Monday, July 1, 2013

Obama Pledges $7 Billion in Taxpayer Money to Help Tanzania Get Electricity

Bee's note:  We are now just two days from celebrating Independence Day - July 4th.  The White House is closed to visitors (unless you happen to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, as reported a few days ago here on this blog); and our military bases will not be celebrating this 4th of July, as Obama shut down their firework celebrations, due to shortage of monies/sequester); but, and here's the "Believe it or Not" report:  Obama is pledging SEVEN BILLION of our money (where's this money?) to help Tanzania.  Please, someone, stop his insanity!

That is OUR $7 billion he is spending on another nation. Because of the sequester, he wanted, this country doesn’t have the funds to help vets in need, fund White House tours or Independence Day festivities but is ready to help Africa out! This is the same guy who promised his policies on Cap & Trade would bankrupt coal companies and that under his plan electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket!
This is what you call social and economic justice. What the MARXIST in Chief is doing is raising the lifestyle of lower classes around the world with US taxpayer dollars while taking steps in the US to bring Americans lifestyle down to the rest of the world!
We are broke and this govt as a whole, both sides, just keeps blowing money. The Fed is printing/ digitizing money we don’t have while emperor 0 and the progressives leave the American taxpayers on the hook for their “good deeds”!
This is all part of the emperors promise to fundamentally transform the USA!