maspero incident. Fourteen of them, including Michael Toufic, were crushed by military armored vehicles.
Mary and Monira Toufic told CBN News they learned about their brother's death as they watched the Maspero events unfold on national television.
Mary said the family didn't believe the news when a TV anchor reported that Michael was one those killed. They called the station and confirmed that his body had been positively identified.
Both women said they couldn't believe that such a thing happened to their brother. 
"Every night I cry so hard because I miss him so much," Mary told CBN News.
Michael Issa's father, Abraham, was also killed. He explained that his dad had felt compelled to attend the Christian demonstration at Maspero even though he wasn't a big supporter of rallies and demonstrations.
"He said we should rally in front of our Lord and Saviour instead of demonstrating in front of people," Issa said. "Do that each day and see what happens."
"I lost a spiritual father, a friend who led me through life," he continued. "The only comfort I would have would be to see God's glory and change come to Egypt."
Darker Times Ahead
But change in attitudes may not come anytime soon.
Samuel Tadros, a research fellow at the Hudson Institute, said the Egyptian Army is not a professional one. Rather, it's made up of conscripts who share the general population's prejudice against Christians.
Tadros told CBN News of how one soldier made a shocking pronouncement as troops boarded the bus to return to their barracks:
"One of the soldiers comes out of a window of the bus and proclaims to the Muslim onlookers that have gathered, 'I have shot him in the chest!' he shouts. 'I have shot him in the chest!'" he said.
"And the Muslim onlookers all clap and applaud him and one of them tells him, 'By God, you are a man!'" he said.
Three soldiers who drove armored vehicles into the crowd were arrested by the Egyptian Army. They are scheduled to be put on trial next month on charges of involuntary manslaughter.
But Tadros and other Egyptian Christians say an independent investigation is needed.
Bloodshed in the Streets
Meanwhile, a Christian men's group gathers regularly at Cairo's Cave Church to pray for their families and to ask God to bring peace to their nation.
The injustice of the Maspero Massacre and ongoing attacks against their churches weigh heavy on their hearts and on those of most Egyptian Christians.
Many say the future doesn't look bright, and they don't think a new government will be able to protect them from the army or persecution from Islamists. 
Coptic activist priest Father Philopateer attended many rallies and protests in Cairo last year. He also witnessed the killings at Maspero.
He said that Egyptians haven't seen any constructive response from the Muslim Brotherhood or the Islamists about the burning, or destruction of  churches.
"They didn't care about the bloodshed in the streets," he explained. "All their focus was about the elections, and that's a betrayal of the Egyptian Revolution."
'Used to Martyrdom'

President Barack Hussein Obama…Shalom, Come to Israel

- Roger Gitlin  Friday, January 13, 2012

 President Barack H. Obama
The White House
Washington, DC
re: come to Israel with us

Dear President Obama:
I invite you, Michelle, and the children to join my wife and I as we travel to Israel in February. I know this is short notice but I am hopeful you can adjust your very busy schedule and make your first trip to the Jewish state as president of the United States. President Obama, we can experience together the cradle of civilization where the cultures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam emerged. I realize I may not have been very kind to you in past commentaries I have written on your presidency, but I hope you will find forgiveness in your heart, and you and I can “bury the hatchet.” After all, we do share one very important item in common: we both love our country.

I understand the last time you paid a visit to the Holy Land, it was as candidate Obama in July 2008, and some folks made some less-than-nice remarks directed toward you at the Western Wailing Wall. I must admit a cousin of mine; Élan Gitlin barked at you, “Israel is not for sale.” I have spoken to my cousin and he promises me there will no repeat of such coarse rhetoric.

Here’s our itinerary:
Day 1:  Arrive Tel Aviv; get a good night’s sleep. The next day we are off to Caesarea, site of the Roman Empire headquarters, built by King Herod the Great. We should be able to reach Atlit Detention Center museum that afternoon to personally observe the British illegal immigrant detention center, where thousands of Holocaust survivors made exodus to then-Palestine in 1945, prior to Israeli statehood.

Day 2:  We will head off to Zichron, Israel’s first Zionist center.  We will stay at Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, named in honor of Jewish war hero Mordechai Anielewicz, who was credited with savings thousands of Jewish lives when he escaped the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943 and with his Jewish combat organization ZOB was the spark for the Warsaw Ghetto uprising that lasted several months. ZOB was responsible for retarding the efforts to deport the remaining 50,000 Jews to the Treblinka Death Camp. Anielewicz fought to his death against the hideous Nazi scourge in Poland. He died in battle at age 24 but remains my hero forever.

Day 3:  We move on to the Golan Heights where we can view from below the indefensible Syrian border and perhaps we can agree the pre-1967 border which you have demanded Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu retreat to is totally unrealistic to ensure the peace we all strive to achieve.

Day 4: On we go to the Sea of Galilee and Tiberius and the city of Beit Shean, where the bodies of King Saul and his son lie after defeating the Philistines.

Day 5: Back to familiar territory: Jerusalem and the Wailing Wall. I promise no one will blurt out any inappropriate comments. If anyone says anything, I will personally go over to the offender and give him a zetz in the keppie (hit in the head).  On to the Dead Sea and the last Jewish stronghold against the Romans 66-73 AD. From there we can view the Dead Sea Scrolls and Ammunition Hill, site of the victory of Six Day War in 1967.

Day 6: I want to spend the better part of the day at Yad Vashem and the Holocaust Remembrance. This sobering experience may help you convince Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan, and your former pastor Rev Jeremiah Wright, as well as some of your Muslim brethren, that there was indeed a Holocaust.

If you wish, I will contact Bibi, and I am sure he can clear his busy schedule and join us for some of our tour of the Jewish homeland.

President Obama, I do hope you will make every effort to join us. You see, this is my first visit to Israel and I want to make it a memorable one.

Let’s put to rest all that nonsense when you muttered under your breath years ago that you would never set foot on Israeli soil as president of the United States.
Awaiting your reply, I remain your dedicated adherent.


Roger Gitlin, Teacher

Roger Gitlin 
Most recent columns

Roger Gitlin,ROGERGITLIN.COM,  is a California-Credentialed teacher and founder of the Santa Clarita Valley Independent Minutemen. He is also a National Tea Party member and Del Norte CountyTea Party organizer where he serves as one of the Group’s policy advisors. He resides in Crescent City, California.
Roger can be reached

A little urine washes out - Evil doesn't - By Daniel Greenfield

- Daniel Greenfield  Friday, January 13, 2012 


In case you haven’t heard some US soldiers might have urinated on dead Taliban fighters. Hopefully they did it facing in the direction away from Mecca, as American soldiers have been ordered to do to avoid offending Muslims, and that the dead Taliban didn’t have Korans in their pockets at the time or it’ll be a holy war. Oh wait it already is a holy war.

McCain, fresh from being saddened by the Communist attacks on Bain Capital, announced that he was saddened by the video and wanted the marines punished. Because having trials and routing that sort of thing through a military justice system rather than through the fiat of sad senators isn’t how we do things anymore.

Good news though, the Taliban have announced that the video will not prevent them from accepting our surrender anyway.

Noted kleptomaniac and humanitarian Hamid Karzai denounced the video as “completely inhumane.” Speaking of “Completely inhumane”, there’s Karzai’s buddy Abdul Rab Rasoul Sayyaf. Abdul is the head of the Islamic Union who was a pal of Osama bin Laden and a mentor to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Here’s some of his very “humane” handiwork. During the Afshar massacre, Sayyaf’s Wahhabis, with Saudi funding, massacred Shiite men,  women and children. But that is humane. Unlike urinating on a dead Taliban.

The Taliban have also denounced it as inhumane.
The Taliban initially indicated that the video would not undermine the push toward talks, saying that they saw it as just more evidence of what they said was American brutality and arrogance.
“We strongly condemn the inhuman act of wild American soldiers, as ever, and consider this act in contradiction with all human and ethical norms,”
But let’s hear it from the Taliban what they consider “humane” behavior.
You must become so notorious for bad things that when you come into an area people will tremble in their sandals. Anyone can do beatings and starve people. I want your unit to find new ways of torture so terrible that the screams will frighten even crows from their nests and if the person survives he will never again have a night’s sleep.”
Instead of just searching for criminals, the night patrols were instructed to seek out people watching videos, playing cards or, bizarrely, keeping caged birds. Men without long enough beards were to be arrested, as was any woman who dared venture outside her house. Even owning a kite became a criminal offence.
“Basically any form of pleasure was outlawed,” Mr Hassani said, “and if we found people doing any of these things we would beat them with staves soaked in water - like a knife cutting through meat - until the room ran with their blood or their spines snapped. Then we would leave them with no food or water in rooms filled with insects until they died.
“We always tried to do different things: we would put some of them standing on their heads to sleep, hang others upside down with their legs tied together. We would stretch the arms out of others and nail them to posts like crucifixions.
“Sometimes we would throw bread to them to make them crawl. Then I would write the report to our commanding officer so he could see how innovative we had been.”
Is there anything in there to make McCain “sad”? Anything to make Obama question negotiating with the Taliban? Don’t count on it.
Urine washes out but there are worse stains on the soul. Like sitting down at a table with filth like this and accepting medals from the moneymen funding the murder of Americans. Urine washes out. Evil doesn’t.

Daniel Greenfield 
Most recent columns

AuthorDaniel Greenfield is a New York City based writer and freelance commentator. “Daniel comments on political affairs with a special focus on the War on Terror and the rising threat to Western Civilization. He maintains a blog at
Daniel can be reached

See the following links for more comments on this issue:
Allen West on the Marines Incident: 'Shut Your Mouth, War Is Hell'

Could one of them say a good word about our troops?

NOTICE: "SOPA, Wednesday's Internet Blackout"



by Grumpy Elder

SOPA, Why We Need Wednesday’s Internet Blackout

Stop Online Piracy Act commonly known as SOPA, Nice sounding name,

From Lamar Alexander's Website, a picture back to DJ Schulte, there is a reason for this picture.
 Ever notice laws with the nicest sounding names are the ones that do the most damage?
Nothing there to make the average American nervous, most of us know that online piracy is a problem.  But when we think of Online Piracy we think of Music, Movies, Designer Clothe and let’s pretend Rolex watches make cheaply in other countries then labeled to look like the real thing and marketed on line.
Even Pharmaceuticals are pirated, illegally labeled and sold online, to a great extent in that case we have competing pirates.  Illegal online pirates are competing with America Drug Manufactures that engage in their own form of larceny.
Those are all the things most Americans think of when they think of online piracy.  If you plan on asking me what’s wrong with stopping that sort of thing, the answer is nothing.  It’s everything else that’s a problem.  Most Americans use the Internet, most Internet users innocently engage in some form of copyright infringement.  That is a form of online piracy.
Have you  ever embeded a utube video into an email and sent it to twenty friends?  With gmail all you have to do is put in the link  and the video self embeds..  If the person that put that video onto utube to begin didn’t have absolutely sole owner-ship to the content, you might find yourself in violation of SOPA.
Ever copy a story from a newspaper or magazine site and email it to friends?  Or even forwarded an email like that someone sent you?
Gotcha..  That’s a technical violation, and most ordinary users wouldn’t be at much risk– unless  while you were out of town for a day your 18 year old son decides to throw a beer party for all 500 of his High School friends.. when the police arrive they smell a lot of pot and start looking for evidence.
Or if you post material like that on Facebook or one of the other Social Sites.
Utube may shutdown if SOPA passes and they aren’t the only ones, take a look:

URGENT!!!! Stop SOPA (HR 3261)


Uploaded by on Nov 16, 2011





(HR 3261)



If passed, the "Stop Online Piracy Act," or SOPA (HR 3261), could rip apart the open fabric of the Internet. People could see their websites disappear from the Internet for a "crime" as innocent as posting a video of themselves singing along to a favorite song.
It paves the way for the sort of heavy-handed blocking tactics you'd expect to see in China, not the United States.
SOPA violates our right to free speech.




Not that it MATTERS or anything.

Friday, January 13, 2012

US, Muslim Summit Way to Outlaw Islam's Critics? - videos and more...

My complaint about Muslims in Obama's administration

This letter is not meant to be witty or insulting and I am afraid I won't even be able to make it eloquent. But I will do the best I can to fight on the battleground of ideas for our inalienable individual rights. Here's my side of the story: We must rally good-hearted people to the side of our cause. If we don't, future generations will not know freedom. Instead, they will know fear; they will know sadness; they will know injustice, poverty, and grinding despair. Most of all, they will realize, albeit far too late, that we must do right and fear no one. Or, to express that sentiment without all of the emotionally charged lingo, Muslims in Obama's administration believes that it should be a given a direct pipeline to the National Treasury. The real damage that this belief causes actually has nothing to do with the belief itself but with psychology, human nature, and the skillful psychological manipulation of that nature by Muslims in Obama's administration and its vile, besotted apparatchiks.

What I mean to say is that Muslims in Obama's administration wants us to emulate the White Queen from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, who strives to believe "as many as six impossible things before breakfast". Then again, even the White Queen would have trouble believing that you and I are objects for Muslims in Obama's administration to use then casually throw away and forget like old newsprint that's performed its duty catching bird droppings. I prefer to believe things that my experience tells me are true, such as that if Muslims in Obama's administration doesn't like it here, then perhaps it should go elsewhere.
What we have been imparting to Muslims in Obama's administration—or what it has been eliciting from us—is a half-submerged, barely intended logic, contaminated by wishes and tendencies we prefer not to acknowledge. It's really not bloody-mindedness that compels me to take action. It's my sense of responsibility to you, the reader. I don't know when Fabianism became chic, but Muslims in Obama's administration's entourage appears to be growing in number. I pray that this is analogous to the flare-up of a candle just before extinction, yet I keep reminding myself that priggism, colonialism, and pauperism follow Muslims in Obama's administration's footsteps. Wherever it goes, such things are sure to sprout up. The implication is that there isn't a man, woman, or child alive today who thinks that if Muslims in Obama's administration kicks us in the teeth we'll then lick its toes and beg for another kick, so let's toss out that ridiculous argument of Muslims in Obama's administration's from the get-go.

Some people have indicated that Muslims in Obama's administration's Praetorian Guard is a breeding ground for the most anti-democratic couch potatoes you'll ever see. I can neither confirm nor deny that statement, but I can say that if you can go more than a minute without hearing Muslims in Obama's administration talk about nativism, you're either deaf, dumb, or in a serious case of denial. Muslims in Obama's administration maintains that either skin color means more than skill, and gender is more impressive than genius or that its disquisitions provide a liberating insight into life, the universe, and everything. Muslims in Obama's administration denies any other possibility.

When Muslims in Obama's administration made its puppy-dog serfs wag their little tails by promising to let them manipulate everything and everybody, I realized for the first time that I cannot believe how many actual, physical, breathing, thinking people have fallen for Muslims in Obama's administration's subterfuge. I'm totally stunned. Does Muslims in Obama's administration do research before it reports things, or does it just guess and hope it's right? The reason I ask is that Muslims in Obama's administration's latest diatribe is Muslims in Obama's administration-style lunacy at its very finest. Every despicable word of that diatribe paints a perfect picture of Muslims in Obama's administration's hysteria and reveals that Muslims in Obama's administration's acolytes always show a streak of cruelty that enables them to find pleasure in their destructiveness. You don't need to be the smartest guy on the planet to figure that out. Heck, even the lowliest Joe Six-Pack knows that in my observations upon favoritism, I have expressed no opinion thus far of the mode of its extinguishment or melioration. I will note, however, though I still have nothing to propose, that Muslims in Obama's administration's premise (that the worst kinds of slovenly propagandists there are should be given absolute authority to replace discourse and open dialogue with maladroit stratagems and blatant ugliness) is its morality disguised as pretended neutrality. Muslims in Obama's administration uses this disguised morality to support its slogans, thereby making its argument self-refuting. As I have tried to show in this letter, Muslims in Obama's administration demonstrates a terrible, inaccurate, even ghastly, misuse of history with its pernicious, bloodthirsty manifestos. As long as you remember that, we may yet be able to extirpate narcissism root, trunk, and branch.

US, Muslim Summit Way to Outlaw Islam's Critics?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
A U.S. State Department summit with more than two dozen world governments, including several Muslim nations, has come under fire from free speech and religious rights advocates.
Critics say the Obama administration is bowing to Islamic fundamentalists who want to criminalize criticism of Islam.
U.S. officials say the goal of the three-day meeting is to find ways to fight religious intolerance through education and understanding.
**Frank Gaffney, founder of the American Center for Security Policy, offered his insights on the matter on the CBN News Channel's Morning News, Dec. 14.**
They are rejecting any demands from Arab states and other countries that want restrictions on free speech.
"We know that some people distort various religious doctrines to justify intolerance, foment violence, or create strife that serves their narrow political purposes," said Suzan Johnson Cook, U.S. ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom.
Cook said offensive speech ought to be denounced but that "religion must never be used as an excuse to stifle freedom of expression."
For 12 years, members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, or OIC, sought support for a "defamation of religions" resolution in the United Nations.
This year, the OIC dropped the defamation language in exchange for promises from the U.S. and the West to fight intolerance while protecting free speech.
Religious freedom advocates say the OIC is not to be trusted.
"My question is why is the U.S. government cooperating with this reactionary organization whose leading members put people to death or imprison those who criticize Islam or imprison them," said Paul Marshall, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute.
Leaders from the European Union and other Western nations are also attending the summit this week.

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CBN exposes Islamic infiltration at the highest levels of US security apparatus
Friday, November 11, 2011 - 2:02pm

To the Mr. Anonymous who was "shocked" to see a photo-shop picture of a Muslim star and crescent over the map of the United States ... WAKE UP! You apparently are not clearly understanding all the warnings of the goals of Islam, nor are you awake enough to observe what is happening right under your nose in relation to this Administration's willingness to bow to Sharia law, the Saudi Kings, and include apologies for America to the entire Muslim world.

The symbols of Islam, hanging over the White House and America are exactly why Americans find it necessary to vote Obama out of office, along with all his "team" players and Czars this November.

Bee Sting

BARE NAKED ISLAM - E-mail Notice to all her "followers" ...


by barenakedislam

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