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Symbolism In The Arab/Muslim World

Symbolism In The Arab/Muslim World & Its Intersection With The Islamist-in-Chief’s Mockery Of The Christian Cross…

Immersing in the Arab/Muslim muck is not only otherworldly, it is downright depressing. Filthy too. Needless to say, when serious diggers wade in, some feel the necessity to repair to an immediate shower cleansing. At least this blogger does! The flip side is that she is always scrubbed clean. And if one is lucky enough the stench will lift, albeit temporarily.

In other words, what does the above have to do with the Islamist-in-Chief’s rhetorical finger to the Christian Cross (out of too many other vile/in-your-face gestures), during his recent White House turkey-fest? Everything.

Those in the know understand that symbolism holds a top-tier rung within the Arab/Muslim world. It rules. ‘Honor’/shame too. And this was precisely why Barack HUSSEIN (emphasis on his middle name) did what he did, as he signaled to his two main comrades – radical leftists & Islamists; Christianity’s centrality in America  is (almost) over. Understood?

Therefore, it was also no accident that the Islamist-in-Chief (wifey & kiddies in tow) dressed in black and red, during his inauguration in 2008. Can’t wait to see their dressage this go around. Allah would be proud, as black and red, alongside green and gold, are 2 of the main colors of Black Liberation followers (Rev Wright’s Trinity Church should give us more than a clue), adherents of Nation of Islam too. Muslim nations also adorn them as their symbols. Whoa. Heady stuff.
And this color-based rendition comes full circle, as it leads right to the Commander-in-Chief’s fealty to Sunni Islam; via his Cairo apology tour to the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia with Mubarak nowhere to be found; and his dastardly bow to the Saudi King. Again, symbolism. 
And many of the proofs are contained herein: 
And in short order the Arab ‘Spring’/Winter/Nightmare began…and ended with a Muslim Brotherhood Mafia operative as Egypt’s Prez! - - and if this is accidental…then there are many bridges for sale. Dirt cheap.
Which brings us to the POTUS’s Saudi bow - - a complete no-no in US Presidential history. Again, NOT an accident.
Leftist radicals abhor religion like the plaque, except when it comes to their Islamic cohorts; for they too want the Sunday people (as much as the Saturday people) diminished or gone. Hence, they ideologically align – the RED/GREEN alliance.
 Which brings us squarely back to his rhetorical finger.

‘Barack Obama’s open mockery of the Sign of the Cross’

Canada Free Press – Judi McLeod, Editor
It was an open mockery of the Christian prayer that is accompanied by the immortal words used by peasants and kings over the centuries: “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”.
Obama, who is left-handed,  made the sign of the cross with his left hand, which out of respect for the centuries-long Christian practice, no one ever does.
Obama’s left-handed sign of the crosswas made over a gobbling turkey during the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation Ceremony, that takes place at the White House every year shortly before Thanksgiving, having been resurrected by George H.W. Bush in 1989.
Obama departed from the usual “presidential pardon” granting the turkey a “special dispensation” in words as he twice made his left-handed Sign of the Cross.
There were lots of giggles from the two Obama daughters and lots of gobbling from the turkey recorded during the ceremony now on YouTube.
Clearly using his left hand for all to see, Obama made the Sign of the Cross backwards.

Pagan and fairytale like in concept, beginning in 2005 presidential “pardoned” birds were sent to Disneyland to live, and served as the “honorary grand marshal” of that year’s Thanksgiving Day parade, following concerns raised by animals rights objections that the birds had not survived for long.
“For the previous 15 years they had been sent to Frying Pan Park near Herndon, Virginia. (Wikipedia).  “Names were generally chosen in online votes taken at the White House website.”
“In 2010 and 2011, the turkeys were sent to live at Mount Vernon, the estate and home of George Washington.
“The origins of the tradition of pardoning the White House turkey are unclear.  Many credit President Harry Truman with starting the informal and lighthearted tradition in 1947.  However, the Truman Library says that no documents, speeches, newspaper clippings, photographs or other contemporary records are known to exist that specify that he ever “pardoned” a turkey.  The Eisenhower Presidential Library saysdocuments in their collection reveal that President Dwight Eisenhower ate the birds presented to him during his two terms.  President John F. Kennedy spontaneously spared a turkey on Nov. 18, 1963, just four days before his assassination, but did not grant a ‘pardon’.
“Presidential pardoned turkeys are to be are raised in the same fashion as turkeys designated for slaughter,  but are selected “at birth” for pardoning and are trained to handle loud noises, flash photography and large crowds.  Because most Thanksgiving turkeys are bred and raised for size at the expense of longer life, they are prone to health problems associated with obesity such as heart disease, respiratory failure and joint damage.  As a result of these factors, most of the pardoned turkeys have very short lives.  After their pardoning, frequently dying within a year of being pardoned.”
Why Obama would choose the Thanksgiving Turkey Ceremony to mock the Sign of the Cross two weeks after his reelection is anybody’s guess.
But many will be asking is making a left-handed Sign of the Cross amid giggles and gobbles a mockery only a Muslim would make?”
This American-Israeli, Jewish blogger is perfectly aware of America’s Judeo-Christian underpinnings. She knows her history (American, Middle Eastern & western civilization’s) well. Thus, she is fully cognizant that America has always been a primarily Christian majority/based nation, up until a few decades ago.
And it is this awareness which renders her frightened for its future. For once a wayward Commander-in-Chief – Islamist/Radical to boot – dares to dislodge Christianity from America’s roots (ever since he disgraced the People’s House, from 2008 onward), the nation of the Founding Father’s will, sooner than most realize, be a dead letter. Chilling.
This should send shivers down every American’s (other westerners too) spine, or so it would seem.    

Adina Kutnicki

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Johnny Cash - Thanksgiving / I Thank You

Israel vs, Gaza: The Last Seven Days .. (videos included)

November 15, 2012
PM Netanyahu's Statement on Israel's "Pillar of Defense" (Pillar of the Cloud)

and, just seven days later, we read from USA Stands with Israel's:

News Up Date to you all from Israel:


Mofaz: Deterrence not restored.

Government's decision to end Operation Pillar of Defense draws harsh criticism from MKs. Lapid says goals not achieved, National Union's Ariel calls truce 'embarrassing capitulation'.

Labor Party chairwoman Shelly Yachimovich, who backed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu throughout Operation Pillar of Defense, also expressed her support for the ceasefire with Hamas, which went into effect at 9 pm Wednesday.

"Let's hope that the justified goals that were set before the operation have actually been achieved," she said.

However, Yesh Atid head Yair Lapid and several other politicians leveled harsh criticism at the government's decision to agree to a ceasefire. "The truce comes at the worst possible time and before the goals set by the government itself had been achieved," he said.

"After it was promised that Hamas would be eliminated and that we would not negotiate with it, the State of Israel negotiated with Hamas and failed to eliminate it," said Lapid. "The government displayed weakness and hesitance in the implementation of its goals after promising complete calm to the residents of Israel."

Haim Ramon, who served as vice prime minister during Operation Cast Lead some four years ago, also criticized the ceasefire. "Unfortunately, it is obvious that this operation did not achieve its goals – when the main goal was to end the suffering of a million and a half citizens," he told Ynet.

Opposition leader Shaul Mofaz blasted the decision to announce a ceasefire in Gaza, saying that "the operation's goals haven't been met. It's only a matter of time before the next round occurs. This is not how you end a battle against terrorism."

Mofaz claimed that "the operation shouldn't have been stopped at this point. Hamas is empowered and deterrence hasn't been restored. Hamas has the upper hand."

National Union Chairman Uri Ariel said that the Israeli ceasefire announcement was "a lame display that unsuccessfully attempted to excuse the embarrassing capitulation of the Netanyahu-Lieberman government."

The Knesset member said that "the residents of Israel feel betrayed, and they know that they will have to experience the government's hesitance on their own flesh."

#  #   #

Stunner… Hamas Fires Twelve Missiles Into Israel an Hour After Ceasefire …Update: 20 Missiles Fired - Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, November 21, 2012, 5:07 PM  on THE GATEWAY PUNDIT
All we are saying, is give peace a chance…Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire today.It took Hamas about an hour before they started shooting off missiles into Israel.

UPDATE: Make that 20 missiles fired by Hamas since the so-called ceasefire.
An 11 year-old was injured in one attack. 

What is the story behind the conflict between Hamas/Gaza and Israel?  See video (below):

AND, What is Hamas and who are the people called "Palestinians"?  Who are these terrorists?! Again, let us watch the following video:

And, so it goes in the Middle East, among the Press/Media, and world leaders who now enjoy taking credit for bringing "peace in the Middle East" ... "credit" and a "peace" that will not last as long as the pen and ink are dry on whatever agreements were made in Cairo. Protecting terrorists and making deals with terrorists cannot be expected to last - a terrorist organization, Hamas, lives to kill Jews and destroy the nation Israel. Read their Charter to understand their goal is not peace with Israel - they, like their proxy Iran, reject the right for the Jews and Israel to exist. Iran built this mess, and Iran has many unknown "backers" that honor evil, while rejecting the nation Israel. How's that going to work out for this old world .... stay tuned, We will know soon enough!

Bee Sting

Thanksgiving Day: Thank you, Israel

Music plays in my home, throughout the day, no matter what I am busy doing; this particular video's music is very light, brings cheerfulness to the soul and what a great way to bring a heart to a point of "Thanksgiving". I think that through tears, our hearts count our blessings and that has been this year, for me, often. It's been a rough year, a year of disappointments and then, suddenly, like the blooms on the flowers you see here, life became so beautiful, refreshing, and new! I thank you, dear friends, for your kindness and many E-mails that were so encouraging; I thank the Lord for my family; for the roof over my head and the warmth inside; and this year, in particular, I want to thank our dear friends living in Israel. What a blessing to see the people and my personal friends in Israel, under fire from rocket attacks and bombings, never give up. What an amazing attitude and strength you demonstrate to the world and, to those who love you! I wish each and everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, and even to those who do not celebrate this holiday, because every day is thanksgiving in their hears and souls.  Bee Sting

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No Ceasefire, My Son, Finish the Job!


This past year, the government of Syria has slaughtered 50,000 truly innocent civilians. Does the world give a damn? No.
Israeli soldiers along the border are preparing their tanks for a possible ground operation inside the Gaza Strip.
Israeli soldiers along the border are preparing their tanks for a possible ground operation inside the Gaza Strip.
Photo Credit: Gili Yaari/ Flash90 
Dear Son,
It was good speaking with you and hearing that you are in excellent spirits. Please call home from time to time when you can. And try to fill your free time with Torah learning. We are told that Joshua was reprimanded by the angel in charge of the armies of Israel for neglecting to study Torah during breaks in the battle. We are the Nation of the “Safra and Sefer,’ the Sword and the Book. When we engage in battle, we give 100% to the fight. But whenever we have free time, the obligation to meditate on the Torah day and night returns in full measure. I know, it isn’t easy in your present situation, not knowing when the order to enter Gaza will come, but Torah study is as important as cleaning your rifle and making sure that your machsaniot are all loaded with bullets.
For the meantime, I will try to send you a Torah thought each day. I noticed an abridged “easy reader” copy of ‘Robinson Caruso” in your room, and remembered you saying that you wanted to improve your skills in English, so I’ll write these letters in English, and that way you can learn Torah and improve your English at the same time.
If you have access to a radio, I’m sure you are hearing a lot of talk about the supreme effort of the Israeli Air Force not to injure “innocent civilians.” You already know what I think about that. We are not engaged in a match of badminton. This is war. The Hamas isn’t merely a handful of terrorists. Gaza is a terrorist state. The people living there identify with Hamas and with its constantly vocalized oath to destroy Israel. They “voted” Hamas into power. Hamas and all of the citizens of Gaza seek our annihilation. This is a war of state against state.
But let me remind you of another interesting point. This past year, the government of Syria has slaughtered 50,000 truly innocent civilians. Does the world give a damn? No. Has anyone seriously ordered Assad to stop? No. The world, even the Arab world itself, really doesn’t care that tens of thousands of innocent Arab civilians are being slaughtered in Syria. But when Israel kills a few “innocent” Palestinians bystanders in Gaza who were watching terrorists fire a missile toward your grandparents in Ashkelon, then all of the world in cries out unison, from the U.S. State Department, to the United Nations, and the leaders of Russia, England, and France.
Suddenly filled with compassion for the innocent Arab victims, they all immediately hold emergency press conferences, and warn Israel not to escalate the conflict by daring send in ground troops in Gaza to uproot the terror, lest there be more civilian casualties. What hypocrisy! Are the Arabs in Gaza any different from the Arabs in Syria? Why is the world silent when Assad kills 50,000 innocent civilians, and suddenly aghast in a hysterical uproar when Israel kills a handful of “innocents” who just happened to be hanging around a rocket launcher?
Their double standard is so opaque! So now, my boy, I want to let you in on a secret that I want you to pass on to all the guys in your platoon. What’s the real reason that the Egyptians, and the British, and President Barak Hussein Obama don’t want our troops to go into Gaza and finish the job of erasing this evil incarnate from the world? It isn’t because they suddenly love innocent Arabs, believe me.
The answer lies in the Torah portion we read on Shabbat. Already in Rivka’s womb, Esav was trying to kill Yaacov. As Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai has ruled, the halachah is that Esav hates Yaacov. To further its own interests, America is willing to back us, up to a point. But to let us go all out and destroy Hamas completely, once and for all – “No no no no no!” they shout. Stop! Suddenly they, and everyone else, are worried about “innocent civilians.”
Yes, my precious, son, you are fighting to stop the missile fire on our country and to protect fellow Jews. But, as I have previously written, you are fighting for something much more. You are a soldier in the army of Hashem, fighting against the darkness and evil in the world which seeks to snuff out God’s light. The nations of Esav and Ishmael know who we are. They know that Israel is God’s Chosen Nation, endowed with the Divine task of bringing the truth of God’s Kingship to the world.
They know that the Nation of Israel, in its return to Eretz Yisrael, is not just another country in the Middle East, but the reborn Nation of the Bible which has come to herald a new era of justice and morality in the world. In order to stop this from coming to pass, just like the armies of Pharaoh, Amalek, Greece, and Rome, did in our past, the forces of darkness today, rise up against us in all kinds of alliances and guises, Ishmael and Esav together, some outwardly barbaric like Hamas and its bloodthirsty partners whose only goal for the world is to destroy the Jews; and others who dress in civilized Western garb and speak pompous slogans and empty speeches, mentioning God on their lips but forgetting him in their hearts.
Make no mistake. The Arab world and the Western world are the same Ishmael and Esav of old. The daggers of Ishmael we know only too well. But sometimes the gentlemanly smiles and handshakes of Esav fool us into thinking that he has forgotten his murderous gripe of the past, how we, Yaacov, were awarded the birthright, not him, and how Israel was eternally chosen to be His children, not to conquer the world, but to uplift it by bringing humanity to recognize the one and only true Divine Ideal. But today, we saw it clearly that Esav’s hatred for us still festers in his heart, as one country after another, America, Britain, France, Germany, Russia… all loudly insisted that you and your saintly brothers, soldiers in the army of Hashem, not step one foot in Gaza.
When Israel rises up to eliminate evil from the world, the United Nations of Darkness jump up and scream out no! Stop! Let Hamas live! Not because of their love for innocent civilians as they self-righteously declare. The ongoing slaughter in Syria has exposed that pathetic charade. The reason they want you to stop is because they don’t want the great light of Israel to shine in the world. They don’t want God in the world. They want to continue on with their world domination, with their global exploitation, with their greediness, adultery, and lip service to God. Santa Claus, yes. Christmas songs and sleigh bells, yes. Allah, yes. But the true Kingdom of God which Israel represents, and which we are gradually bringing back to the world with our miraculous rebirth as a proud Jewish Nation in Israel, in glorious fulfillment of Prophecies of old – no longer the disgraced and outcast Jew of the past, but the mighty lion of Judah – in their inner hearts, they rightly sense that this incredible Redemption of the Jewish People in Israel is a sign of their demise, the end of their false religions, immoral cultures, and self-serving creeds.
They know that this is the end, this is the end, this is the end. And this they cannot allow. So they rise up in unison, Ishmael and Esav together, and urgently send envoys and special United Nations delegations to Israel to force us to stop before you and your brave and holy comrades enter Gaza and crush out the terrible cancer and festering evil that is hiding cowardly in mosques, schools, hospitals, family houses, and a labyrinth of underground tunnels that is the closest thing in this world to Hell.
But the God of Israel will not lie. He has decreed that His Kingdom will be established over all of the Earth, and He chosen the State of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces to do it, to establish true goodness and true justice in the world for all peoples, by wiping out the darkness which seeks with all of its strength to prevent God’s light from shining.
Be strong my son. Keep the faith. Let Shema Yisrael be your battle cry. “Hear O Israel, the Lord is God, the Lord is One!”
We love you.
About the Author: Tzvi Fishman was awarded the Israel Ministry of Education Prize for Creativity and Jewish Culture for his novel "Tevye in the Promised Land." For the past several years, he has written a popular and controversial blog at Arutz 7. A wide selection of his books are available at Amazon. The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not represent the views of The Jewish Press

US doesn’t want to see Hamas crushed


Chief of Staff Benny Gantz talks to troops waiting near Gaza border
Chief of Staff Benny Gantz talks to troops waiting near Gaza border
Until recently, Jewish communities in Christian or Muslim principalities existed on the sufferance of kings and princes. If the ruler was not theologically hostile to Jews and/or if he found their presence useful, then they were able to live relatively unmolested lives; although in most cases there were restrictions placed on them, ranging from the prohibition against a Jew riding a horse in Muslim lands, to the exclusion of Jews from various trades in Europe.

But if the prince had a problem with Judaism, or even owed big debts to local Jewish moneylenders, then things could turn ugly. Rulers could turn a blind eye to pogroms — or even incite them — and total expulsion of Jews from a nation was possible, as happened in England in 1290, France in 1306 and Spain in 1492.

Zionism was in part supposed to be a solution to Jewish powerlessness and dependency. In a sovereign Jewish state, it would no longer be necessary to cater to, bribe and flatter non-Jewish authorities in order to exist.

Well, the joke seems to be on us. Although there is a sovereign Jewish state, Israel, it is “the Jew among nations,” trying to stay in the favor of the powerful nobles of the world (including the most powerful, the President of the US).

Of course there is a difference: the Jews of the diaspora were physically powerless, while Israel has the IDF. But what good is an army if someone else has veto power over its use?

The present situation, in which savage anti-Semites have launched (as it were) a pogrom against the Jews of Israel, is precisely the right time to use the power of the Jewish state, to do what the Jews of Kishinev could not do in 1903: stop the pogrom and destroy the ability of the anti-Semites to hurt them in the future.

This can be done with Hamas and the other terrorist factions in Gaza, but it requires an incursion into the densely populated cores of the cities where Hamas’ command facilities are located. A partial military solution, such as was accomplished by operation Cast Lead in 2008-9, only provides time for the terrorists to rearm and prepare for the next round, incorporating lessons learned.

It cannot be accomplished by negotiations. Diplomacy succeeds when it can provide benefits for both sides, but when one side’s very reason for being is to destroy the other, there isn’t a mutually beneficial solution.

But Israel’s arm is restrained by the patron to which it is most beholden, the USA, as well as the lesser potentates of the EU and the UN. Israel’s PM seems to have agreed — or been forced to agree — to wait a few days to see if an acceptable Egypt-brokered agreement can come about. Meanwhile, tanks and reserve soldiers sit idle near the Gaza border.

The international princes are ostensibly horrified by the potential for harm to civilians (this from the folks that burned Dresden and Tokyo!), but it’s hard to credit this when 30,000 mostly-civilians have been killed in Syria’s civil war, not to mention the millions of black Africans who have died in that continent’s unending conflicts, with little or no response beyond talk.

Whatever the reason, they don’t want to see Hamas crushed.

Israel’s leaders know that there isn’t a diplomatic solution. But what can they do? Over the years, Israel has become so dependent on the US — for advanced weapons, spare parts, etc. — that it is almost impossible to say no to US demands. Possibly some of the attitudes that we developed in the Middle Ages remain with us, as well.

I don’t have a quick fix. Maybe a tiny nation like the Jewish people must always be dependent to some extent. But it should be a national goal to reduce this dependence as much as possible, to be able to survive even when the occupants of the royal palaces of the world are unfriendly.

Monday, November 19th, 2012 at 5:27 pm  

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Obama's latest commercial: "We interrupt this war ...."

Bee's Note:  
By now, anyone paying attention to conflict between Gaza/Hamas and Israel is aware that thanks to a few phone calls from Obama to PM Netanyahu, and by involving Turkey and Egypt into the mix, Obama has interrupted Israel's defense of her nation and citizens, while the very enemies of Israel discuss "cease fire" agreements inside Cairo! Is Obama even aware that the USA lists Hamas as a "terrorist" organization?! And what a crew of misfits deciding the fate of Israel's survival - thanks to the interference from Washington! You couldn't find a group of more anti-Israel slugs, enemies of Israel, called to be "moderators" of this Conflict if you searched 100 years!  What a perfect picture of hypocrisy!  How disturbing to all Israel's supporters!  Can anything "good" come out of this evil group of companions?!
There is something wrong with this picture!  Let us count the ways:
1.  Hamas, a terrorist organization, is the right arm of the Muslim Brotherhood - Egypt's "new" leaders since Murbarak "stepped down" one year ago.
2.  Morsi, Egypt's MB leader, has made statements blaming Israel for the conflict, never once suggesting that Hamas is responsible for the unrest in the region - (terrorists supporting terrorists!)
 3.  Egyptian intelligence meanwhile smuggled Hamas Prime Minister Islmail Haniyeh out of Gaza and over to El Arish in northern Sinai in the convoy of visiting Tunisian Foreign Minister Rafiq Abdessalem when he departed Gaza Saturday,...(Debka report)
4. The Turkish prime minister brought a secret passenger in the plane bringing him to Cairo Saturday. He is Saleh Aruri, formerly of the Hamas military wing. Aruri had spent 15 years in an Israeli prison for terrorism and murder until he was released on Oct. 18, 2011 in the prisoner exchange for the Israeli soldier Gilead Shalit on condition he went into exile. (Debka report)
Saleh Aruri
 © apaimages APAimages is an independent international photojournalism agency
5. Obama's interference did not come while the Hamas terrorists were attacking Israel for months - years, ever since Hamas was elected by the Palestinians.  Not even when Hamas increased its attacks this past month.  Only when Israel said "Enough is enough" and began striking back, did Obama jump in to the fray and demand Israel "slow down its defense of its citizens".  (Anyone find this strange?  Why did the USA's leader take so long to speak up about the terrorists attacking our ally Israel? ... Could it be that the terrorists were losing, even with the long range rockets supplied from Iran, and that is the disturbing factor that prompted Obama to bring his opinions and demands to the table.
6.  Did anyone tell our troops to stop bombing Germany because it may cause undue destruction to its buildings, or may harm German citizens?  If anyone had interfered, and our ally troops stood by and waited while its enemies discussed terms of a "cease fire", Hitler would still be in power today! Oh, the foolishness of men who were never in the military (Obama), attempting to interfere with a War that means the very survival of Israel.
The Israeli troops are at the border of Gaza; put on hold until the deadline runs its course.  The missiles are still being shot in the air with hopes of harming more Israeli citizens.   The IAF are striking back as I type this report ...

At the end of the deadline (Wednesday), may Israel use all her might to bring an end to the on-going, never-ending attacks from Islamic terrorists - Hamas and whoever is assisting her in this conflict.  If Israel chooses to end the Conflict, before the ink is dry, there shall be more missile attacks from Hamas in Gaza. Since when does any nation endure years of bombings into its cities, from terrorists?  It took one day, on Sept. 11, 2011, for the United States to begin a defense that is lasting over 11 years! 
 Israpundit has posted an in-depth report on the interference of Obama (see below):


IDF delayed - on border of Israel/Gaza.


Obama pressuring Israel not to invade

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 18, 2012, 11:36 PM (GMT+02:00)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman conferred urgently Sunday night, Nov. 18 – Day 5 of the Gaza offensive – on how to respond to US President Barack Obama’s insistent demand that they delay a major IDF ground operation in the Gaza Strip.

DEBKAfile’s sources disclose that when Obama spoke to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi Friday, Nov. 16 – after receiving an update from Netanyahu – he gave him a 48-hour window for talking Hamas around to a ceasefire.

Not only has the Egyptian president failed in this task, his bid made matters worse: Hamas understood the US president was leaning hard on Israel to refrain from sending troops into the Gaza Strip and took advantage of the respite to redouble its missile barrage on a dozen Israeli locations in the last three days, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Following his talks with Morsi and Netanyahu, Obama referred in Bangkok Sunday to “the next 24, 36, 48 hours as crucial; Israel responded to his request to send two senior envoys to Cairo – a high-ranking military officer and an intelligence official – take part in the ceasefire negotiations.

However, Hamas turned down all the truce proposals on the table, leaving Israel with three options:
    1. To delay the ground action until Wednesday although it was poised to go forward Sunday night – even though the US president may be expected to stand by his objections then too;
    2. To go ahead and launch the ground stage of the military offensive over those objections; or
    3. To conduct a series of ground sorties inside the Gaza Strip to test the ground there without delay.
DEBKAfile reported earlier Sunday:
“We are fully supportive of Israel’s right to defend itself from missiles landing on people’s homes and workplaces and potentially killing civilians,” said President Barack Obama Sunday, Nov. 18 in Bangkok. “And we will continue to support Israel’s right to defend itself.” (Really? Then stop interfering and speaking with a double-tongue!)

Speaking at a joint conference with Thai Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, the US president said, “there is no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders.” If that can be stopped “without a ramping up of military activity in Gaza, that’s preferable, not just for the people of Gaza. It’s preferable for the Israelis because if Israeli troops are in Gaza they are much more at risk of incurring fatalities or being wounded.” (Note: he mentions the people of Gaza, first..such a pretentious and false concern for the "Israelis")

He went on to say after talking to would-mediators in Cairo, “if we’re serious about wanting to resolve this situation and create a genuine peace process, it starts with no more missiles being fired into Israel’s territory and that then gives us the space to try and deal with these long-standing conflicts that exist.”
“We’re going to have to see what kind of progress we can make in the next 24, 36, 48 hours, but what I’ve said to [Egyptian] President Morsi and [Turkish] Prime Minister Erdogan is that those who champion the cause of the Palestinians should recognize that if we see a further escalation of the situation in Gaza than the likelihood of us getting back on any kind of peace track that leads to a two state solution is going to be pushed off way into the future.” (Yes, correct.  You cannot make peace with terrorists!)

The US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro joined Defense Minister Ehud Barak on a visit to an Iron Dome battery Sunday shortly before he flies out to brief the White House on the Gaza crisis.
Barak thanked President Obama and all those Americans who past and present contributed to the financing and development of the Iron Dome missile interception system. This defensive weapon has intercepted a total of 300 incoming Palestinian missiles, nearly 90 percent of the rockets threatening Israeli towns, he said. Its performance “made it possible for us to prepare the next stages of Operation Pillar of Cloud which may be even tougher. There is no better symbol of the close US-Israeli military cooperation.
DEBKAfile reported earlier Sunday: Israeli air and naval forces launched heavy assaults in Gaza before dawn Sunday, Nov. 18 – Day 5 of the IDF’s Gaza operation – after daylong bargaining Saturday among Washington, Jerusalem, Cairo and Gaza, failed to produce an Israel-Hamas truce accord. When Egyptian and Turkish middlemen suggested a ceasefire was close, Israel accused them of pushing Hamas’s terms which were fashioned to present the Palestinian radicals as the victor in the contest. The trio leading the Israeli war, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, countered by intensifying the IDF’s Gaza offensive – though not as yet sending ground troops in.

A Western source said it would take some days to determine if a ceasefire was feasible.

Egyptian intelligence meanwhile smuggled Hamas Prime Minister Islmail Haniyeh out of Gaza and over to El Arish in northern Sinai in the convoy of visiting Tunisian Foreign Minister Rafiq Abdessalem when he departed Gaza Saturday, DEBKAfile reports.
Friday night, Israel bombers struck government headquarters in Gaza City.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi decided that Haniyeh must be continuously available at the end of a phone to lead the Hamas side in the ceasefire negotiations. This was not possible so long as the Hamas prime minister remained in Gaza. All of Hamas leaders have gone to ground for fear of targeted assassination by Israel. They have switched off their phones and electronic communications to avoid giving away their locations to Israeli surveillance. Haniyeh was even afraid to communicate with Cairo through the Egyptian military mission in Gaza.

In these circumstances, Morsi and Erdogan’s were prevented from get their ceasefire mediation bid off the ground. Moving Haniyeh to El Arish put a Hamas negotiator in place to lead the give-and-take for a truce. Our sources have not discovered if he is still there or has moved back to Gaza.

The Turkish prime minister brought a secret passenger in the plane bringing him to Cairo Saturday. He is Saleh Aruri, formerly of the Hamas military wing. Aruri had spent 15 years in an Israeli prison for terrorism and murder until he was released on Oct. 18, 2011 in the prisoner exchange for the Israeli soldier Gilead Shalit on condition he went into exile.

Turkey granted him asylum and its intelligence agency MIT gave him free rein to set up an operational command in Istanbul for Hamas terrorist networks on the West Bank.

On arrival in Cairo, the Turkish prime minister put Aruri in charge of the contacts with Haniyeh.

At a news conference in Cairo Saturday night, the Egyptian president and Turkish prime minister reported “some indications that there could be a ceasefire soon” although “there were still no guarantees.”

The guarantees issue has become a pivotal bargaining point.
Israel, backed by the United States, insists that a ceasefire be signed between the US, Egypt, Turkey and Israel, and exclude Hamas, which would be bound by a separate agreement with Cairo.
Netanyahu, Barak and Lieberman are asking the United States to act as guarantor for a ceasefire. Erdogan has countered by inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin to join US President Barack Obama as victor.

Hamas has rejected all of Israel’s terms.

During the night, Israel denied reports circulating in Cairo that an Israeli negotiator was heading for the Egyptian capital to get down to the specifics of an emerging truce deal. The three Israeli war leaders decided not to fall into the trap laid by Morsi and Erdogan. Instead, they told the IDF to press ahead with the operation until its objectives were attained – hence the launching of a fresh air and sea assault before daybreak Sunday.
OC Southern Command, Maj. Gen. Tal Rousso defined those objectives to reporters Saturday night as “eliminating the war arsenals of Hamas and terrorist organizations and restoring peace and normality to the population of southern Israel.”

The ground operation is meanwhile delayed, in accordance with Netanyahu’s promise to President Obama in their conversation early Saturday, that a full-scale ground invasion would not go forward so long as there was a chance of a ceasefire – unless there was escalation from Hamas or a strike that caused significant casualties.

A western source in Cairo familiar with the truce negotiations reported that Obama has not yet decided whether he wants to be directly involved in any ceasefire deal, which in any case has not reached the concluding stage. “The cake dough is still being kneaded and not yet ready to for the oven,” he said.


Does Israel actually Deserve to Exist at All?

Say HELLO to Tel Aviv's Iron Dome.
We'll just call it Dome no. 5

18 November 2012

Here is the (real) news

Published in: Melanie's Blog
Here is some information about the war between Gaza and Israel that for some unaccountable reason you may have missed today in Britain’s mainstream media.
  • The casualty rate in Gaza from Israeli strikes is astoundingly low
Since the beginning of Israel’s operation Pillar of Defence last Wednesday against Hamas rocket attacks, there have been more than 1000 Israeli air strikes. At time of writing, the Palestinian death toll is 69. That is a staggeringly small number of fatalities for more than 1000 bombing raids.
It shows beyond doubt that the Israelis are not only doing everything they can to avoid civilian casualties, but have achieved a degree of precision in doing so which no other army can match. For sure, every civilian casualty is regrettable, and the deaths of children are always tragic -- today’s apparently heavy toll particularly so, including at what appears to have been a mistaken target. Such mistakes inevitably happen in war.
But consider this: the very low casualty rate among Israelis from the thousands of rockets that have rained down on them from Gaza is largely due to the fact that Israel has provided its citizens with shelters to save their lives. In Gaza, by horrific contrast, the Hamas leadership has deliberately exposed its citizens to attack by siting its rocket arsenals among them in order to maximise the number of civilian men, women and children who will be killed.
  • A number of Gazan civilians may have been killed by their own rockets
Israel says that no fewer than 60 of the 703 rockets that Hamas fired at Israel between last Wednesday and Saturday fell inside Gaza on Palestinian civilians. The question therefore is how many of the 69 dead Palestinians were killed by their own rockets?
  • Here’s one: Hamas lies that a child killed by its own rocket was killed by Israel
Last Friday, a number of papers along with outlets such as CNN in the US published prominent footage of the Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kanil weeping over the body cradled in his arms of a dead child, Mahmoud Sadallah, who Hamas claimed had been killed in an Israeli air strike. Blogger Elder of Zyon smelled a rat and, piecing together convincing circumstantial evidence, had concluded by this morning that the child was almost certainly not killed by an Israeli strike – not least because on Friday morning when the child died the Israelis had paused their bombing missions to allow for cease-fire talks in Gaza to proceed -- but by a Hamas missile that was fired atIsrael but had fallen short in Gaza. Now experts from the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights who visited the site on Saturday have said they believe that the explosion that killed Mahmoud Sadallah was indeed caused by a Palestinian rocket. 
Just how prominent do you reckon the apologies on CNN and in the British media for this sloppy reporting will be?
  • Hamas admits to using human shields
In 2008 , Gaza MP Fathi Muhammad boasted that Hamas used Gaza’s civilian population as human shields. He screamed:
‘For the Palestinian people, death has become an industry at which women excel, and so do all the people living on this land. The elderly excel at this, and so do the mujahideen and the children. This is why they have formed human shields of the women, the children, the elderly and the mujahideen, in order to challenge the Zionist bombing machine. It is as if they were saying to the Zionist enemy, “We desire death like you desire life”.’
Remember this next time you hear or read of claims by Palestinians or their useful western media idiots of ‘massacres’ of civilians in Gaza.
  • Hamas is now using journalists as human shields
Hamas is preventing at least 22 foreign journalists from leaving Gaza for Israel. According to Israel’s Foreign Ministry, among those being detained are nine Italian citizens, one Canadian, one South Korean, a French national and six journalists from Japan. In addition, two Turkish Red Crescent members have been refused exit.
  • Hamas tells lies as a matter of routine
Hamas has claimed, inter alia, that Israel’s Ben Gurion airport has been closed (false), that it had succeeded in shooting down an Israeli F16 plane (false), that it had hit Tel Aviv and had cut off electricity there (false). When will the western media stop assuming that they can believe any claim that Hamas ever makes?
  • Hamas is now threatening human bomb attacks
Hamas is now threatening to use human bombs against both Israeli civilians in buses and cafes, and against Israeli soldiers in any ground offensive in Gaza. This is what almost certainly faces the Israel Defence Forces if they go in, because as Fathi Muhammad said (above), the Palestinians are a death cult; they are committed to death and to killing, while the Israelis are committed to life and to saving life.
  • Israel is feeding the hand that bites it
Unprecedentedly for a country at war, Israel continues to supply food, gas and medical supplies to its enemies in Gaza for humanitarian reasons. Would any other country in the world keep the supply route open to people who are firing thousands of rockets to murder its people and are threatening to turn themselves into human bombs to kill its soldiers and civilians, so that they can continue to do so?
  • And now for some news from civilized Britain
On BBC Radio’s Any Questions on Friday evening, audience questioner Stephen Bedford asked:
‘Despite all the foreign aid and support, Israel has spectacularly failed to get on with its neighbours. Does Israel deserve a future?’
So with Israel having faced existential attack from the Arab and Muslim world for the six decades of its existence, and having been under intensive rocket, missile and human bomb attack from them for more than a decade, the BBC Any Questions production team selected as the audience question to launch its discussion of the Gaza war whether Israel actually deserved to exist at all.
And the Arabs cry...disproportionate response?