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USA Stands with Israel

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October 3, 2013
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I’m an American patriot, concerned about the direction in which my country is heading since the 2008 elections.  If I lived in the Land of Regrets, I would regret the fact that I did not become more involved with politics until it became so obvious to me that our leaders in Washington, DC were making decisions that contradict the U.S. Constitution and have formed “new” alliances that betray some of our closest allies. 
I concentrate on Middle East news and what is happening in Israel.  However, while that is my main interest, it does not prevent me from speaking out on Washington’s polices and issues affecting us daily, personally, and economically.  
My former blog was “Americans Stand with Israel“.  This is a new website and a work under construction!  Eventually, I hope to upload political and music videos.  Meanwhile, “News & Events” will be updated daily. 
My newspaper is called The Bee Sting Daily and that is updated twice daily. 
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USA Stands with Israel

Up top I said bloggers what would understand Beesting’s move. let me try and explain for the rest of you.
For five years Beesting had her site on Google Blogger..  It’s a great place to start blogging, it’s free, it’s an easy set-up and they allow enough options that you can create a fairly unique website.  Most Blogger’s can spot a Google site the second they click onto it..
The flip side of that is you are limited to handful of basic layouts.. a limited selection of features you can add and you are at Google’s mercy..  If  Google has an issue, 1,000,000s of Google sites go down, and you can go for hours waiting for them to say anything on their help forums.  The domain name, the url for your website, isn’t really yours, it belongs to Google.  Maybe the worst part is they can, and sometimes do close down sites they deem too politically incorrect..  I know of this happening  to at least one site some Islamic terrorists happened to consider offensive, and I’ve heard of others..
Self hosted websites own their own domain name, the url belongs to them.  We pay pay a fee to a hosting company, there are hundreds to chose from.  If something goes wrong,  we can pick up the phone and call (try that with Google)..  A good hosting company will do everything they can to get you back online, even if it’s something you screwed up..   Hosting companies value paying customers, they’re going to think twice before the shut down a site that’s paid for their services, unlike Google, they worry about keeping customers.  Google limits site designs designs options- when you’re paying for hosting, it’s your site, if you want to do something, and you can make it work, do it..  of course if it doesn’t work, you get to figure out how to fix it..
I keep a couple test sites that I play with when I have the time..  I have test sites is because I learned early on, with the freedom to do what you want with your site, comes the freedom to make mistakes.. and well..   I learned to be real fond of back-ups
Even with the extra work. and the added risk of making a critical error, I don’t know any self hosted website owner who would go back to free hosting..
So we welcome Beesting to the next stage of her blogging career, she’s still building the site, it’s a little more complicated than a tossing together a blogger site, but you can Pay her a visit at

USA Stands with Israel

Moving Day! - Thursday, October 3, 2013

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Thursday, October 3, 2013

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"Operation Bayonet" - 1972 Munich Massacre (Video/timeline)

Mosassad & P.M Golda Meir''s revenge -Mossad -Operation Bayonet

Published on Jun 30, 2012
Operation Wrath of God (Hebrew: מבצע זעם האל‎, Mivtza Za'am Ha'el), also called Operation Bayonet, was a covert operation directed by Israel and the Mossad to assassinate individuals alleged to have been directly or indirectly involved in the 1972 Munich massacre.
Their targets included members of the Palestinian terrorist group Black September, who were responsible for the Munich attack, and members of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) accused of being involved. 
Authorized by Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir in the autumn of 1972, the operation may have continued for more than 20 years.
Covert Israeli assassination units killed dozens of terrorists and conspirators across Europe during this time, as well as mistakenly murdering an innocent waiter in Lillehammer, Norway, in what became known as the Lillehammer affair. An additional military assault was launched by Israeli commandos deep inside Lebanon to kill several high-profile Palestinian targets.
This string of assassinations spurred retaliatory attacks by Black September against a variety of Israeli and Jewish targets around the world. It has also prompted criticism of Israel over its choice of targets, tactic of assassination, and overall effectiveness.
Because of the secretive nature of the operation, some details are unverifiable beyond a single source, including the story of Yuval Aviv, who claims to have led an Israeli assassination squad. Some or all information about the operation might have been placed by the Mossad itself, to cover the tracks of its agents, and spread useful rumours (e.g., in the book upon which the feature Sword of Gideon was based, most Mossad agents involved in the operation get killed, possibly a cover to protect them from revenge).

The operation was depicted in the television film Sword of Gideon (1986), and Steven Spielberg's Munich (2005)

Munich 11 Timeline: The Minutes Behind the Worst Tragedy in Olympic History (VIDEO)

By Jspace Staff on 7/25/2012 at 6:22 PM

This summer’s Olympic games in London mark the 40th anniversary of the Munich massacre, when 11 Israeli athletes were kidnapped and killed by a group of eight Palestinian terrorists. The impact of the tragedy, the worst in Olympichistory, can still be felt today. In the decades that have passed since the death of the Munich 11, relatives of the deceased have worked to create an official commemoration within the Olympic community. The International Olympic Committee has ceaselessly refused.
Ankie Spitzer, widow of slain fencer Andre Spitzer, spearheaded a campaign for a moment of silence to be held at this Friday’s opening ceremony, which was championed by more than 100,000 signatures online, as well as governments in the US, UK, Italy, Germany, Australia and beyond. In response to the IOC rejection, Jspace has compiled a moment-by-moment breakdown of the events leading up to the killings, the massacre itself, and the aftermath, in the hope that we will never forget.
April 26, 1966: Munich wins its bid to host the ’72 summer games, succeeding over requests from Detroit, Madrid and Montreal. It would be the first time a German city housed an Olympic tournament since the ’36 games, when Berlin played host under Nazi regime. As a result, the German Olympic Committee goes to great lengths to present a modern, welcoming city. The ’72 Olympics are named “The Happy Games,” its logo is a pale blue sunburst, and the mascot is a dachshund named Waldi.
Also in an effort to step away from its World War II image, Munich decides to keep security lax at the games. The unarmed guards that are employed to monitor the event are not even issued standard police uniforms, but instead wear light blue outfits that match the games’ official color.
Much fuss is made over the fact that the ’72 games will benefit from a growth in media technology, with many broadcasters planning to shoot and air live coverage at Munich.
1971: Test runs for the Olympics begin. A team of trained German shepherds patrols the newly constructed grounds, which several reporters take umbrage with. It is pointed out that Munich is only six miles away from the Dachau concentration camp, and organizers create a scaled back security plan so as not to seem insensitive.
Spring, 1972: Dr. Georg Sieber, a police psychologist, is brought on by German organizers to help outline possible security concerns for the games. Sieber comes up with 26 worst-case scenarios, in an aim to create reactionary plans before a problem can arise. The doctor’s Situation 21 details a scene that would prove eerily accurate: Sieber predicts that a Palestinian attack early one morning would see terrorists scale the fence of the Israeli dormitories, take over a group of hostages, kill two to enforce “discipline,” then try to escape with the hostages via plane to an Arab capital. Despite this warning, the Israeli village would go unguarded.
Mid-July: Six terrorists, ranging in age from 19 to 26, are instructed by Fatah leaders to travel to Libya. They are forbidden to tell their families where they are going or for what purposes. In Libya, the men train for an unspecified mission.
Three weeks before the attack: New reports show that the foreign ministry in Bonn, Germany, receives intelligence from Beirut that an attack on the Israeli Village may take place. The message is sent to Munich, but nothing is done with the information.
Meanwhile, Israeli delegation head Shmuel Lalkin tells the Olympic Committee he is uncomfortable with the location of Israel’s lodgings. He says the dorms are too far apart from populated areas and worries about the lack of armed personnel, putting his team in danger.
Aug. 26: The games begin.
Aug. 31-Sept. 2: Eight members of Black September arrive sporadically in Munich from Libya.
Sept. 3: Terrorist Jamal Al-Gashey attends two volleyball matches with one of his fellow Black September members.
Sept. 4, 8 pm: The Israeli delegation attends a performance of “Fiddler on the Roof,” presented in German and starring Israeli actor Shmuel Rodensky. Simultaneously, the six trained terrorists gather at the Munich Central Railway Station, 10 minutes away from the theater. The men eat dinner at the station restaurant, where they are joined by Muhammad Massalha, 27, and Yussef Nazzal, 25, who possess secret orders for the operation. A plan is revealed to kidnap Israeli athletes for use as leverage in the exchange of some 200 Palestinian prisoners from the Jewish state.
9:30 pm: The Israeli team is invited backstage during intermission to meet the “Fiddler” cast. The group takes a picture with the performers, the last they will ever pose for.
Midnight: The Black September terrorists locate specified lockers at the Munich railway station and remove an arsenal of weaponry that has been stored there for them.
Sept. 5, 4 am: Eight members of the Palestinian terror group Black September quietly scale the fence of the Israeli Village, as athletes inside sleep. The terrorists head to 31 Connollystrasse, a dormitory containing five apartments that house the Israeli men’s team.
4:42 am: Black September enters 31 Connollystrasse.
The terrorists come upon wrestling coach Moshe Weinberg at Apartment 1. Weinberg struggles with one terrorist, getting shot in the process. The wounded coach is ordered to take the men to the rest of the team. Forced by gunpoint, Weinberg leads the terrorists past Apartment 2, where field athletes are housed, instead heading to Apartment 3, where the weightlifters and wrestlers sleep. Weinberg’s hope is that the stronger athletes may have a chance of overpowering the gunmen.
Hostages in Apartment 3 are rounded up and marched back to Apartment 1. Weinberg makes a final attempt at stopping the terrorists, knocking one out and stabbing at another with a fruit knife. The scuffle allows wrestler Gad Tsobari to escape via an underground parking garage. Weightlifter Yossef Romano (who is injured and on crutches, planning to fly back to Israel in one day to undergo surgery) joins his friend Weinberg in attacking the terrorists. Both Israeli men are shot and killed. The terrorists now have nine living hostages.
5:10 am: Shmuel Lalkin discovers the naked body of Weinberg in a hallway and alerts authorities, who arrive on the scene.
6 am: Israeli news outlets pick up the story. What would become a media frenzy begins.
7:40 am: The terrorists demand the release of 236 Palestinian prisoners, giving a 9 am deadline.
9 am: The first deadline passes. Authorities are able to secure extensions to continue negotiations, pushing the deadline time back to noon, then 1 pm, then 3 pm, then 5 pm. Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir is in constant communication with German officials, but insists that Israel will not give in to terrorist demands.
3:50 pm: Zvi Zamir, head of the Mossad, arrives in Munich, despite German protests that Israel does not need to send its own security team over.
4 pm: German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, realizing the negotiations are turning futile, offers himself up in exchange for the Israeli athletes. Massalha, who acts as representative for all the Black September members, refuses.
4:30 pm: Hostage Andre Spitzer pokes his head out a window and speaks to German authorities. He says all but one of the hostages is okay.


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"I shall follow him" (video)

Little Peggy March - I will follow him (best version)

h/t Jack WV

Tel Aviv, Israel: "To Catch a Spy"

israel Hayom
Yoav Limor

To catch a spy
  1. Iran followed the playbooks of the most advanced intelligence agencies in the world. This recruit was a quality asset -- an Iranian national with a foreign passport who was an easy recruiting target thanks to his need for Iranian business permits. The method was reliable -- he registered a legitimate company in Belgium, opened offices, maintained a Facebook page for his business, printed business cards with authentic telephone numbers, and did actual business. He located Israeli businesspeople and signed business contracts with them for the purpose of real work in construction and glass veneers.
  2. Unlike other intelligence agents apprehended in Israel in recent years, this spy was a professional. He underwent prolonged training (more than a year) that included various methods of intelligence gathering, with an emphasis on photography. His cover story was well established, and he was very careful to keep his identities and passports separate (using his Belgian passport exclusively to enter Israel and travel in Europe and his Iranian passport for visits to Iran). He was extremely cautious and made sure to compartmentalize his contacts with handlers in Tehran.
  3. Iran knew exactly what it was doing -- starting with the type of business that was selected to establish the cover for the espionage, the business contracts that were signed, all the way to the targets that he was given (the American Embassy in Tel Aviv is just one example). Nothing was left to chance. The Iranians operated methodically, sending him on well thought-out and well planned missions. This leads us to believe that Mansouri was not the only agent sent by Iran to spy on Israel. 
  4. The body that usually handles Iranian spies is the country's intelligence ministry, but Mansouri was sent by the Quds Force -- the extraterritorial operational arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. This points to compartmentalization and conduct typical of special operations that involve only a handful of people. It may also point to something else: The Islamic Republic of Iran Intelligence Ministry gathers intelligence, while the Quds Force operates terror networks and orchestrates attacks. Argentina, Thailand, India -- these are only some of the countries where its better-known activities have been exposed, but there are dozens of additional examples that remain under wraps. It stands to reason that when the Quds Force sends a spy on a mission, the intelligence gathered will ultimately be used to perpetrate a terror attack. 
  5. Mansouri visited Israel twice before he was arrested. Ostensibly, this points to a failure in our defenses. In practice, it is hard to say whether he managed to slip through the cracks or whether our security bodies had allowed him to continue his activities in order to gather incriminating evidence against him and possibly let him lead them to his handlers. The dilemma surrounding the timing of an arrest accompanies every intelligence operation. Ironically, in this case, Mansouri was arrested on September 11.
  6. The announcement of the arrest was deliberately timed. During these days of public relations and image wars, Israel pulled out its winning card on Sunday: Iran, the same Iran that has become the world's darling in recent days, is operating spies who are not only running around Tel Aviv but also gathering information on the American Embassy there and taking photographs of its facilities for the purpose of terror. Obviously, the embassy was not the only target photographed, but the release of these particular photos to the media had only one purpose -- to reach the White House.

Separating the Kafirs from the Muslims

Written by Bill Warner

When the al Shabaab jihadi group from Somalia attacked the mall in Kenya, they gathered the crowd together and asked who were rightsidenews 301Muslims and let them go. According to the media, they then started killing the non-Muslims who were left. But non-Muslims is not the word what the terrorists would have used. No, they would have called them Kafirs (actually they would have called them the Arabic plural of kafir, kuffar. Kafirs is the standard English plural form).
Why did members of al Shabaab do this? Why did they ask the Muslims to leave and keep the Kafirs and start killing them? Let’s start with the word terrorists. Members of al Shabaab are not terrorists, they are jihadists or mujahedeen. That is what they call themselves.
So what difference does it make which words we use? Non-Muslim or Kafir? Terrorists, militants, jihadists or mujahedeen? It makes all the difference in the world. You cannot think precisely with imprecise words and a Kafir is much more than non-Muslim.
The word “non-Muslim” does not imply anything, except not being a believer in Islam.
Kafir, on the other hand, has enormous implications. Kafir is the actual word that the Koran uses for a non-Muslim. Indeed, one of the many remarkable things about the Koran is that over half of its text is devoted to the Kafir. Think about that: most of the Koran is not about how to be a Muslim, but about the Kafir. Every single verse about the Kafir is not just bad, but terrible. Allah hates Kafirs and plots and schemes against them. The cruelest punishments await the Kafir in hell, but who cares about that? The real problem is what is promised to the Kafir in this life—torture, hatred, death, ridicule, rape, enslavement, political domination and deception.
It is the same with mujahedeen or jihadist as opposed to militant or terrorist. The words militant or terrorist do not tell anything about the motivation of the militant or terrorist, only that they are using violence.
Notice that the words non-Muslim and terrorist are not related to each other; they stand alone. There is no implication of one by the other. But that is not true about Kafir and jihad. Jihad is only carried out against Kafirs. Jihad implies Kafir and vice versa.
Jihad and Kafir are all part of a system of Islamic politics. Mohammed preached the religion of Islam for 13 years and garnered 150 followers. When he turned to politics and jihad, he died ruler of all of Arabia, and every Arab was a Muslim. The religion of Islam was a failure, and Islam triumphed by the use of politics and jihad, war against the Kafir.
Islamic doctrine is found in the Koran, Sunna (Mohammed) and Sharia law and divides all of humanity into Muslim and Kafir. There is no middle ground. Unfortunately, both Christian and Jewish leaders have bought into the fiction that they are all People of the Book and are brothers in religion. When you read the fine print (as none of them have done, being professionally ignorant), they are brothers in Abraham who must be politically and religiously subjugated, but that is a small detail.
If jihad, mujahedeen, and Kafir are pure Islamic doctrine, we can now understand why the media refuses to the correct words that Muslims use – it is all too horrible to contemplate. We are not just having independent terrorist events, such as the West Gate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya or the Boston Marathon bombing; we are in the middle of a civilizational war with a historic enemy -- an enemy who is winning because we are in total denial.
Published as an article on American Thinker.
Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
Permalink: copyright (c) CBSX, LLC,


July 19, 2013

Kris Zane, The Western Center For Journalism — According to Arabic News Channel TV14 and reported on by Egypt Daily News, Obama’s relationship with recently deposed Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi goes far deeper than mere support as a democratically elected President. 

Per TV14, Obama conducted secret negotiations with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood outside of normal diplomatic channels. According to sources cited by TV14, Obama secretly transferred eight billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhoodnot the Egyptian government—as payment to guarantee that a large portion of the Sinai Peninsula be turned over to the terrorist organization Hamas, an avowed enemy of both the United States and Israel. 

The secret agreement was signed by deposed Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi and his second in command, Khairat el Shater. Who on the U.S. side signed the agreement and where Barack Obama got the eight billion dollars is not clear. 

When Mohammed Morsi was deposed and arrested by the Egyptian military, evidence of the secret agreement was discovered and seized. Further, per the news segment, which has been uploaded to YouTube and has since gone viral, secret negotiations between Obama and the Egyptian military—specifically Colonel Abdul al-Sisi, head of the Armed Forces—were ongoing to ensure the agreement remained hidden.

 Per the secret negotiations, in exchange for Obama recognizing the Egyptian military as legitimate, Colonel al-Sisi promised to keep Obama’s illegal agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood secret.

 However, a source within the Egyptian military leaked Obama’s nefarious activities to TV14 and the world. If Obama’s secret agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood is proven correct, it may spell the end for the Obama administration once and for all. 

Obama may have illegally siphoned off funds from the US Treasury and committed treason by attempting to turn land over to Hamas, a group that is not only an enemy to the United States, but has vowed to destroy every Jew on the face of the earth. 

If Obama’s nefarious plan would have been realized, Hamas’ control of the Sinai Peninsula would have put Israel in an indefensible position and would have led to a second holocaust. If proven to be true, this would go far beyond the Constitution’s requirement of High Crimes and Misdemeanors as a basis for impeachment. 

It would mean treason, possible life in prison, or even the death penalty for Barack Hussein Obama. » Full Article » 


Bee's note:

This blog previously posted information on Obama's brother - it's no secret that Barry's family has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  I do know from experience that many political videos go "missing" from You Tube, so it is wise that you download the video before this one disappears.
I am not one to believe in coincidences  especially when there are numerous "coincidences" tying this administration/Obama to Islam Extremism.  Obama's actions speak louder than his words and "promises".
His support for the Egyptian MB, and arming the so-called "freedom rebels" in Syria should make your heads spin! Why does Obama appease rather than oppose Islam's al Qaeda terrorists in Syria?  
Why do you suppose Obama tells Israel he would still consider bombing Iran (to calm Israel's concerns about a nuclear Iran), when last week's phone call to Iran's Rouhani from Obama/Oval Office are in direct opposite of Obama's "promise" to h Israel?  Why do you suppose Obama vetoed Israel's Iran hit?
Why do you suppose men like former Ambassador Bolton state that Obama's credibility is "irreparably damaged"?
Why did the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood receive $850,000 from US Embassy? That's almost ONE BILLION DOLLARS to an organization that once worked along side Hitler in WWII.  That kind of "investment" explains Obama's hesitation to breaks off support to the MB and why he does not speak out against the MB's persecution of Christians in Egypt; or the persecution of Christians in Syria.
Why do you suppose Obama has suddenly blocked the White House visitors logs from the media/public?  For that matter, why did he shut down the White House from the public?   
The questions are endless and unless the agenda of this administration is halted by our 535 men and women in Washington, DC., America might as well wave the white flag of surrender to Islam's intentions of continuing what they stared on 9/11.
And while we're talking about "flags", will someone please ask Obama why he chose to use his own "personal" logo, rather than the American flag? That was the first warning sign that Obama holds our nation in contempt, as he flaunts his Islamic heritage to the world.
Now, to the video:

Published on Sep 27, 2013
Your mouth will be hanging open by the end of this video! Copy before they pull it off line! Share and Like This! Spread the news like a Wild Fire!

How Many Treasonous Acts Will Americans Tolerate Before Bombarding Washington?…

The POTUS Embraces World’s BIGGEST Sponsor Of Terror: How Many Treasonous Acts Will Americans Tolerate Before Bombarding Washington?… 

Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

EVERY relevant actor (aside from rogue regimes) within the political spectrum believes that Iran’s Hitlerite regime is racing towards nuclear status, and that their intent is far from peaceful. Hell, even the Wahhabist (terror) Kingdom is shaking in their sandals. As a matter of record, ALL attendant intelligence agencies agree that there are no other designs/reasons for their nuclear quest, other than for weapons grade material. The only (quasi) open disagreement is: how close are they, be it months or a few years? Nothing but quibbling…akin to water off their backs.

As repeatedly blasted at this site, sans a shield from the Islamist-in-Chief, Iran would not be within the grasp of victory, but would be staring at a nuclear weapons program lying in ruins. So, for those of us who have been reporting on what Obama Inc.’s ‘inexplicable’ shuttle diplomacy really entailed, the latest ‘surprise’was hardly one at all. Not only that, but it would have been shock-worthy had ‘The One’ not engaged in a one-on-one – one Islamist to another – with the genocidal regime.

YET, what is most significant is the ease in which the Pyromaniac-in-Chief lays waste to all interests inimical to America, as well as to allies in the ever fiery Middle East and worldwide. And back in December 2012, this blog cited the POTUS’s Iranian Strategy Via ‘Negotiating’ With Its Islamic Devils. Almost ten months later, the analysis within has come to fruition. Again, hardly unexpected.

Obama phones Iranian president; first talks with Tehran since Carter

By Stephen Dinan

The Washington Times
Friday, September 27, 2013
  • ** FILE ** President Obama speaks by phone with his National Security Staff regarding the situation in Egypt, while in Chilmark, Mass., Aug. 15, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)
President Obama said he and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke by phone Friday, marking the first president-to-president communication since 1979.
Mr. Obama said he and Mr. Rouhani spoke about Iran’s nuclear program and said they would both try to pursue a deal that would defuse a potential crisis over the U.S.’s belief that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons.

“I do believe that there is the basis for a resolution,” Mr. Obama said, though he warned of difficulties.
Mr. Obama said the challenges are underscored by the fact that this was the first direct communication between a U.S. president and an Iranian president since 1979, when the Shah was overthrown and the Islamic Republic was installed.
NEVER mind that the snake charmer himself, Iran’s Rouhani, admits to using deceit to fool the west. Hell, it is even on tape ! Now, surely the Islamist-in-Chief and his main advisers – hey, Val, you knew about this? – are privy to his wily ways. Ah ha…herein lies the mutual admiration. 
BUT, even for protocol sake, shouldn’t the Dictator-in-Chief engage with Republicans on Capitol Hill, at least on matters of grave national import, in the same DIRECT manner in which he is more than pleased to cozy up to the biggest sponsor of terror in the world, bar none? One would think. Alas, while he turns his Islamist-leaning back on America, he jaw-jaws the mullahs to the finish line and the centrifuges spin on. Through the most blatant subterfuge (not a contradiction in terms), the Anti-American-in-Chief links Syrian disarmament, as Iran’s proxy, to his diplomatic ‘breakthrough’ with IranCredo quia absurdum!
To the millions of patriots: as a result, the man-child despoiling the People’s House must be made to ‘fess up and declare, indeed, it has been his intention all along to usher in a nuclear Iran and there is not a damn thing anyone can do to stop him. Or, is there? 
You got that…let the above treachery sink deep into the recesses of your brains, just in case they fall out in the process from all the insanity posing as statecraft. In other words, as Muslims wage jihad on American soil, even on its army bases; asBoston’s streets became the second Ground Zero; and as the Navy Yard massacre will also prove to be a jihadi attack; never mind the ‘unsolved’ Benghazigate Islamic assault, the Islamist-in-Chief doesn’t even blink. He marches forward and steps over Americans, as he sprints to his end goal. 
Just in case this American-Israeli hasn’t been ruthlessly clear, YES, pleasing Muslims (Allah) is where it’s at for Barack HUSSEIN Obama.
Multiple charges of treason – for starters!