Monday, July 1, 2013

"Walk Like an Egyptian" - ROUND TWO of the "Arab Spring" (Photos)

17 Million Egyptians have joined the Protests... Population of Egypt... 82 Million.. that's almost 20% Of the COUNTRY..

Protesters who gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, calling for the resignation of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, carried a massive banner saying, “Obama supports terrorism.”
More here:

Egypt To Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood, “You Have One Day To Step Down.”
Remember the sole reason Barack Hussein Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize back in 2009?: “For his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”
And having just praised the Egyptian revolution a couple of years ago – boasting, “That’s how democracy works!” – then giving $1.5 billion in American taxpayer dollars to the new Muslim Brotherhood regime, it only took Egyptians 2 years to realize Obama and his cronies must be removed from government – forcefully.

Note: We have given far more than $1.5 BILLION.
We have given the Morsi government military tanks and F-16's.
We have sold our soul, as a nation, to support terrorist organizations.
We have given them the idea that Americans no longer can be trusted, as we 
condemn our true allies in support of ALL Islamic countries over true democracies.
the Egyptian citizens understand the true damage of "supporting" the
Muslim Brotherhood...Obama's choice.
No wonder they hold up signs that "Obama supports terrorism"
Too bad Congress doesn't have their eyes and ears open to this fact
remove him from Office, through Impeachment.
......Bee Sting

and now, the latest scenes direct from Egypt:

and here's the latest response from the Dictator and Sharia Law lover, Morsi:

Muslim Brotherhood vows vengeance: Opposition crossed 'Red Line'

and another response from Egypt's "forces"
Egypt forces arrest Brotherhood leader's guards: sources

Blood may run through the streets - freedom is never free, as our Founding Fathers taught America 237 years ago. The Egyptian citizens have spoken and they disagree with the terrorist organization of the MB (who hijacked the elections, after stating they would not be a candidate); one that lives by the sword and condones Sharia laws: i.e.  torture, beheadings, hangings, burnings, rock-throwing and honor killings.  

Egypt was once a modern day society.  Google the change in women's dress from the 1950's to today!  They have been forced to step backward thousands of years, in less than 50 years.

We have no idea if any Islamic country can shed the ideology of the Islamic 6th century teachings: however, for the sake of peace (and the liberty of the Egyptian people), we will continue to marvel and observe from a distance, at the Second Round of the Arab Spring.