Monday, July 1, 2013

Obama: ‘The Planet Will Boil Over’ If Africans Are Allowed Cars and Air-Conditioning

Bee's Note:  The statements and speeches of Obama are more than weird - they are outright the comments of someone who has lost reality.  Please, will someone verify that there is air-conditioning in every single vehicle Obama is being driven around in during his stay in Africa.  Is there air-conditioning in the hotels and places of lodging of Obama and his guests?  I say hold him to this statement: shut off the White House air conditioners!  Shut them off in his lemos! Air Force One!  Send him to the deserts of Arizona, where temperatures are over 115 degrees, and see if he can withstand the heat.  And lastly, there must be a room for him in a nice, quiet "home", where he can be treated for an apparent illness.

So this guy wants to give Africa $7 billion of US taxpayers hard earned money for an energy initiative but the African people won’t be allowed to have cars and air conditioning because the planet will boil over?!
The emperor wants our $7 billion going into green energy scams that we know fromSolyndra, First Solar, SunPower etc are complete failures! So as if it wasn’t bad enough spending money we don’t have, he wants to spend it on failed technology in another country!!
Where is the outrage from our so-called leaders?