Monday, September 30, 2013

Open Letter to Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Bee's note: The following letter was posted this morning,
September 30, 2013

Dear Mr. President ( @BarackObama ),

We the People will be flooding you with calls at 202-456-1111 & your associates today at 202-224-3121 demanding action.

I am writing to you on behalf of the American People. The people who voted for you and placed you in office as well as the people who voted in opposition of your Presidency yet supported you once the votes were in.

We are writing to you not only as Citizens but as Human beings. Our concerns stretch beyond some political party affiliation or specific groups agenda. We are writing to you as a courtesy. We have but one request;


There are hundreds of justifiable reasons why this request is being made. We shall list a few of the more potent just in case you really are as unaware of your own path as you are the definition of "cattle guards".

1. You focus your attention on disarming American citizens while arming Syrian rebels. You state that the rebels deserve the weapons to fight a government that is no longer for them. Are you afraid we feel the same way?

2. You have asked Military leaders to submit to your ideals to include firing on American citizens when instructed to. They dissent and are then forced out due to 'scandals'. Need i say more here?

3. You passed a law stating that citizens that protest peacefully in the vicinity of someone ranking a Secret Service detail when told to stop can be arrested indefinitely. You have also acted upon this obvious violation of our rights.

4. You have assisted our enemies while alienating our allies. As a result we are now on the verge of a World War and your focus is on grandiose vacations.

5. You have instituted a 'health care bill' that effectively reduces the work force by hours per person so employers can deny them health care. Thereby creating a massive future economic cancer to form.

6. You stated you shall always be in favor of the Muslim's in any conflict. Now you focus on aiding Syrian rebels who have publicly stated that once Assad is evicted they will eradicate Christians and non-muslims from Syria.

7. You have further engulfed this Nation into becoming a massive police state in many ways. You pushed for drones to police our Nation and allow surveillance of our private conversations in all manner of communications.

There are so many more violations of both National and Humanitarian rights the list could continue for days. However, the goal of this letter is not to remind you of 'every' moment you have let us down, but to remind you that we are watching. Your immediate resignation is required if you refuse to address us and take the necessary steps to alter these policies. This Country is ours and We shall be heard and vindicated. It is your choice how this will take place. After all, you WERE elected.

(Note to all agencies empowered or otherwise by the President; Keep reading it gets better.)

Mr. President, we have stood idly by and watched as you perverted out way of life, lied about your history, destroyed our foreign relations, empowered the government against the people, robbed us of our rights, supported racial profiling, refused to salute our Flag, ignored placing your hand upon our Sacred text, allowed foreign soldiers on our soil, shoved Islamic acceptance in our faces while disrespecting our Nations oldest Religion, murdered our loved ones abroad with drones and seek now to engulf us in yet another foreign conflict which will require of us our Sons and Daughters in the months and years to come. You Sir are the cancer that is seen and must be removed. Your policies have made your cancer malignant and we must in all honesty oust you and get to the business of eradicating these cancerous cells before they choke our Nation to death.

Thank you but your services are no longer needed. Make this easy and STEP DOWN.

In all seriousness,


Hey @SenatorReid & @BarackObama The Truth Shall Set You Free! Wait for it, Liberals Heads Exploding in 5,4,3,2,1... As We Make this post go Viral!