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New Post: Barack Obama Muslim Brotherhood Aggregating your Facebook Posts Comments Likes?


January 6, 2012
It was brought to my attention yesterday that an official Muslim Brotherhood Facebook page, and an official Barack Obama campaign Facebook page are aggregating posts from other Facebook posters. We don’t know how this is happening technically without Facebook cooperating – at least I and some friends do not know. The glaring controversy is that the aggregations are all negative posts about Obama and about the Muslim Brotherhood. We have the U.S. regime and the Muslim Brotherhood members worldwide watching us, documenting us, and we cannot delete the posts from their Facebook pages. If you are someone who knows how this works, please enlighten me either in a comment or by email. The video below demonstrates the process.
Of the posts you see on the Muslim Brotherhood Friend Activity page, few if any chose to be a friend. On theBarack Obama Friend Activity page it may be the same since the articles are all negative, but perhaps some have friended just to know what BO is doing.

Grumpy Opinions has been digging in and has more information. The goal is to expose what is going on. The goal is to determine what we can do about this, either through protests or changing our Facebook privacy settings, if the option exists.

Questions: Is it dangerous? Why are they exposing our information to their own followers? Have you noticed this with any other sites, or is it just these two?

Bloggers, if you blog something about this and want to pass the info on in some way, I will link to you if you link this article. How many Facebook posters do not know they are quoted and featured on these two pages? Let’s make this go viral.


The Muslim Brotherhood, facebook and you–yes you

Bee Sting's notes:  Grumpy Elder notified me earlier that he would be posting an article on Facebook and the Muslim Brotherhood connection.  He wanted me to be aware of this, since I have a Facebook account and I was informed that I was one of the MB's star posters!!  Well, I hopped on over to this MB Facebook link and whoa!  What to my surprise, every single post I place on my page is automatically posted to the MB's page/link - even thought I am NOT signed up or "Liked" their page.  I did not know until two hours ago that a terrorist organization was even allowed on Facebook!    They must have "key" words that automatically send my posts over to their FB page, since I do not speak of the MB by name in all my postings.  Let's see, perhaps "Israel", "Muslims", Islam are some key words they use, but my question to Facebook is:  "How is the MB able to break through my privacy codes, and that of many of my friends, and place our comments onto a terrorist page, since my settings are closed to all but "friends only"?!  This is not the first time this has happened; as Grumpy mentions, those working for Obama, also have been allowed to do this and I believe it is time we remove ourselves from Facebook; or Facebook removes the ability for any organization or individual from hacking into our personal FB page without our knowledge - which is it Facebook?
Everyone READING this notice should immediately share to their Twitter accounts, Facebook friends, blogs, and anyone else who may be under the attack from those who do not respect our privacy on a social network, such as Facebook!
Lastly, we all know through the FBI, that CAIR has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood; and CAIR also has members in high places throughout our federal government agencies, right into the White House, as one CAIR member is an "adviser" to Obama.  And, Obama has held meetings with the Owner of Facebook.  Just how far and wide is the conspiracy to spy on American citizens?!  We already learned on Jan. 3rd that Homeland Security has its agents spying on Jihad Watch and numerous other conservative websites/blogs.  
Exactly what is the duty of the President of the US - to spy on its citizens?  What is the responsibility of Facebook, to protect its members from hackers and terrorist organizations?  Where does it end?  Is this the way one administration thinks it will prevent all of us from using our freedom of speech?  President Nixon had his little black book on citizens he thought might be harmful or a threat to his administration; doesn't history prove that one person's mistakes is something to be avoided - not used again - thinking there will be a different outcome?  
And now, for my friend Grumpy's detailed report:

JANUARY 6, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood, facebook and you–yes you

Bonnie from Bare Naked Islam likes to say it’s not Islamophobia if they’re really trying to get you.  She’s right.  More to he point it might be Christopobia of Jewophobia that makes Muslims behave the way they do– I honestly believe that Liberal are really Islamophobic, they’re the ones that get paranoid and whine about what the Islamic Radicals might do if you hurt their feelings..
If the Muslims aren’t suffering from a combination of Christophobia and Jewophobia why is theMuslim Brotherhood using facebook to spy on every person in the United States and probably Canada and the rest of the world to spy on non Muslims.  All you have to do is type in the magic words Muslim Brotherhood.  As soon as you do, whatever you are saying magically goes to a special facebook page operated by them..
A grumpy member found this out by accident yesterday when she posted something with the words  Muslim Brotherhood in it,,  Here’s a screen shot.. of the Brotherhood’s page after she make her facebook post…

Funny thing, I know everyone on that page except the swine that owns it.
Here’s the link, type something about the Muslim Brotherhood on your facebook page and see what comes up here

Muslim Brotherhood Friends Page

Who do you recognize when you try it?
I blurred the names on the screenshot as a precaution–Over the years the Muslim Brotherhood has been tied to thousands of murders and was generally considered a terrorist organization until Obama became President..  Now he has several members of the Muslim Brotherhood working for him.   One of Secretary of State Clinton’s top aids has family members in the Muslim Brotherhood.  I’t sort of difficult for me to understand how an organization that’s been anti American, anti-Jewish and anti-Christian for over 70 years has now reformed..
The next obvious question is how is it done.  I’m no techie, but I cannot see how it is possible without facebook’s knowledge and cooperation.  The company isn’t know for being able to protect users information- Just recently Mark Zuckerberg’s Personal Facebook page was hacked– It’s his damned company, he’s not safe and he runs the company..  I also know the company runs a page that works the same way for his good friend Barack Obama. take a look.

 Obama Facebook Intimidation Page

Scary isn’t it– You type anything related to Barack Obama or the Muslim Brotherhood on your facebook page and someone you don’t know, and probably who probably doesn’t have your best interests at heart knows about it instantly.
So they’re doing it for Obama and they’re doing it for an organization with over 70 years of Anti American History behind them..  Who else are they doing it for, and why.
Zuckerburg is a big Obama Fan so I can understand that– I kinda hope the value of a page like that is included in his  Campaign Funding Records I don’t know what face book normally charges o openly spy on all their members but I’m fairly sure it’s more than I have in my wallet.   If the government is paying for it–  that could be construed as a direct and intentional violation of the Privacy Acts– they were enacted into law because of Richard Nixon’s spying on the American People– Of course that’s the sort of behavior we’ve come to expect out of the President.
The bigger question is why is facebook spying on it’s members, in particular Americans and Canadians for a Terrorist Connected Organization like the Muslim Brotherhood,

Sabbath music video

Israel Matzav/Carl in Jerusalem
January 6, 2011

Here's Abie Rotenberg and Mordechai Ben David with HaMalach HaGoel (the Angel that redeems), which appears in this week's Torah portion, albeit not quite in this form. The video is from the annual benefit concert for HASC (Hebrew Academy for Special Children) and it's quite moving.

Let's go to the videotape. 

E-mail from an Israeli about Turkey ... January 6, 2012

Note: Here is an Email I received earlier this morning, from a friend living in Israel.  I thought what he had to say was something all should hear and with his permission, here is his letter  Please note that I have taken the liberty to highlight some of his comments, and that the letter is a translation from Hebrew.
Turkey announced yesterday to Iranon the subject of Iran's claim against Turkey that Turkeyan American radar setson the soil of Turkey"Turkey will not allow for radargive warning, ON Iran's missile". It was message from Turkey to Iran.
So I ask the United States- - What are you doing? Turkeynot your friend - they're Muslims., sharing all that you give her with other Muslim countries.  Turkey says the message to Iraneven after Iran is threatening U.S. aircraft carrier .  There is nothing rational... Why? Why do the United States not react against Turkeyon that Turkey does not make the ban on Iran - they do not make economic sanctions - against IranTurkey trades with IranMost of the produce of Iran comes to Turkeyand thereit replaces the flagwith "Made in Turkey".
Turkey announced yesterday - to Iranthat Turkey would not allow the U.S. or any countryto attack Iranfrom an area of ​​Turkey.

Very ridiculous to methat the U.S. basesare in Turkey. Therefore, a reason why the U.S. is limited in giving a reprimandor looking unhappyto Turkey?

I will not ask"Why are not your bases in Israel?" - It's your decisionBut we promise- that Israel is the basis of one single force loyal to the United StatesWe in Israelwe are "not a military base in the country". We are'one country in a military base."  So we are defined and laugh at how we see ourselves.

You are the U.S.Turkey would give to F35 aircraftbefore you are interestedgive it to IsraelWe do not know - what to tell you about itTurkey - like our enemyShe threatened a few months ago about a war with usyou remember?

Turkish prime minister this weekmet with Hamas leader in the Gaza StripRemind you - Hamas is set to a terrorist organization - by the United States own definition. You did not  say anything about it and we wonderwhyThat you believe that your friend is Turkey?!

Turkeymay one day betray the U.S. and in largeI tell you. Betrayal of Turkey in youyou will be very painfulTurkey with IslamDo you think that they do not share your technology all the time - to your enemies...

I say nowyou are arming your enemyThey snake under the tapThey will not let you operate from your baseagainst the enemies - the best case. In the worst case -they might give Americans a trap, then make my words - in your best English.

I say thisthat everything has a consequence. Everything starts from somethingbut hereit's not just something you do not seeread between the lines of the Turks. They are not a friendThey are not friendsTurkey not only against Israel, known to the world that Israel is like a brothera state of the U.S. overseasHere in the areathat want to know what do the U.S., so we are small attempts of thisSo they question youthe real tests on IsraelIf you like it or not.
Take all my words - and understand that I am a person who cares very much for peace for the United States. 

Sincerely, with best wishes,

Bee's Note:
Here is one Israeli very concerned about one thing - his loyalty towards the USA and the thought that perhaps the U.S. does not understand the consequences of arming the very enemies of both the U.S. and Israel.  He asks, "What are you doing?!"  Don't you see that Turkey is wearing the skin of a snake, and is loyal not to the U.S., but to Iran, our enemy sitting in the very Gulf of Homez threatening U.S. naval ships?!  

That being said, how many watched or listened later to the speech and announcements made by both BHO and Panetta at yesterday's Pentagon press conference?  I wondered if anyone in the Press would ask the right questions, such as the ones being asked by our Israeli friend - none were asked that could possibly explain the down-sizing of our military, while up-grading our enemies!  

ADD IT UP!  Add up all the "gifts" of taxpayer monies to the Palestinians (not even a state/country); the military equipment and training to the Palestinians, Egypt and Saudi Arabia; the billions to Pakistan, Afghanistan; Iraq; .... all under the guise of humanitarian needs; nation building; etc. given to our "allies", when to accept the hand of friendship from such countries, would they first not have to be of "like-minded" and not just holding their hands out to receive our money, while telling our other, more worrisome enemies that they would prevent the US from attacking those who threatening us?!

Why, when you actually put pen to paper, adding up the BILLIONS of DOLLARS shared with the countries mentioned (above), you can bet it amounts to more than the amount this administration has decided to decrease from the budget of America's Defense Department.  And, more than the amount contributed to the hospitals and medical treatment of our own troops.

To Congress and everyone in Washington, DC - your hypocrisy is showing!  Your blindness about aiding America's enemies, for the sake of oil, or whatever else it is you think these enemies will give back, is outrageous!  They will not give you one night of sleep; not one grain of peace of mind; but they will, when opportunity strikes, give all of us a rocket up our own A##s and by our own weapons!  Israelis are not the only only folks attempting to warn us of harm directed our way ... see Allen West's comments (below).

Peace will never be obtained through bribes, military equipment and cash, as long as Islam sees us as their enemies, and according to the teachings of the Koran, we are the enemy of Islam!  That is an ideology - not a religion - and time the United States woke up and accepted that bit of history as fact, not fiction.

Congress, and all who refuse to accept the truth, 

Here's your sign ...........  


Allen West: Obama's Defense Cuts 'Dangerous'

"Rep. Allen West says the military cuts outlined by President Barack Obama at the Pentagon Thursday show “incompetence” in understanding the nation’s national security needs and the defense strategy is not “coherent.” The Florida Republican — a former army lieutenant colonel — also told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren he believes the nation’s military leaders were ignored in the Obama administration’s defining a military direction."

The Genocide Doctrine - by Daniel Greenfield


Posted by  Bio ↓ on Jan 5th, 2012
Whether or not Ron Paul actually said that he would not intervene to stop the Holocaust, there is nothing particularly extraordinary about this position. The United States has never intervened to stop a genocide. Not in WW2 and not since when several genocides have taken place, most notably in Africa, without any military intervention.
The United States did participate in two NATO wars justified with phony claims of genocide, but the only ethnic cleansings that have taken place have been of Serbs from Kosovo and of Africans from Libya. Which is to say the closest thing to a genocide in either case was perpetrated by our allies against the people we were bombing on their behalf in two civil wars. And neither of those rise anywhere near the level of genocide. We have maintained close ties with two genocidal Muslim states, Turkey and Indonesia. The latter conducted genocide against Christians in East Timor on our watch and with our weapons. Obama’s Indonesian stepfather was a likely participant in that genocide; his former Director of National Intelligence helped keep it going. And Obama has been on record opposing any intervention in Sudan.
It is doubtful that any American president would have intervened militarily to stop the Holocaust, with the possible exception of George W. Bush, and there is no reason to pretend otherwise. Ron Paul can’t be given credit for much, but his response is honest if nothing else. Or at least partly honest. It’s more likely that he is actually sympathetic to another party in the conflict. His newsletter where he blames Churchill for prolonging WW2 by not letting the USSR and Nazi Germany “fight it out” suggests as much. It’s an echo of similar themes put out by Pat Buchanan and other fellow travelers. But this really isn’t about him. The question of whether we should be intervening to stop genocide is virtually irrelevant because it’s not something we do. Holocaust education has very little to do with the mass murder of the Jews of Europe and a great deal to do with teaching tolerance. The genocide doctrine employed by modern administrations has nothing to do with the Holocaust either. It has a great deal to do with dressing up the wars that our leaders decided they wanted to fight anyway.
WWI had enough grandiose claims made about it to make you think that it was the ultimate war against evil. WWII where there actually were monsters on the side, not just Prussian stuffed shirts with curled mustaches, must have caught the propagandists by surprise. But had Hitler’s minions practiced eugenics and killed ethnic minorities, there would have been no war. The initial response to Hitler was that he was stabilizing an unstable country. It was only when Hitler insisted on destabilizing the region with grandiose ambitions that war became inevitable.
Stability is the reason why we began bombing Libya. Not because Gaddafi was guilty of genocide, but because Western diplomats and the assorted grab bag of elites had decided that democracy was the way forward in the Middle East. And the dictators who were blocking the way forward had to go. Gaddafi’s crime wasn’t that his troops were raping and murdering their way through the opposition. Raping and murdering your way through the opposition is a time honored-practice of Muslim rulers.
The trouble with Gaddafi was that he stood in the way of plans to “stabilize the region.” That also happens to be Israel’s crime. And stability means fitting into the regional order and not making too many waves. When Hitler was rolling out workers rights and grandiose national spectacles, then he was fitting into the European future. Oswald Mosley, the fellow who would become the bugbear of English socialists, started out as a radical socialist, until his approach fell out of step.
It might be nice if we actually avoided wars except when dealing with threats or mass murdering lunatics, but plenty of the former and the latter have thrived on our watch. If we actually fought wars to deal with threats then the Saudis wouldn’t be stuffing their faces with lamb stew while counting their rolls of money and rolls of fat. And if we actually dealt with mass murdering regimes, then the Butcher of Khartoum wouldn’t be laughing while his troops wipe out another African village.
After World War II when we began actively intervening to push back threatening ideologies our wars on occasion had a certain amount of substance. Korea, Vietnam, Grenada and Afghanistan were arguably in our national interest. That was more than could be said for when we were clearing the way for UN aid workers or creating a Muslim state in Yugoslavia or protecting the fat Kuwaiti merchants from being looted by Saddam’s kinfolk. Saddam arguably engaged in genocide, and didn’t have to worry about being bombed. It was only when he stepped on the toes of some of our oily friends that the bombs began to fall. And when our Kuwaiti friends got back their dominion courtesy of the United States Marines, their first order of business was ethnically cleansing the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs who had sided with Saddam. The response from the Bush Administration Mark I, which was quite fixated in its own way on the “peace process,” was to shrug its shoulders and treat it as business as usual.
The situation in the American Jewish community is even worse. The lessons of the Holocaust could not be any more lost on American Jewish leaders than if they had actually traveled in time from 1929 and were still enthusiastic about the prospects of the League of Nations for bringing world peace. Somehow the lesson taken away from the mass murder of six million Jews is not that survival is precarious, but that it’s important to teach everyone to get along.
Israeli Jews, who are trying to survive a region ruled by a totalitarian ideology that is every bit as murderous as Islam, are constantly told that their survival efforts make them as bad as the Nazis. If they were really committed to peace then they would be out there offering up the Sudetenland of the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem to the Nazis, and doing it more enthusiastically and with more feeling than they have up till now.
The real crime of those obnoxious Israelis isn’t that they are oppressing anyone, but they are out of step with Realpolitik and with the syrupy liberal arguments used to clothe the brutal insanity of that Realpolitik in the veneer of ethics and morality. And whatever defenses of Israel are voiced they always fall short because they have nothing to do with either issue. The issue that Israel is out of step with the regional ambitions of the Arab Muslim majority and the pious suicide drive of the West.
Israel is doing its part. Tel Aviv is overrun with African migrants. Half the country is overrun with terrorists. A sizable percentage of its Arab Muslim citizens hardly pay any taxes and obey only the laws that they want to obey with no one to tell them otherwise. A nation that’s hardly the size of Rhode Island has given up three times its own size in territory in the name of peace, without actually receiving any peace in return. But that’s not enough.
The genocide doctrine was not about doing what’s right, but about doing what’s wrong. The aftermath of World War II didn’t lead to a renewal of the rights of small nations but their acquisition and submergence into regional and global orders. Israel is a pariah within the regional and the global order for that simple reason. It is out of step with the United Nations, the European Union and the great progressive dreams of rolling all of mankind into some massive authority. The Great Daddy.
Our genocide interventions have been about the agenda of the international order. At the United Nations the nations that resisted Communism and Islam have been victimized. From Taiwan to Israel, the balance of power falls on the side of the powerful. The false lessons of Nazism have come down to quashing nations and empowering regional alliances to resist the “Rogue States” who fall outside the order. Nationalism is the foe, internationalism is the ally.
This hasn’t prevented genocide, it has enabled it. Sudan is free to commit genocide so long as it has the support of the Arab League. The Arab Muslim majority which perpetrates genocide is protected by the Arab Muslim majority which has the influence and the wealth to make genocide possible. The obscene inversion of the international response to Nazi atrocities was to create a system that makes them possible and even profitable. The Holocaust happened because the Nazis weren’t killing anyone that people really cared about. That is the same reason why genocide in Sudan has taken place. No one really cared. And why should they? The people being raped and murdered aren’t the way forward for a United Europe or an Arab Awakening or any grandiose philosophy of a better and more federalized world. They’re simply people. The kind of people that the genocide doctrine was supposed to protect, but whose extermination it has actually enabled.

There’s something noble about the idea of the United States Marines coming forward when some dictator decides to wipe out a few million people. It’s what most Americans think their country does. But that idea is also completely detached from reality. We don’t do it and we aren’t about to start doing it. Which is why keeping things like Right 2 Protect around is a dangerous thing. It provides ammunition for the amoral likes of Obama and Clinton to fight their Post-American wars for their Post-American reasons.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.