Monday, October 14, 2013

Khamenei: Main enemy is Zionist network

Bee's note:  
While Kerry is speaking "soothing" words to Israel, to calm Israel's concerns about Obama, Inc.'s attempts to socially chat with Iran's new president Rohani, we find Iran's smilies fading into its actual disdain for Israel and the USA.  The ignorance in Obama's administration is dangerous to the security of both the U.S. and Israel. What more can we say, when an individual refuses to see the handwriting on the wall?!
The inability to "lead" ....

Obama has fallen, hook, line and sinker for the wiles and smiles of Rohani, ever since Rohani's recent visit to the United Nations last month.  Just like Morsi, the "moderate" (according to Obama), the Obama "Media" has been falling all over themselves, portraying Rohani as another "moderate" Islamist.  Why doesn't anyone with access to a computer and front page news, check up on the actual words/threats and ideology of Iran's leaders and begin reporting their findings and not that of the one in the White House.  Is that too much to expect from our journalists, MEDIA, and the leaders we elected?
Unlike Morsi who spent one short year transforming Egypt into a complete Sharia law, murderous dictatorship, Rohani is NOT in charge of Iran's policies and nuclear purse strings; he is merely a puppet statesman for the ayatollah.  And, it is the ayatollah who will be pressing the lever to strike Tel Aviv and with time, the U.S. and any other country considered an "enemy" of Iran's leaders.
Since I can't afford to build a Bomb Shelter, I suggest the Pentagon and whoever is left inside our military who hasn't been fired by Obama, sit down and have a little chat with their "Commander-in-Chief".  Is it possible to pound common sense in one who already has demonstrated his love towards "all things" Islam, including all those "moderate" rebels/terrorists in Syria?
Here is a mystery: How does one who demonstrates a Narcissist personality, demonstrate a "love" for anything or anyone except "self"?
The United States of America cannot afford mistakes with a country that does not hide its hatred towards the West and its allies.
Khamenei: Main enemy is Zionist network
Eve of resumption of talks between Iran and West, ayatollah slams Israel, US in annual hajj speech. 'Arrogant governments, headed by the USA deceive public opinion in different countries,' he says
Published: 10.14.13, 20:15 / Israel News

Iran's Supreme Spiritual Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Monday that "we should not make a mistake in knowing the main enemy, who in the present time is global arrogance and the criminal Zionist network."

In his address to the hajj pilgrims, Khamenei mentioned Israelseveral times: "we should properly identify the methods of this hostile enemy which is creating discord among Muslims… Moreover, we should identify their agents and those who are, knowingly or ignorantly, dependent on them. "

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Khamenei also leveled sharp criticism at the West. "Arrogant governments, headed by the USA, conceal their true character with the help of comprehensive and advanced propaganda tools. By claiming that they support human rights and democracy, they deceive public opinion in different countries," he said.

Ayatollah Khamenei (Photo: EPA)

He then attacked Israel and the US: "For decades, the oppressed Palestinian nation has been receiving strikes as a result of the crimes of the Zionist regime and its supporters. In the countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, terrorism - which originates from the policies of global arrogance and its agents in the region - has ruined the lives of the people. "

He expressed his support for the Syrian regime: "Syria has come under the attack of arrogant powers and their regional agents because of supporting anti-Zionist orientations and it has experienced a bloody civil war."

Meanwhile, ahead of the talks between Iran and the world powers, 10 prominent senators, both Democrats and Republicans, warned President Barack Obama against Iran and said it must first prove it isn't running negotiation while "the centrifuges are spinning."

In a letter, the senators noted that sanctions should only be lifted if Iran halts its nuclear program, and urged him to keep the threat of military action on the table.