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Much Of The World Still Hates Jews ... J. D. Longstreet

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Much Of The World Still Hates Jews
Our Anti-Semitic World
By: J. D. Longstreet


Today, the world's hatred of the Jews is just as vehement, just as rabid, as it was 
when Hitler was murdering six million of them in his gas chambers and 

concentration camps in Europe in the 1930's and 1940's. Frankly, I am not sure

 that given a chance to do it again, much of the world would just stand by, again,
 and allow it to happen. Millions would simply look the other way... then claim they 
were not aware it was happening. Sound familiar? It does to my generation.
There is a sickness deep down in the rotten core of the human race that allows a
 hatred this deep. You want to see racism? You want to see bigotry, you want to

 see black, mindless, wrathful hate, and pure stinking jealousy? Then look into 

the souls of the people who will allow a country, Israel, to be pounded day after 

day by a people sworn to wipe them from the face of the earth, a people who will 
not even recognize the right of the Jews to exist, to live, to breath, and walk the
 same earth as they do. There you will see the blackness of hell. 
Those who support the people who spend their days and nights searching for 
ways to kill, maim, and in any way possible, deny the basic right of life to a whole
 people (because they are Jews) are, themselves, assuredly assigned to the
 deepest, hottest, level of Hell itself.
Someone must stand up and call them what they are... angels of perdition,
 angels of death.
Israel, the ancestral homeland of the Jews, has been a country since the late 
1940's. Within twenty-four hours of the United Nations proclaiming them a 

state,  they were attacked, from all quarters, by the Arabs. 
That tiny, little, infant of a country managed to whip every last one of the Arab 
countries coming against them. 
Every day since 1948 Israel has had to fight to exist. From kidnappings to 
wholesale slaughter of the Israelis -- the world has watched and pretended 
not to see. That is sick, people! 
To really seal the diagnosis of pathological Jew hatred, the nations of the world, 
by and large, point accusing fingers at Israel when she attempts to defend herself. 
It never fails.
The international representatives to the United Nations stumble over each other in
 a rush to condemn Israel for going after the people who have been sending 
rockets into Israeli territory killing Israelis. The International Media brought us 
stories of dead (so-called) Palestinian children and old men and women. Where 

was the same international press to tell us the stories of the dead Israelis from 

the rocket blasts and the suicide bombers and the kidnapers sent into Israel by 

those who fund the perpetrators of their godless evil? All you ever need to know
 about the international media can be learned by picking up a newspaper today,
 or watching a TV newscast today. They are shouting their bigotry from the 
rooftops of the world!
This world-wide hatred of the Jews is a sickness. It pollutes the souls of mankind.

 It pollutes everything we human beings touch. It must be, it HAS to be, a foul 

stench in the nostrils of God. 
Those of us who profess the Christian faith pray to Christ and say we believe 
that Christ is the Son of God. People, I have news for you! Jesus was a JEW! 
Talk about hypocrisy!
Why DOES the world hate the Jews? Why? Maybe it is because, as some have
said, the Land of Israel is a constant reminder of God to a world which has largely
rejected the very existence of God. And yet... there is little Israel, standing in the 
face of six or seven countries all vowing to wipe them from the face of the earth.
Yet, they stand... and continue to stand... no matter what is thrown at them. 
I can give you the answer I learned in Sunday School -- and at my father's knee 
as a child. That answer is that God made Israel a promise. He gave them that 
land as their own forever. 
By the way, the land given Israel, by God, today includes the countries of: Jordan,
 Syria, Lebanon, the land called today "The Palestinian Territory," as well as the 
land we know today as the state of Israel ... and MORE. 
Now, I am not a very good Christian. In fact, I expect I'd make a pretty good 
Pharisee. But, I believe that God does not make promises He does not plan
 to keep... and once made... it is for darned sure God does not break His promises.
 Otherwise, my entire faith is a fallacy and as the apostle said I, amongst all men,
 are the most to be pitied.
My American family hails from the northern parts of western Europe. A 
geographical area that used to be, and by all appearances today, remains a 
hotbed of antisemitism. My ancestral home embarrasses me. 
Europeans are quick to boast of their belief in Human Rights. It would certainly 
seem they mean Human Rights for everyone but the Jews of Israel. My fellow
 Americans who support those who call for the demise of Israel embarrass me 
as well. 
I believe we are quickly approaching the time, in the cosmic scheme of things, 
when the sheep will be divided from the goats. The nations of the world are going 

to be called upon, soon, to decide, as nations, with whom they stand, Israel...

or those who call for her death. Those nations blind enough, and hate-filled enough, 

to choose to stand with Israel's oppressors ... are doomed. I cannot put it any more
succinctly than that. God himself has said "I will bless those who bless you (Israel),
and I will curse those who curse you." An accounting IS coming. It cannot be 

The world is awash in antisemitism. If you have any doubt about that, be sure to 
pick up your newspaper tomorrow morning and scan its pages for the inevitable 
stories of the way the terrible Israelis are slaughtering the "Palestinians." 
The hate spewing media cannot help themselves. They have made their
commitment to go against God and there will be a price extracted. Watch as 
some of the most powerful and influential news organizations on the face of the 
planet are going out of business and, in the process, suffering a very public,
humiliating, long drawn-out death. They have chosen their path and they are 
now powerless to do anything about it.
In the meantime, we will continue to pray for Israel's success in the on-going war 
against the forces of evil. Israel WILL be victorious. Of that, I have no doubt. 
© J. D. Longstreet
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