Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Why Do they Destroy the Discoveries of the People of Israel?"

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Saturday, July 6, 2013

INTRODUCTION (Translation from Hebrew - by Baron Eshed)

Before the evacuation of Gush Katif, an ancient synagogue was discovered in Gaza, with a figure that is attributed to King David.

And plaques, with inscriptions in Hebrew, I will translate, the Hebrew writing: "the angel of the Redeemer me from something bad, he will me to go to Jerusalem" 
Well, those discoveries were taken.

The Muslims destroyed the painting together with the reporters/plaques - all something they do everywhere within the Land of Israel.  It is like they are saying, "Israel has never been."

So apparently, there were not Arabs, historically, by the discoveries of thousands of years, and the Jews of the Land of Israel ask, "Why do they destroy discoveries of the people of Israel?"  (
End of translation).

Can anyone deny that this world has a "Muslim issue"?  For the United States, we ignored the hatred Islam held towards us until September 11, 2011.  With the destruction, deaths, and chaos that followed, Americans were introduced to the "contributions" of Islam, an ideology that remains in their 6th century mindset of divide and conquor, sending the lands they overpower into a deep abyss of desolation and despair. 

Why do the followers of Islam "destroy discoveries of the people of Israel"?  The answer can be found in history.  They destroy the culture and all artifacts of the people they wish to conquor, making slaves of the very people who had welcomed them with open arms into their country.  

One glance at the European nations and the disturbances within their countires, by Muslims, is the best example of what happens when the population of Muslims increase.  Recently, a young soldier was beheaded in the streets of London, by a Muslim.  We are approaching the anniversary of the bombing of a bus of Israeli tourist outside the airport in the Black Sea resort town of Burgas.  That bombing killed 7 and injured dozens.  Coptic Christians are slaughtered in Egypt as the world looks away.  Today, July 6th, Islamic "militants" massacre 29 students and 1 teacher at a Nigeria boarding school. July 4th, in Sarawza, Afghanistan, two boys, ages 10 and 12, are torn to shreds by Islamic bombers. No corner of the world is safe from Islamic terrorism, and the belief in Islam is not sufficient to bind Muslims in peace with each other, as the Civil War in Syria, unrest in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Yemen, and throughout the MIddle East are prime examples that no one nation lives in harmony among Muslims.

Which brings me back to Baron's question, "Why do they destroy discoveries of the people of Israel?"  Why destory the ancient holy writings of the Jewish people?  

Because with Islam, nothing is sacred.  Lives mean nothing to Muslims blowing each other up, and wanting to take half the world with them!  From the youngest child to the senior citizens, to bus loads of Israeli tourists, to a young British soldier, life is meaningless to Islam.  If someone wants to tell me there is a difference between "moderates" and "extremisim" within the Muslim communities and nations, I will ask them to show me the difference.  What we know about Islam is they can put on the face of "friendship", but their hearts are preparing to murder you in your sleep.  

The Fogel family were butchered in their sleep, in a neighborhood of "moderate" Palestinian Muslims.  I use the term "moderate" to describe the Palestinians the West has chosen for Israel's "peace partners" - not the group of Palestinians known as Hamas, living freely in Gaza, the land the Israelis gave up for "peace".  Here's a photo of the murdered family:

Itamar massacre: Fogel family
At the trial of the teenage murderers, the Palestinian said if he had known there were more babies sleeping in the other room, he would have killed them too.  There is no remorse, no sorrow, among the killers of the innocent.

I will ask a different question: Why should the world care about what happens in Israel, or to the Israelis who endure never-ending missile attacks from Gaza?  Why should we be concerned if the Palestinians destroy 2,000 year old discoveries that bond the Jews to the Land of Israel? Because your life, your land, your culture, your history are as meaningless to Islam as their goal to destroy Israel and its people.

It is only a matter of time, before America's way of life is unrecognizable to the life our founding fathers died to protect.  The contempt the Muslims have towards the Jews and Israel is the same hatred they hold against America.  The example I will use is the Twin Towers.  Twelve short years ago (not 2,000 years), Muslims attacked our people and destroyed our buildings.  We shouted, like the Jews, "Never Again"!  In less than 12 years, the Muslims bought and plan to build a huge Mosque at the very area where almost 3,000 Americans died.  It will be their symbol and way of saying, "We have conqured you and your land".  And the President of the United States, President Obama and the Mayor of New York City, and all the politicians agree that it is a fine thing these Muslims do and complain that we Americans should be more tolerant towards Islam.  Where is the tolerance of Islam towards the people they live among?  

Twin Towers, NYC - Sept. 1, 2001

America is a "land of opportunity", but those opportunities do not include building on hallowed ground.  And that, dear people, is exactly what the Muslims intend to do at Ground Zero.  That is what they are doing in the Land of Israel, as they destroy with bulldozers Israel's paintings, Hebrew writings, and all things holy to the Jews, with the hopes of destroying the very spirit of the Israelis in the process.  That is their intent and goal in Israel, as it is in America.  What we build up, they tear down with no conscience, for there is only malice in their hearts and minds.

The world leaders need to take stock of how they undermine Israel, while propping up the Palestinians.  They should awake to the intentions of Islam and the Muslims they have welcomed into their countries.  What is happening in Israel is exactly what they intend to do within our own borders.  Nothing happens per chance; there are no coincidences.  

Land for Peace has brought nothing to Israel except murders, bombings, and tragedy. That, dear people, is exactly what they have planned for America and all nations that have welcomed Muslims into their countries by the boatloads, under the pretext of "refugees".  Israel's "tolerance" has brought upon her nothing but destruction.  That is a picture of our future, under the politically correct term "tolerance".  

The Washington Monument, the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, Pentagon Memorial, and all other momuments within Washington, D.C. were built as tributes to honor great men and military organizations.  They are a part of America's history.  A huge part of our heritage.  Imagine someone bringing in wrecking cranes and bulldozers tearing down what we had built, and that is what the Palestinian Arab Muslims are doing in Israel today.  By the way, the Palestinians built a Mosque over the discoveries of Israel; which is exactly what they want to do at Ground Zero!  Do you see a pattern here?  

Why do they destroy our discoveries, we will ask and the answer if right before your eyes, as you watch the destruction of Israle's blessed and holy writings and temples, by the people who call themselves "Palestinians".  

I want to choke when I hear our own politicians forcing this "peace process" down the throats of Israel, as if we discovred something new under the sun that will make the Muslims live in peace with the Jews.  They cannot live amoong their own people in peace and haven't in the last 1,500 years!  Kerry can continue wearing out a path from Washington to Jerusalem; he can offer the Palestinians (and he did) a bribe of $400 MILLION DOLLARS to sit down with PM Netanyahu, to discuss "peace"; but at the end of the day, life will go on among the Muslims and that life does not include peace with its neighbors.  


posted by Bee Sting - 1:51 PM - July 6, 2013