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Palestinian Killed while trying to infiltrate the base

Bee's note:  Here again we witness the "Palestinian" terrorists sharing their willingness to become Israel's "peace-partner" ... So, how are those "peace" talks advancing with Kerry, Abbas and Israel?  Haven't heard any news in weeks!  (article translated from Hebrew).
Jerusalem bulldozer attack - Oct.17, 2013
Palestinian Killed while trying to infiltrate the base

Military and Security |

Level IDF base north of the capital saw a handcuffed outside the camp fence on the tractor and opened fire. He was severely injured, but medical staff called to the scene pronounced him dead. Incident investigated

Palestinian shot tonight (Thursday) to death near the base level after suspected of trying to break through the fence surrounding the military camp by the tractor he was riding. Central Command launched an investigation into the incident, but a military source told News 10 that there is no doubt that the military in an attempt to attack.

An initial examination of the events shows that the force stationed in the area noticed a Palestinian outside the fence surrounding the camp and opened fire. Palestinian was badly injured and was summoned to a military medical team to give him first aid, but soon   ruled his
death.  Incident, an IDF soldier was also injured seriousl

In initial investigation of the incident shows the tractor driver managed to enter the base and even cause damage to property.Before he came under fire, the driver tried to pick up a bucket an army jeep parked there. During the terrorist rampage with tractor air blown object that hit the soldier and cut it very lightly.

Last December the same basis soldier was wounded lightly after two Palestinians entered the base. The terrorists attacked him and grabbed his gun.Investigation of the incident revealed that the Palestinians penetrated the perimeter fence of the base under rainy weather, and reached the position of the guard without arousing the attention of the soldier.

Evening event joins a list of events and incidents in recent weeks where Palestinians attacked Israeli civilians in Judea and Samaria.  Champion was killed last week - (res.) ministers (Yaya) Ofer settlement Cypress Valley northern Jordan Valley. A few days earlier was injured Noam Glick 9 years old by Palestinians suspected of trying to infiltrate the settlement peaks where it resides.
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Turkey Exposed 10 Israeli Agents in Iran Yet Erdogan remains among Obama’s key confidants.

Bee's note:
The following observation from an Israeli friend:
"The Americans, talking with Iran, including with Hakan FidanThe American trust him.We have posted the news, Hakan Fidan, is a spy.But the U.S. ignores, from Israeli intelligence, about it. Did not want to know. If we say "a spy", we mean it. So what is left? That we will post it that way, maybe someone will wake up.  And your government will ask, "Why do not you listen?"
My friend is referring to the news of Turkey exposing 10 Israeli agents betrayed by Hakan Fidan.  My guess is that the United States Obama, Inc. crowd still works with Fidan because "Fidan was arming jihadist rebels in Syria", according to The Wall Street Journal.  Obama is also arming Syrian "rebels" ("rebels" = al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations - enemies of the United States) and so, would consider Fidan a "friend" who sticks closer than a brother.  That should answer any questions Israel has about Obama's "key" confidants.  
What do you suppose the punishment for treason should be for anyone "aiding and abetting the enemy" of the United States?
Turkey Exposed 10 Israeli Agents in Iran Yet Erdogan remains among Obama’s key confidants.
By: Yori Yanover 
October 17th, 2013
Turkish spy chief Hakan Fidan is basically an Iranian agent.
Turkish spy chief Hakan Fidan is basically an Iranian agent.
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed to Iranian intelligence the identities of as many as 10 Iranians who had been meeting with their Mossad case officers in Turkey, The Washington Post’s David Ignatius reported Thursday.
The move was described by “knowledgeable sources” as causing a “significant” loss of intelligence and “an effort to slap the Israelis.” A Turkish Embassy spokesman had no comment.
Ignatius thinks this was the reason Netanyahu was waiting for so long to apologize to Turkey for the 2010 Gaza flotilla fiasco – he was furious. For more than a year, Bibi had resisted appeals from Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to say I’m sorry to the Turks and bring the feud to an end.
But regardless of the apology, there’s no love lost between Erdogan and Israel. In fact, Israeli intelligence sources have no doubt that Turkish intelligence chief, Hakan Fidan, is basically an Iranian agent. They’ve described Fidan to CIA officials as “the MOIS (Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security) station chief in Ankara.”
Nevertheless, the United States is still dealing with Fidan on sensitive matters, Ignatius reports. U.S. officials were so sorry to see ten good men die as a result of Erdogan’s treachery, but they didn’t protest to Turkish officials. Turkish-American relations continued warming last year, writes Ignatius, to the point that Erdogan was among Obama’s key confidants
The practice of separating intelligence issues from policy issues is supposedly a long-standing U.S. approach. We keep our friends far and our enemies up close. It all makes sense when you think global.
Israeli intelligence had apparently run part of its Iranian spy network through Turkey, Ignatius speculates, saying Turkey has relatively easy movement back and forth across its border with Iran. The Turkish intelligence service, the Milli Istihbarat Teskilati, or MIT, was probably monitoring Israeli-Iranian covert meetings.
The Mossad is probably to blame here, say the Americans, who believe that after more than 50 years of cooperation with Turkey, the Mossad simply couldn’t imagine the Turks would “shop” Israeli agents to a hostile power. So, it turns out the Mossad can also be naïve.
If anyone deserves to find a special surprise in his car one morning, it’s Fidan, the Turkish spy chief. He is a key Erdogan man, who was handed the MIT in 2010, after serving as a noncommissioned officer in the Turkish army and getting a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland and a doctorate in Ankara. After Fidan took over the Turkish service, “he rattled Turkey’s allies by allegedly passing to Iran sensitive intelligence collected by the U.S. and Israel,” according to a profile in the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ also mentioned that Fidan was arming jihadist rebels in Syria.
About the Author: Yori Yanover has been a working journalist since age 17, before he enlisted and worked for Ba'Machane Nachal. Since then he has worked for Israel Shelanu, the US supplement of Yedioth,,, Lubavitch News Service, Arutz 7 (as DJ on the high seas), and the Grand Street News. He has published two fun books: The Cabalist's Daughter: A Novel of Practical Messianic Redemption, and How Would God REALLY Vote.

Note: See:

NATO Ally Reportedly Exposed Israeli Spies in Iran


Stop Intelligence Sharing with Turkey

(Photo: Flickr/KLMircea)
(Photo: Flickr/KLMircea)
Writing at Commentary, Michael Rubin says that — in light of the revelation yesterday that Turkey had shared Israeli intelligence with Iran that resulted in the break-up of an Israeli spy ring — it’s a safe assumption that any intelligence shared with the Turks, including U.S. intelligence, might now be in the hands of the Iranians:
Under Erdoğan and Fidan, Turkey has been taking U.S. technology and working to reverse engineer it for their own economic benefit. Turkey is a liability. Trusting Turkish officials with intelligence would be about as wise as renewing Edward Snowden’s security clearance.Given Turkey’s pivot to China, Iran, and Hamas, it may also be time to reconsider Turkey’s position in NATO.

Author: Stand For Israel | October 18, 2013


IT'S COME TO THIS: Holder Justice Department Says It Will Help Enforce Islamic Sharia Law

You just knew this was coming, didn't you?

"Since all Islam demands everyone recognize Mohammed as God's true prophet – for the Salafists, Sufis and Shia – anyone who does not acknowledge the prophet is considered not only an infidel – but slander the prophet by their refusal to submit to him," ... read more


DOJ: Social Media Posts Trashing Muslims May Violate Civil Rights

In its latest effort to protect followers of Islam in the U.S. the Obama Justice Department warns against using social media to spread information considered inflammatory against Muslims, threatening that it could constitute a violation of civil rights.

[Ed.: Apparently the DOJ needs to read the Bill of Rights again and, in particular, the First Amendment.]

The move comes a few years after the administration became the first in history to dispatch a U.S. Attorney General to personally reassure Muslims that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is dedicated to protecting them. In the unprecedented event, Attorney General Eric Holder assured a San Francisco-based organization (Muslim Advocates) that urges members not to cooperate in federal terrorism investigations that the “us versus them” environment created by the U.S. government, law enforcement agents and fellow citizens is unacceptable and inconsistent with what America is all about.

...Evidently that was a precursor of sorts for an upcoming Tennessee event (“Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society”) that will feature the region’s top DOJ official [Bill Killian], who serves as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, and an FBI representative. The goal is to increase awareness and understanding that American Muslims are not the terrorists some have made them out to be in social media and other circles, according to a local newspaper report. The June 4 powwow is sponsored by the American Muslim Advisory Council of Tennessee.

The area’s top federal prosecutor, Bill Killian, will address a topic that most Americans are likely unfamiliar with, even those well versed on the Constitution; that federal civil rights laws can actually be violated by those who post inflammatory documents aimed at Muslims on social media. “This is an educational effort with civil rights laws as they play into freedom of religion and exercising freedom of religion,” Killian says in the local news story. “This is also to inform the public what federal laws are in effect and what the consequences are.”

...Over the years the Obama administration has embarked on a fervent crusade to befriend Muslims by creating a variety of outreach programs at a number of key federal agencies. For instance the nation’s Homeland Security covertly met with a group of extremist Arab, Muslim and Sikh organizations to discuss national security matters and the State Department sent a controversial, anti-America Imam (Feisal Abdul Rauf) to the Middle East to foster greater understanding and outreach among Muslim majority communities.

The Obama Administration has also hired a special Homeland Security adviser (Mohamed Elibiary) who openly supports a radical Islamist theologian and renowned jihadist ideologue and a special Islam envoy that condemns U.S. prosecutions of terrorists as “politically motivated persecutions” and has close ties to radical extremist groups.

The president has even ordered the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to shift its mission from space exploration to Muslim diplomacy and the government started a special service that delivers halal meals, prepared according to Islamic law, to home-bound seniors in Detroit. [And who] could forget Hillary Clinton’s special order allowing the reentry of two radical Islamic academics whose terrorist ties have long banned them from the U.S.?
In other words, criticizing Islamofascism -- the political strain of Islam -- could very well be criminalized by the Obama-Holder administration. The Islamist term for this crime is "Blasphemy", which may include one or more of the following:
- speaking ill of Allah
- finding fault with Muhammad
- speculating about how Muhammad would behave if he were alive
- drawing a picture to represent Muhammad
- whistling during prayers
- flouting the rules prescribed for Ramadan
- reciting Muslim prayers in a language other than Arabic
- consuming alcohol
- gambling
- being alone with persons of the opposite sex who are not blood relatives
- finding amusement in Islamic customs
- publishing an unofficial translation of the Qur'an
- practicing yoga
- watching a film or listening to music
- wearing make-up on television
- insulting religious scholarship
- wearing the clothing of Jews or of Zoroastrians
- participating in non-Islamic religious festivals
- converting from Islam to Christianity

This crime is, in many cases, punishable by death.

In other words, you are no longer living in America.

Hat tipBadBlue News.

Bee's note: As I read the above summary of the "slow but sure" attempts by this administration to introduce America to the propaganda of Islam, I am convinced that under the Obama Administration, if left unchecked, America will soon become "free" only to Islam - an ideology that contradicts the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and before it continues, someone needs to remind Obama that the United States is a Republic - not an Islamic dynasty, under Sharia laws.

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Bee's note: 
Before we go to Obama's "talking points", I am sharing a remarkable commentary I read last night, as it expressed perfectly what I thought and how Americans felt at the stroke of Midnight, October 16, 2013, when Obama signed the bill to re-open the federal government:
 Breitbart - One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened's
Sons and Daughters, Come Home
My sons and daughters come home, your Country’s military has forgotten you. No longer are you allowed to defend yourself, come home. No longer are you fighting for freedom which is your noble cause, instead you are ordered into battle to suffer and die by a Commander and chief who sacrifices nothing, come home.
You who are willing to die like your fathers before you in defense of liberty, come home. It is not honorable to die in obedience to a man without honor, come home. The liberty you are desiring to fight for will be lost in your absence, come home to the battle field and face the enemy who demands respect he has not earned, and whose place of birth we have not learned.
My sons and daughters come home. Let not one more of American blood be spilled for a people whose fate long ago by God himself was sealed. You are a citizen of a Christian nation, not a slave to Islam, come home.
Will you surrender to man your right to pray, a gift from God to be cast away, come home sons and daughters your oath still intact, set your sites on Washington, and take your country back.
Your family and friends, they need you now, there’s danger at their door, their freedoms are being stripped away like they never have before. Come home sons and daughters just up and walk away, leave their ranks and come back home where you have the right to pray.
Do not die, so needlessly, the battle ground is here, together we will take a stand and the government will fear all of those under their command when they simply say we’re done, and refuse to follow Barack Obama, then the people will have won.
October 16, 2013  Larry Johnson
 "The battle ground is here" America!  If you doubt this, you must listen in its entirety to Obama's "victory" speech, and his lecture to America's citizens, in his usual snide tone of voice, as he said "If you're not happy with your President, go win an election; and stop listening to Bloggers and "talking-point heads".  
This double-minded man dares to mention our Founding Fathers, as he attacks America's FIRST AMENDMENT rights - freedom of speech.  Does anyone think that now that the government is "open" (temporarily), things could not get any worse than the last 17 days?  Guess again!

With the U.S. government reopened after a near-unconditional surrender from congressional Republicans on more federal borrowing and Obamacare, President Barack Obama praised the federal government’s importance to every American’s life.
Obama: Time to Stop Listening to the ‘Bloggers and the Talking Heads’
President Barack Obama speaks at the White House about the reopening of the U.S. government following the shutdown, Oct. 17, 2013. Obama warned that America’s political dysfunction had encouraged its enemies and depressed its friends, and said the crisis had left “no winners” in Washington. (AFP/Getty Images)
“We hear all the time about how government is the problem,” the president said Thursday at the White House, hours after signing an agreement reached between the Senate and House of Representatives.
He continued, “Well, it turns out we rely on it in a whole lot of ways. Not only does it keep us strong through our military and our law enforcement, it plays a vital role in caring for our seniors and our veterans, educating our kids, making sure our workers are trained for the jobs that are being created, arming our businesses with the best science and technology so they can compete with companies from other countries.”
He even invoked the Founding Fathers in praise of an activist state. READ MORE
Wrong, Obama!  The American people do not rely upon your administration or government; especially as they can no longer trust this government to fulfill its Oath of Office; not since Fast and Furious; Benghazi; IRS; NAS; PRISM; to mention just a few of the scandals under investigation (or were until you shut down America, causing as much pain as possible to our troops/military Veterans and Americans).  Explain, if you dare, how the death benefits to our troops' families were denied during this brief shutdown.  Explain how illegal immigrants were granted a day on the "Mall" in Washington, D.C. to march and protest, while sending in Secret Service, snipers on rooftops, Park and D.C. police, to harass and prevent WWII Veterans from entering their own War Memorial on the "Mall".
How dare you speak of our Founding Fathers, our military, or how we "feel", when you have ignored the laws of this land, our great nation, but continue to "give" your support to the Islamic terrorists throughout the ME, such as, the Muslim Brotherhood, Syrian "rebels" - al Qaeda, and other terrorist organizations!
Mr. President, you did not tear down the walls to the Veteran's Memorials, but Americans will tear down the walls that separate all of us from a wanna-be Dictatorship, headed up by you and your administration. 
The kindest thing you can do for America, Mr. President, is to RESIGN.  Links:
The "House of Horrors" - also known as "The Spite House"
H/t - for photos: Jack WV

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We’ve Figured Him (Obama) Out!

Bee's note:  The following Opinion article by Ben Stein was written in 2009.  It has made its rounds through E-mails and every social webpage, conservative blog, and perhaps, even a few liberal links.  Stein's comments have not lost its flavor during the past four years: as a matter of fact, it remains today one of the best observations anyone has made about Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  Americans are still asking, "What was Obama's all-fire hurry to push through a socialistic health care program, when America had the best health care system in the world?!"
Until Obamacare, most Americans were covered under some type of insurance program; through the workforce, Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, or some other government family assistance program that insured everyone except for perhaps a tiny percentage of illegal immigrants.  And to my knowledge, no hospital Emergency Room has ever REFUSED treatment of an uninsured patient   So, why was "healthcare" Obama's Number One obsession?  

Monday, August 13, 2012 9:18

From: John Hagan
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 6:23 AM
To: John Rolls
Subject: Ben Stein’s article -

“A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”  __ George Washington

Ben Stein’s Article
In case you missed this:
By Ben Stein
Why was President Barack Obama in such a hurry to get his socialized medicine bill passed? Because he and his cunning circle realize some basic truths:
  • The American people in their unimaginable kindness and trust voted for a pig in a poke in 2008.  (Pig in a poke means: an offering or deal that is foolishly accepted without being examined first. A poke means sack.)
  • They wanted so much to believe Barack Obama was somehow better and different from other ultra-leftists that they simply took him on faith.
  • They ignored his anti-white writings in his books.
  • They ignored his quiet acceptance of hysterical anti-American diatribes by his minister, Jeremiah Wright.
  • They ignored his refusal to explain years at a time of his life as a student.
  • They ignored his ultra-left record as a “community organizer,” Illinois state legislator, and Senator.
  • The American people ignored his total zero of an academic record as a student and teacher, his complete lack of scholarship when he was being touted as a scholar.
Now, the American people are starting to wake up to the truth. Barack Obama is a super likeable super leftist, and not a fan of this country.

The American people have already awakened to the truth that the stimulus bill — a great idea in theory — was really an immense bribe to Democrat interest groups, and in no way helped all Americans.

The American people already know that Mr. Obama’s plan to lower health costs while expanding coverage and bureaucracy is a myth, a promise of something that never was and never can be – “a bureaucracy lowering costs in a free society.” Either the costs go up or the free society goes away… an historical truth.

These are perilous times. Mrs. Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, has given Iran the go-ahead to have nuclear weapons, an unqualified betrayal of the nation. Now, we face a devastating loss of freedom at home in health care. It will be joined by controls on our lives to “protect us” from global warming, itself largely a fraud, if believed to be caused by man.She has also signed on to a Small Firearms Treaty at the U.N.

This is a back door gun control move. This is approved by the Senate and a 2nd Amendment majority doesn’t exist in the Senate now. It will supersede all U.S. Law and the 2nd Amendment. All citizen possession will be eliminated through confiscation. Just Like Great Britain and Australia .

Mr. Obama knows Americans are getting wise and will stop him if he delays at all in taking away our freedoms.There is his urgency and our opportunity. Once freedom is lost, America is lost. Wake up, beloved America .

Ben Stein is a writer, economist, and lawyer. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary”
for every issue of The American Spectator.

You must, as an American, FORWARD this, or you will wake up one morning and your freedoms will be GONE…No longer there!


A Criminal Enterprise Called the Democratic Party

warning signs
By Alan Caruba

I’ve read about this in history books. It’s what happened to the Weimar Republic in Germany when its currency collapsed and anarchy followed. The result was Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

In the wake of the Great Depression, the wheels began to come off the Weimar Republic, a liberal democracy that had been in place since the end of World War One. In 1930 President Hindenburg assumed emergency powers. By 1933 three Chancellors had preceded Hitler and when the Nazi government took over it simply ignored Germany’s constitution. 

A lot of scholars who know much more about the U.S. Constitution than I are increasingly speaking out about the same scenario occurring here. Radio personality Mark Levin considers President Obama a despot in light his refusal to negotiate with the Republicans and the resulting shutdown of the government. Suffice to say, his refusal, carried out by Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, worked.

For the ordinary citizen, Obama’s actions during the shutdown have been instructive if they were paying attention. He threatened not to pay Social Security retirees, Military retirees, disability recipients, and federal retirees. The elderly and the military were the prime targets for his threats and, despite the fact that more than eighty percent of the government was still functioning, he directed that national parks be closed; most dramatically in Washington, D.C. where veterans of World War II and the Vietnam War were denied access to the memorials to their service.

The President and the Democratic Party want all the restrictions on their capacity to spend tax dollars lifted. They went an end to the sequestration that curbs the natural inclination of government departments and agencies to spend taxpayer dollars as fast as the Federal Reserve can print them. The Reserve in turn has been purchasing $85 billion in the nation’s debt every month to maintain the fiction that the nation can pay its bills despite the fact that it has more debt than the entire national economy—the Gross Domestic Product—generates every year.

And who tripled that debt in just his first term? Obama.

A new book by Clark M. Neilly III, “Terms of Engagement: How Our Courts Should Enforce the Constitution’s Promise of Limited Government” ($23.99, Encounter Books) says bluntly that “We are drowning in a sea of unconstitutional regulations that compel obedience, stifle innovation, and punish morally blameless conduct.”

“Heedless of the constitutional limits on its own power,” says Neilly, “and indulged by a quiescent judiciary, the federal government now spends 24 percent of our gross domestic product, the highest proportion since World War II.”

Neilly is a senior attorney at the Institute for Justice where he litigates constitutional cases involving economic liberty, property rights, free speech, and school choice. He is the modern version of the biblical Jeremiah raising his voice to warn of what is to come if Congress and the courts do not begin to obey the limits the Constitution sets forth so clearly that anyone can understand them.

“In 2013, a series of scandals involving the Internal Revenue Service, the National Security Agency, the Department of Justice, the Department of Agriculture, and other federal agencies reminded Americans about the hazards of free-wheeling government”, says Neilly.

“And in light of the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as ‘Obamacare’, Congress can even tell people how to spend their money by penalizing those who refuse to buy things it thinks they should have, like government approved health insurance. Congress has no legitimate power to do that, which is why the Supreme Court had to pretend the penalty was actually a tax.”

Suffice to say that Neilly is extremely critical of the failure of the judicial system to uphold the Constitution and the current state of government in America today. “As far as the government is concerned, it is your boss, setting policies and issuing edicts that you will obey. Between that awesome power and you stands the Constitution.”

Obamacare is despotism in action. As Neilly says, if the government can order you to buy health insurance you may not need or want and fine you if you refuse, you are no longer living in a republic with a functioning Constitution.

And this is the reason the Tea Party movement began and why a handful of Senators and Representatives, elected with Tea Party support, have been holding out, seeking to defund, delay or repeal Obamacare. If Obamacare succeeds, America will fail. It is already playing havoc with the economy.

The government shutdown was a political battle in a larger political war between the socialist Democratic Party and a badly frayed conservative Republican one. Supported by votes that have been purchased from the public treasury—the largess of welfare and a matrix of other programs that redistribute wealth—and a measure of election fraud, the Democratic Party has become a criminal enterprise.

As Ronald Reagan said in his first inaugural address,
“We are a nation that has a government—not the other way around. And this makes us special among the nations of the Earth. Our government has no power except that granted it by the people. It is time to check and reverse the growth of government which shows signs of having grown beyond the consent of the governed.” 
He said that in 1981.
© Alan Caruba, 2013

IRAN: The Negotiations Game Begins Anew



by Joseph Klein
Iran's President Rouhani waits to depart after addressing the 68th United Nations General Assembly in New York

While President Obama refuses to negotiate with congressional Republicans over the terms for opening the government and passing an increase in the debt ceiling, he is perfectly happy to negotiate for the umpteenth time with the treacherous Iranian regime. A few encouraging words from the duplicitous new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his sidekick Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif during their visit to the United Nations last month, as well as a hastily arranged phone call between Obama and Rouhani, was all that Obama needed to fall for Iran’s latest delaying tactics.

Thus, talks are now beginning to get underway in Geneva between Iran and the so-called P5+1 countries, comprised of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia and China) and Germany. Yet before negotiations had even begun, the thugs running Iran said they will not agree to a shipment of any of its current stocks of enriched uranium out of the country as part of any deal. This is less than Iran was reportedly willing to do back in 2010 when Iran, Turkey and Brazil issued a joint ten-point declaration on a nuclear swap deal, with Iran agreeing to deposit its stockpile of 20-percent uranium in Turkey.

All we can now expect from Teheran, in return for elimination of the energy and banking sanctions currently imposed on Iran, is some sort of possible limitation on the level of Iran’s future uranium enrichment activity and a mutually agreed upon process for increased international inspection. In order to secure even an interim confidence-building step in this direction from the Iranians, which they will be able to easily evade in any event, the West would have to begin to significantly ease the current sanctions.

Robert Einhorn, a former state department official who has been deeply involved in the Iran negotiations and is now with the Brookings Institute, said, “The biggest problem is going to be over the issue of sanctions relief. The Iranians will want to see some early easing, but we will want to hold back as long as possible on sanctions to ensure that we have sufficient leverage to achieve a final agreement.”

Meanwhile, as the talks drag on, the Iranians’ thousands of centrifuges will keep spinning, adding to the existing stockpile of enriched uranium that Iran says it will insist on keeping as part of the final agreement.

Obama likes to speak of some Republicans as hostage takers and extortionists for demanding any concessions before agreeing to pass a continuing budget resolution or to raise the debt ceiling. Yet he is more than willing to enter into negotiations with a regime that actually took Americans hostage and never apologized. In order to get Iran to even consider moving back from having the means to quickly build at will the nuclear bombs and delivery systems it can use to extort its neighbors and eventually the world, Obama would have to agree to remove the sanctions that brought Iran to the negotiating table in the first place. One wishes that Obama would stiffen his spine with our country’s mortal enemies, rather than just with his domestic political adversaries.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his fellow fundamentalist mullahs, backed by the hard line Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, run the show in Iran. They hate America, pure and simple. Nuclear weapons are both their insurance policy to avoid the fate of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, as well as their ticket to seriously challenge the United States in the Middle East region and beyond.

Rouhani and Zarif, no matter how moderate they may sound when speaking to receptive Western audiences, are Khamenei’s puppets. And when those puppets began to even slightly stray from their master’s tight control while outside of Iran at the UN General Assembly in New York last month, Khamenei let them know of his displeasure.

Khamenei, for example, said that Rouhani’s brief phone conversation with Obama was “not appropriate.” Both the call and Zarif’s longer meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry were “missteps,” according to Khamenei. The supreme leader added for good measure what he really thought of the United States as a negotiating partner, whom he accused of being “seized by the international network of Zionism.”  He said that “the American government is untrustworthy, supercilious and unreasonable, and breaks its promises.”

Zarif, the foreign minister, did not take long to get more in line with Khamenei’s tight limits over any authorized outreach to the “Great Satan.” Iran’s influential conservative daily Kayhan reported that Zarif has accepted responsibility for the “missteps.” At a national security and foreign policy committee of the Majlis, called to examine the diplomacy of Rouhani and Zarif in New York, Zarif is reported to have said:
“We (Zarif and Rouhani) thought that the talks (with Kerry) and the phone call (with Obama) were within the authority given to us, but it is our understanding that Hazrat Agha (Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei) has criticized us for Dr. Rouhani’s phone conversation with Obama, he regards that as the first misstep, and my long meeting with John Kerry, and he regards it as the other misstep during out trip.”
For his part, Rouhani has managed to convince Khamenei so far that his strategy of faux negotiations will be the best path to secure some relief from the crippling sanctions. Rouhani has proven his deception has worked in the past. Last week the Times of Israel reported on a recently discovered four-month-old video clip of Rouhani boasting during an interview on Iranian state television about how he had taken advantage of the suspension of limited activities he offered during negotiations with the Europeans in 2003. At that time until 2005, Rouhani was Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator. Although Iran issued a joint statement with visiting European Union ministers in October 2003 setting out its pledged obligations under the so-called Tehran Declaration, Rouhani said in the interview, “We did not let that happen!” Instead, exploiting the illusion of suspension, Iran’s government took significant steps in finalizing the heart of Iran’s nuclear program – uranium conversion, enrichment and installation of many more centrifuges.

“Do you know when we developed yellowcake? Winter 2004,” Rouhani boasted. “Do you know when the number of centrifuges reached 3,000? Winter 2004.” He also said that the Iranian heavy water reactor at Arak, which Iran hopes to use as an alternative plutonium path to a nuclear weapon, got going during this time.

“We halted the nuclear program?” Rouhani asked the interviewer rhetorically.  “We were the ones to complete it! We completed the technology.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows exactly what is going on. He has tried to call the world’s attention to the Iranian regime’s continuing duplicity and warned negotiators not to be lulled into another Rouhani subterfuge. “He fooled the world once. Now he thinks he can fool it again,” Netanyahu correctly observed. But the Obama administration and its European partners are not listening, nor paying attention to history. While claiming to insist on meaningful, transparent and verifiable concessions, the negotiators are going to Geneva with unrealistic expectations, while giving Iran more time to cross the nuclear arms finish line.

The Iranian negotiators in Geneva will be looking for any wedge they can use to sow divisions among the Western team and seek to unravel the sanctions by first drawing away key European participants. The Iranians can be expected to come with a detailed, attractive looking proposal such as a future enrichment limit at no greater than 3.5%. However, it is likely to be accompanied by the condition that the West first show good faith by partially removing the sanctions, particularly at least some of the banking sanctions that have been hurting Iran’s economy the most.

In interviews with the European press last week, Prime Minister Netanyahu warned the Europeans against falling for such bait.
 “No deal is better than a bad deal, and a bad deal would be a partial agreement which lifts sanctions off Iran and leaves them with the ability to enrich uranium or to continue work on their heavy water plutonium, which is what is needed to produce nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu told The Financial Times. “Don’t give up now, and don’t say later that I didn’t warn you.”
No sanctions should be removed until Iran unequivocally agrees, and begins to take verifiable steps to implement under unfettered international inspection, the disclosure of all its nuclear research and development facilities above and below ground, the dismantling of nuclear-related facilities with a primarily military or dual use purpose, the halt of all uranium enrichment and plutonium-related activities, and the export of all enriched material out of Iran or its conversion into harmless fuel rods.

If President Obama does not hold his ground in the negotiations and set a firm deadline for meaningful results with all other options kept on the table, starting with further ratcheting up of the sanctions, he will find out soon enough what “extortion” truly looks like.

Joseph Klein

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