Saturday, July 6, 2013

VIDEO: Mark Levin: Time For House Republicans "To Stop These Phony Repeal Votes

Published on Jul 4, 2013

Mark Levin: Time For House Republicans "To Stop These Phony Repeal Votes And Go To The Power Of The Purse"

MARK LEVIN: Well you know, here’s the problem Neil, the doctor is right. We have a complete breakdown of our Constitutional system. Neither house of Congress ever read this bill – not any member in Congress. You had one-party control at the time, for a short two-year period. It winds up in the Supreme Court, the vote’s 5-to-4, with Justice Roberts making the most outrageous claims in his decision.

So we have what is now an unconstitutional law imposed on the American people. 2700 pages, 20,000 pages of regulations affecting every single human being in this country. One sixth of the economy. None of these people read it, none of them understand it. We don’t understand it, the businesses that are supposed to implement it don’t understand it, but their accountants tell them: you’re going to have to lay people off, you’re going to have to drop them from full time to part time, you’re going to have to get rid of your health care plans altogether perhaps, these people are going to go on state exchanges, nobody knows what a state exchange is, this country is now in turmoil as a result of this, so what does Obama do? He says, let’s put it off a year to get more Democrats elected to the House of Representatives. 


MARK LEVIN: Here is what was coming, what was coming was tens of millions of people who don't pay attention of what is going on in politics in Washington. We're going to find their premiums dropped, or the price of their premiums going up, or dropped from health care, or dropped from full time jobs or fired altogether. Thrown into these state exchanges and not knowing where to go. 

This affects families and people and individuals and so forth. And then they were going to say, 'Who the hell now is my Congressman and my Senator, and who the hell did this?' Finally they're going to wake up because it affects them directly. It's not theoretical, it's not academic; it's reality. What happens after this? The Democrats are going to try and muscle through this, play rope-a-dope, and then after the mid-term election cycle they're going to continue to implement it because they do not want to turn back. This is what Alexis de Tocqueville called democratic despotism.

That's exactly what it is, it's despotism. And it's time for the Republicans in the House to stop these phony repeal votes and go to the power of the purse and do something to try and pull some money out of this system, out of this Obamacare system. (Your World with Neil Cavuto, July 3, 2013)