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"Why Do they Destroy the Discoveries of the People of Israel?"

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Saturday, July 6, 2013

INTRODUCTION (Translation from Hebrew - by Baron Eshed)

Before the evacuation of Gush Katif, an ancient synagogue was discovered in Gaza, with a figure that is attributed to King David.

And plaques, with inscriptions in Hebrew, I will translate, the Hebrew writing: "the angel of the Redeemer me from something bad, he will me to go to Jerusalem" 
Well, those discoveries were taken.

The Muslims destroyed the painting together with the reporters/plaques - all something they do everywhere within the Land of Israel.  It is like they are saying, "Israel has never been."

So apparently, there were not Arabs, historically, by the discoveries of thousands of years, and the Jews of the Land of Israel ask, "Why do they destroy discoveries of the people of Israel?"  (
End of translation).

Can anyone deny that this world has a "Muslim issue"?  For the United States, we ignored the hatred Islam held towards us until September 11, 2011.  With the destruction, deaths, and chaos that followed, Americans were introduced to the "contributions" of Islam, an ideology that remains in their 6th century mindset of divide and conquor, sending the lands they overpower into a deep abyss of desolation and despair. 

Why do the followers of Islam "destroy discoveries of the people of Israel"?  The answer can be found in history.  They destroy the culture and all artifacts of the people they wish to conquor, making slaves of the very people who had welcomed them with open arms into their country.  

One glance at the European nations and the disturbances within their countires, by Muslims, is the best example of what happens when the population of Muslims increase.  Recently, a young soldier was beheaded in the streets of London, by a Muslim.  We are approaching the anniversary of the bombing of a bus of Israeli tourist outside the airport in the Black Sea resort town of Burgas.  That bombing killed 7 and injured dozens.  Coptic Christians are slaughtered in Egypt as the world looks away.  Today, July 6th, Islamic "militants" massacre 29 students and 1 teacher at a Nigeria boarding school. July 4th, in Sarawza, Afghanistan, two boys, ages 10 and 12, are torn to shreds by Islamic bombers. No corner of the world is safe from Islamic terrorism, and the belief in Islam is not sufficient to bind Muslims in peace with each other, as the Civil War in Syria, unrest in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Yemen, and throughout the MIddle East are prime examples that no one nation lives in harmony among Muslims.

Which brings me back to Baron's question, "Why do they destroy discoveries of the people of Israel?"  Why destory the ancient holy writings of the Jewish people?  

Because with Islam, nothing is sacred.  Lives mean nothing to Muslims blowing each other up, and wanting to take half the world with them!  From the youngest child to the senior citizens, to bus loads of Israeli tourists, to a young British soldier, life is meaningless to Islam.  If someone wants to tell me there is a difference between "moderates" and "extremisim" within the Muslim communities and nations, I will ask them to show me the difference.  What we know about Islam is they can put on the face of "friendship", but their hearts are preparing to murder you in your sleep.  

The Fogel family were butchered in their sleep, in a neighborhood of "moderate" Palestinian Muslims.  I use the term "moderate" to describe the Palestinians the West has chosen for Israel's "peace partners" - not the group of Palestinians known as Hamas, living freely in Gaza, the land the Israelis gave up for "peace".  Here's a photo of the murdered family:

Itamar massacre: Fogel family
At the trial of the teenage murderers, the Palestinian said if he had known there were more babies sleeping in the other room, he would have killed them too.  There is no remorse, no sorrow, among the killers of the innocent.

I will ask a different question: Why should the world care about what happens in Israel, or to the Israelis who endure never-ending missile attacks from Gaza?  Why should we be concerned if the Palestinians destroy 2,000 year old discoveries that bond the Jews to the Land of Israel? Because your life, your land, your culture, your history are as meaningless to Islam as their goal to destroy Israel and its people.

It is only a matter of time, before America's way of life is unrecognizable to the life our founding fathers died to protect.  The contempt the Muslims have towards the Jews and Israel is the same hatred they hold against America.  The example I will use is the Twin Towers.  Twelve short years ago (not 2,000 years), Muslims attacked our people and destroyed our buildings.  We shouted, like the Jews, "Never Again"!  In less than 12 years, the Muslims bought and plan to build a huge Mosque at the very area where almost 3,000 Americans died.  It will be their symbol and way of saying, "We have conqured you and your land".  And the President of the United States, President Obama and the Mayor of New York City, and all the politicians agree that it is a fine thing these Muslims do and complain that we Americans should be more tolerant towards Islam.  Where is the tolerance of Islam towards the people they live among?  

Twin Towers, NYC - Sept. 1, 2001

America is a "land of opportunity", but those opportunities do not include building on hallowed ground.  And that, dear people, is exactly what the Muslims intend to do at Ground Zero.  That is what they are doing in the Land of Israel, as they destroy with bulldozers Israel's paintings, Hebrew writings, and all things holy to the Jews, with the hopes of destroying the very spirit of the Israelis in the process.  That is their intent and goal in Israel, as it is in America.  What we build up, they tear down with no conscience, for there is only malice in their hearts and minds.

The world leaders need to take stock of how they undermine Israel, while propping up the Palestinians.  They should awake to the intentions of Islam and the Muslims they have welcomed into their countries.  What is happening in Israel is exactly what they intend to do within our own borders.  Nothing happens per chance; there are no coincidences.  

Land for Peace has brought nothing to Israel except murders, bombings, and tragedy. That, dear people, is exactly what they have planned for America and all nations that have welcomed Muslims into their countries by the boatloads, under the pretext of "refugees".  Israel's "tolerance" has brought upon her nothing but destruction.  That is a picture of our future, under the politically correct term "tolerance".  

The Washington Monument, the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, Pentagon Memorial, and all other momuments within Washington, D.C. were built as tributes to honor great men and military organizations.  They are a part of America's history.  A huge part of our heritage.  Imagine someone bringing in wrecking cranes and bulldozers tearing down what we had built, and that is what the Palestinian Arab Muslims are doing in Israel today.  By the way, the Palestinians built a Mosque over the discoveries of Israel; which is exactly what they want to do at Ground Zero!  Do you see a pattern here?  

Why do they destroy our discoveries, we will ask and the answer if right before your eyes, as you watch the destruction of Israle's blessed and holy writings and temples, by the people who call themselves "Palestinians".  

I want to choke when I hear our own politicians forcing this "peace process" down the throats of Israel, as if we discovred something new under the sun that will make the Muslims live in peace with the Jews.  They cannot live amoong their own people in peace and haven't in the last 1,500 years!  Kerry can continue wearing out a path from Washington to Jerusalem; he can offer the Palestinians (and he did) a bribe of $400 MILLION DOLLARS to sit down with PM Netanyahu, to discuss "peace"; but at the end of the day, life will go on among the Muslims and that life does not include peace with its neighbors.  


posted by Bee Sting - 1:51 PM - July 6, 2013

VIDEO: Mark Levin: Time For House Republicans "To Stop These Phony Repeal Votes

Published on Jul 4, 2013

Mark Levin: Time For House Republicans "To Stop These Phony Repeal Votes And Go To The Power Of The Purse"

MARK LEVIN: Well you know, here’s the problem Neil, the doctor is right. We have a complete breakdown of our Constitutional system. Neither house of Congress ever read this bill – not any member in Congress. You had one-party control at the time, for a short two-year period. It winds up in the Supreme Court, the vote’s 5-to-4, with Justice Roberts making the most outrageous claims in his decision.

So we have what is now an unconstitutional law imposed on the American people. 2700 pages, 20,000 pages of regulations affecting every single human being in this country. One sixth of the economy. None of these people read it, none of them understand it. We don’t understand it, the businesses that are supposed to implement it don’t understand it, but their accountants tell them: you’re going to have to lay people off, you’re going to have to drop them from full time to part time, you’re going to have to get rid of your health care plans altogether perhaps, these people are going to go on state exchanges, nobody knows what a state exchange is, this country is now in turmoil as a result of this, so what does Obama do? He says, let’s put it off a year to get more Democrats elected to the House of Representatives. 


MARK LEVIN: Here is what was coming, what was coming was tens of millions of people who don't pay attention of what is going on in politics in Washington. We're going to find their premiums dropped, or the price of their premiums going up, or dropped from health care, or dropped from full time jobs or fired altogether. Thrown into these state exchanges and not knowing where to go. 

This affects families and people and individuals and so forth. And then they were going to say, 'Who the hell now is my Congressman and my Senator, and who the hell did this?' Finally they're going to wake up because it affects them directly. It's not theoretical, it's not academic; it's reality. What happens after this? The Democrats are going to try and muscle through this, play rope-a-dope, and then after the mid-term election cycle they're going to continue to implement it because they do not want to turn back. This is what Alexis de Tocqueville called democratic despotism.

That's exactly what it is, it's despotism. And it's time for the Republicans in the House to stop these phony repeal votes and go to the power of the purse and do something to try and pull some money out of this system, out of this Obamacare system. (Your World with Neil Cavuto, July 3, 2013)

Honoring Terrorism While Talking Peace


by Elliott Abrams
July 3, 2013
How does one prepare for peace? With Secretary of State Kerry shuttling between Ramallah and Jerusalem seeking to launch peace negotiations, it’s a fair question. In the media, attention has been fixed on new housing units in Har Homa, a Jerusalem neighborhood. The Jerusalem Post described the matter this way:
The Jerusalem Municipality approved construction permits on Wednesday [June 26] for 69 new homes in the Jewish east Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Homa – just one day before US Secretary of State John Kerry is due to arrive in hopes of rekindling direct Israeli-Palestinian talks. The homes are the tail end of a large project of more than 1,000 units in Har Homa that received approval in August 2011 and for which tenders were issued in April 2012….
Whether you think this is a big story or a repeat of a 2011 or 2012 story, it has evoked criticism and condemnation from the United States government and numerous European governments.  But what about the Palestinian side?  Unmentioned in the Western press is the way Palestinian president and PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas is preparing for peace this week, by honoring terrorists–again.
Palestinian Media Watch has the story:
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has awarded the “highest order of the Star of Honor” to arch-terrorist Nayef Hawatmeh. This is a continuation of the policy followed by Abbas and the PA to glorify terrorists responsible for murdering Israelis, as documented by Palestinian Media Watch. Nayef Hawatmeh is the leader of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP). The DFLP carried out many deadly terror attacks, including the killing of 22 schoolchildren and 4 adults after taking them hostage in Ma’alot, the killing of 9 children and 3 adults in an attack on a school bus, the killing of 7 in a Jerusalem bombing, the killing of 4 hostages in an apartment building in Beit Shean, all of which took place in the 1970′s. In addition, the DFLP has participated in and claimed responsibility for dozens of other terror attacks, including a suicide bombing near Tel Aviv that killed 4 in 2003.
Ma’alot? That was a long time ago. In May 1974 and perhaps timed for Israel’s independence day, DFLP terrorists first broke into an apartment in the town and killed the father, mother, and five-year-old child who lived there. They then broke into the nearby elementary school and took hostage all the children who were sleeping there overnight (as part of a tour of the Galilee)–over one hundred kids. In the end 26 were killed, and nearly 70 injured. That was a long time ago, but it is right now–at the end of May, with Secretary Kerry seeking to start up peace talks–that Mr. Abbas awarded the medal to Hawatmeh. It is part of a pattern, as the Palestinian Media Watch story details, of honoring perpetrators of terror.
How can one persuade Israelis that the PLO seeks peace when acts of terrorism are comemmorated? How serious can Palestinian negotiators be when their chief is personally honoring terrorists? A final question: has Mr. Kerry’s staff ever made him aware of all this, and has he told Mr. Abbas that it must stop?

Much Of The World Still Hates Jews ... J. D. Longstreet

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Much Of The World Still Hates Jews
Our Anti-Semitic World
By: J. D. Longstreet


Today, the world's hatred of the Jews is just as vehement, just as rabid, as it was 
when Hitler was murdering six million of them in his gas chambers and 

concentration camps in Europe in the 1930's and 1940's. Frankly, I am not sure

 that given a chance to do it again, much of the world would just stand by, again,
 and allow it to happen. Millions would simply look the other way... then claim they 
were not aware it was happening. Sound familiar? It does to my generation.
There is a sickness deep down in the rotten core of the human race that allows a
 hatred this deep. You want to see racism? You want to see bigotry, you want to

 see black, mindless, wrathful hate, and pure stinking jealousy? Then look into 

the souls of the people who will allow a country, Israel, to be pounded day after 

day by a people sworn to wipe them from the face of the earth, a people who will 
not even recognize the right of the Jews to exist, to live, to breath, and walk the
 same earth as they do. There you will see the blackness of hell. 
Those who support the people who spend their days and nights searching for 
ways to kill, maim, and in any way possible, deny the basic right of life to a whole
 people (because they are Jews) are, themselves, assuredly assigned to the
 deepest, hottest, level of Hell itself.
Someone must stand up and call them what they are... angels of perdition,
 angels of death.
Israel, the ancestral homeland of the Jews, has been a country since the late 
1940's. Within twenty-four hours of the United Nations proclaiming them a 

state,  they were attacked, from all quarters, by the Arabs. 
That tiny, little, infant of a country managed to whip every last one of the Arab 
countries coming against them. 
Every day since 1948 Israel has had to fight to exist. From kidnappings to 
wholesale slaughter of the Israelis -- the world has watched and pretended 
not to see. That is sick, people! 
To really seal the diagnosis of pathological Jew hatred, the nations of the world, 
by and large, point accusing fingers at Israel when she attempts to defend herself. 
It never fails.
The international representatives to the United Nations stumble over each other in
 a rush to condemn Israel for going after the people who have been sending 
rockets into Israeli territory killing Israelis. The International Media brought us 
stories of dead (so-called) Palestinian children and old men and women. Where 

was the same international press to tell us the stories of the dead Israelis from 

the rocket blasts and the suicide bombers and the kidnapers sent into Israel by 

those who fund the perpetrators of their godless evil? All you ever need to know
 about the international media can be learned by picking up a newspaper today,
 or watching a TV newscast today. They are shouting their bigotry from the 
rooftops of the world!
This world-wide hatred of the Jews is a sickness. It pollutes the souls of mankind.

 It pollutes everything we human beings touch. It must be, it HAS to be, a foul 

stench in the nostrils of God. 
Those of us who profess the Christian faith pray to Christ and say we believe 
that Christ is the Son of God. People, I have news for you! Jesus was a JEW! 
Talk about hypocrisy!
Why DOES the world hate the Jews? Why? Maybe it is because, as some have
said, the Land of Israel is a constant reminder of God to a world which has largely
rejected the very existence of God. And yet... there is little Israel, standing in the 
face of six or seven countries all vowing to wipe them from the face of the earth.
Yet, they stand... and continue to stand... no matter what is thrown at them. 
I can give you the answer I learned in Sunday School -- and at my father's knee 
as a child. That answer is that God made Israel a promise. He gave them that 
land as their own forever. 
By the way, the land given Israel, by God, today includes the countries of: Jordan,
 Syria, Lebanon, the land called today "The Palestinian Territory," as well as the 
land we know today as the state of Israel ... and MORE. 
Now, I am not a very good Christian. In fact, I expect I'd make a pretty good 
Pharisee. But, I believe that God does not make promises He does not plan
 to keep... and once made... it is for darned sure God does not break His promises.
 Otherwise, my entire faith is a fallacy and as the apostle said I, amongst all men,
 are the most to be pitied.
My American family hails from the northern parts of western Europe. A 
geographical area that used to be, and by all appearances today, remains a 
hotbed of antisemitism. My ancestral home embarrasses me. 
Europeans are quick to boast of their belief in Human Rights. It would certainly 
seem they mean Human Rights for everyone but the Jews of Israel. My fellow
 Americans who support those who call for the demise of Israel embarrass me 
as well. 
I believe we are quickly approaching the time, in the cosmic scheme of things, 
when the sheep will be divided from the goats. The nations of the world are going 

to be called upon, soon, to decide, as nations, with whom they stand, Israel...

or those who call for her death. Those nations blind enough, and hate-filled enough, 

to choose to stand with Israel's oppressors ... are doomed. I cannot put it any more
succinctly than that. God himself has said "I will bless those who bless you (Israel),
and I will curse those who curse you." An accounting IS coming. It cannot be 

The world is awash in antisemitism. If you have any doubt about that, be sure to 
pick up your newspaper tomorrow morning and scan its pages for the inevitable 
stories of the way the terrible Israelis are slaughtering the "Palestinians." 
The hate spewing media cannot help themselves. They have made their
commitment to go against God and there will be a price extracted. Watch as 
some of the most powerful and influential news organizations on the face of the 
planet are going out of business and, in the process, suffering a very public,
humiliating, long drawn-out death. They have chosen their path and they are 
now powerless to do anything about it.
In the meantime, we will continue to pray for Israel's success in the on-going war 
against the forces of evil. Israel WILL be victorious. Of that, I have no doubt. 
© J. D. Longstreet
- See more at:

Bee's note: 
Listen to: Diaspora Minister Bennett Speaking at the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism

Tyranny Reigns! Into an abyss ...

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Revolution is Duty of the People

Into an abyss . . . 

Is it just me or do you too see something wrong with a government originating and passing a law that authorizes the government to deprive the governed of their freedoms and liberties as set forth in the foundation document that limits the power of government? Furthermore, the government, in passing that law, uses it's perceived authority to create other laws to further deny the citizens their rights by setting one branch of the government up as the over watch organization to closely observe the government's secret activities under that law and also establishes a "special secret court" which thence does the government's bidding and rules on those secret activities thereby bestowing some sense of legality to the government's efforts and activities. 

I know . . . that's a little hard to get you arms around! Go back a slowly read that again.

Then . . . when a civilian contractor employee of a company that is actively engaged in the secret conduct of activity that would only 15 years prior be considered egregiously illegal and in violation of Constitutional protections against the government's denying or violating the freedoms and liberties of totally innocent law abiding citizens exposes the secret government activities . . . the government declares him a traitor and a treasonous cur.

Then . . . when the people learn that the government has set up a secret court (identities and locations of members are unknown) to adjudicate in secret what is legal or not legal with respect to what the government can do in violating the privacy rights of over 100 million innocent law-abiding citizens in order to look for incriminating information on terrorists and the people try to find out about what government has been doing and hiding behind the "veil of secrecy", the government refuses to provide information that would enable the people to determine and ascertain whether the government has in-fact been exceeding it's Constitutional authority.

What should be getting our attention is the simple fact that this government, which is so intent of gathering, sifting, saving and analyzing our phone activity and records, medical records, mail records and email activity, has absolutely no problem with blowing off our protestations by claiming legality as determined by a secret court, but seems to think it is important to "explain itself" to the European Union member countries who suddenly found out that this government has been secretly bugging and monitoring their private deliberations and activities too.

It now seems very reasonable to question the wisdom of the decisions made that resulted in what we now call the Patriot Act. The so-called National Defense Authorization Act and all that it portends is a real piece of work for sure. These have brought us to the point that our government has taken it upon itself to set up secret courts to authorize violations of our First, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights and liberties under the guise of keeping us safe and secure from terrorist attacks. Think about that one while you consider and try to imagine just what government's next step might bring.

This all really gives me reason for pause when I remember and consider the fact that Janet Napolitano and her organization, which is comprised of every federal law enforcement agency, the Department of Defense, and every federal intelligence gathering agency that exists considers me and every other veteran as serious potential terrorists!!! When I learned that I and all my fellow veterans were considered "serious potential terrorists", Janet Napolitano managed to permanently install herself on the same level that I hold Jane Fonda!

I think we should all be seriously reviewing and considering what has happened over the past few years; especially that period since 11 September 2001. This government seems bent on digging a hole from which "We the people . . . " may not be able to extricate ourselves. It seems to me that from that moment we elected Barack Hussein Obama, our nation has been in a decline comparable to having step off into an abyss.

From that moment when government turns upon it's own here-to-fore free people -
TYRANNY REIGNS! Daniel Vally, 2013

Note: posted to my FB - July 5, 2013

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The Snowden Affair & NSA’s Outing: What Is Obama Inc. REALLY Afraid Of?

Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Contrary to all common sense, patriotic outrage, legal precedent and American interests, Obama Inc. consistently insists that trying foreign terrorists in the U.S. criminal court system is the “American” way. In fact, their mantra has been, it will show the world what a transparent and open democracy America is, chiefly via the laws it upholds as sacrosanct foundations to truth and justice. Blah, blah, blah…as if there is ANY legal basis to do just that.

Never mind the national secrets which will surely be revealed, once “due process” kicks in, with all the attendant discovery and disclosure requirements in a U.S. court of law. Having taken more than a fair share of law courses – civil, criminal, Constitutional, business etc – this blog knows the score. Rule 16. Discovery & Inspection is very clear, as are all the laws evinced thereof. None of it is rocket science, otherwise, truthfully, would not have aced its coursework. In addition, the surviving Boston bomber is being given all due “rights” in the criminal court system, to the extent of refusing to even label the Chechen terrorist as an “enemy combatant”. Astonishing. Outrageous. Laws twisted pretzel-like, to gift the Boston jihadist legal “rights”. 

But what does the above have to do with the NSA & Snowden’s flight to “parts unknown”? Everything. 
In the main, this site has no investment in Snowden per se. And if it is PROVEN he is revealing secrets, that enemy states can use against America, then this blog will be in the forefront of clamoring for ultimate punishment. That being said, the core of Obama Inc.’s angst revolves around what Snowden revealed in the most public way: The unfettered spying on ALL Americans. Trusted sources have repeatedly been in agreement: There has been NO indication that anything related to high value national security has been breached. Apparently, Northeast Intelligence Network backs up said assessments.
But it is the case that the regime has much too much to hide, too much at stake, to deal with the pesky requirements of “due process”. Need some reminders? Try these on for sizing: America is a police state in the makingThe POTUS’s “enemies lists”DHS Insider confirms the true intent of NSA’s spyingThe Purging: An Omerta Re Islam + Terror; Obama’s goons are eyeing/spying on America’s kiddies. All of the above links fall under one main category – a regime gone wild! Folks, in all honesty, would you entrust your cat or dog with this malignant crew, let alone with ferreting out national truths?

‘The truth about the Snowden affair and why you should care’

Northeast Intelligence Network, July 3, 2013
3 July 2013: Some call Edward Snowden a traitor, while others call him a hero. One thing that is certain is that he cannot be both to the citizens of the United States. Interested by this stark difference of perception, I decided to investigate exactly what it was that he allegedly did that caused this drama that has captivated so many.  In the process, I found that there is a lot of misinformation and outright disinformation that exists about his actions. Most troubling is that much of it seems to be coming directly from officials within the U.S. government and members of the corporate media. In this investigative process, I also learned why every American, and every “free” person reading this regardless of what country in which you live, should be very concerned about the case of Edward Snowden.
A second but closely related theme that should be well beyond debate is that any federal law that violates the United States Constitution is not a valid law. There is a rich history for the principle that an unconstitutional law is void, and no legislative act that is contrary to the constitution can be considered valid. Again, the Edward Snowden affair must be properly viewed in this context.One overriding theme that was reinforced during my investigation is that our elected officials have a rabid contempt for any constitutional limitations placed upon them. While this is not exactly a news flash, the case of Edward Snowden must be viewed against this backdrop of contempt, which is not specific to any one political office or party and knows no restraint.
Edward Snowden in brief
Although there are many side issues and offshoots of the case “against” Edward Snowden, the core issue of the matter is fairly straightforward. At the heart of all the drama and legal machinations being discussed is one very simple issue: his security clearance and the executive order under which it was created and Edward Snowden was working.
Proper understanding of the issue required me to contact a very highly placed, known and trusted source familiar with how the various processes of security clearances work. While this statement might seem oversimplified to those in the intelligence business, it makes little difference to us as American citizens or freedom loving people of our own countries. It does not change the facts of the Snowden affair.
At the time Edward Snowden received his security clearance, he signed away certain constitutional rights in exchange for his loyalty to the government, and to operate at the mercy and direction of the office of the President or his designate. Nonetheless, he is still an American citizen.
Based on the information obtained during the course of my investigation, it appears that Mr. Snowden, while working in the capacity described, learned that he was involved in activities that he reasonably believed to be in direct opposition to the laws of the United States Constitution. He found that contrary to what was being said by the government to the American people and the world, he was not only aware of, but involved in spying activities that were inconsistent with the protections, rights and freedoms afforded to us by the U.S. Constitution.
At some point, as an American, he had to make a decision. It would be an unenviable position that would forever change his life. Does he violate the executive order under which he was operating to expose a system of spying on the American people, a system that was so vast and out of control that he felt so compelled to let us know what is actually taking place and face the consequences, or does he keep his mouth shut and continue to operate under an order he believed to be unconstitutional?
Included within that decision was something else. Would his revelations harm, in any way, the security of the United States and his fellow citizens? Again, based on my investigation of the information released, nothing was revealed by Snowden that any potential enemy of the U.S. did not already know. Additionally, he did not appear to release any “fruit” of the data mining and spying operations, but merely disclosed the scope and extent of its existence.
What then, is Edward Snowden allegedly guilty of? He can only be guilty of one of two things, but he cannot be guilty of both. Either he criminally disclosed our national secrets to our external enemies, consequently putting all Americans at risk in violation of his oath, or he decided that as a citizen, he had an  obligation of overriding importance to his fellow citizens that trumped the oaths he signed and was working under, to expose government programs that are operating outside of the laws of the U.S. Constitution.  It’s really that simple.
A solution exists
Amid all of the drama that exists pertaining to where Edward Snowden will likely end up, there is a simple, viable solution that would benefit all involved that no one seems to be talking about – perhaps for good reason. As it stands today, should Snowden return to the United States, he would not be permitted the same rights as any other citizen under the U.S. Constitution to have an open and fair trial or answer the charges against him based on the “contract” he signed for his clearance. In reality, he could and likely would be tossed in prison indefinitely, denied access to legal counsel, and denied all of the normal and customary rights granted to American citizens accused of a crime. He would have less rights than murders and most terrorists, and the proceedings against him could, and likely wood take place well outside of the purview of American citizens.
All of this could be avoided while still forcing him to answer the charges against him. With the stroke of a pen, the President could simply sign an order that would allow Mr. Snowden to return to the United States and be subjected to be tried in the American criminal justice system, , in open court, in a manner consistent with the Constitution of the United States that would afford him the normal judicial and constitutional protections as an American citizen.
Knowing this, perhaps the appropriate question that one that no one is asking, is what is this administration afraid of by allowing this case to proceed in this manner? Are the risks of multiple international incidents more palatable or easily manageable than a system of transparent judicial process? If so, something is terribly wrong.
Who will be valiant for justice sake?
Edward Snowden made a conscious decision to expose a massive, draconian system of spying on American citizens that he believed is violating the rights of every American. He could not reconcile his responsibilities under the executive order in which he was working with his knowledge as an American citizen himself. He made a conscience decision to fall on the side of the fence for the American citizen.  Is anyone coming to his aid?  Who will be valiant for justice sake?
In plain English, Obama and henchmen/women are picking and choosing who “deserves” the “right” to due process! Guess what? Obama Inc. denies due process to American warriors but NOT to jihadists. Color this blogger none too swift, but isn’t it more than pressing to challenge the gangsters running Washington to put up or shut up, demanding: President Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, utilizes Executive powers hither and yon. With the stroke of a pen, he can entice Snowden to return to face America’s justice system. How so? The POTUS must detail in writing, thus assuring Snowden’s right, as an American citizen (who didn’t blow up an American city, create terror and actually murder anyone, unlike the Chechen bomber), to a completely open, transparent trial, with all due process applicable. Now, wouldn’t this demonstrate, to one and all, how truly just the American system is? 
UPDATE: Now we’re cooking….U.S. Explodes With 100 Anti-NSA Protests. Let freedom ring!