Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tyranny Reigns! Into an abyss ...

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Revolution is Duty of the People

Into an abyss . . . 

Is it just me or do you too see something wrong with a government originating and passing a law that authorizes the government to deprive the governed of their freedoms and liberties as set forth in the foundation document that limits the power of government? Furthermore, the government, in passing that law, uses it's perceived authority to create other laws to further deny the citizens their rights by setting one branch of the government up as the over watch organization to closely observe the government's secret activities under that law and also establishes a "special secret court" which thence does the government's bidding and rules on those secret activities thereby bestowing some sense of legality to the government's efforts and activities. 

I know . . . that's a little hard to get you arms around! Go back a slowly read that again.

Then . . . when a civilian contractor employee of a company that is actively engaged in the secret conduct of activity that would only 15 years prior be considered egregiously illegal and in violation of Constitutional protections against the government's denying or violating the freedoms and liberties of totally innocent law abiding citizens exposes the secret government activities . . . the government declares him a traitor and a treasonous cur.

Then . . . when the people learn that the government has set up a secret court (identities and locations of members are unknown) to adjudicate in secret what is legal or not legal with respect to what the government can do in violating the privacy rights of over 100 million innocent law-abiding citizens in order to look for incriminating information on terrorists and the people try to find out about what government has been doing and hiding behind the "veil of secrecy", the government refuses to provide information that would enable the people to determine and ascertain whether the government has in-fact been exceeding it's Constitutional authority.

What should be getting our attention is the simple fact that this government, which is so intent of gathering, sifting, saving and analyzing our phone activity and records, medical records, mail records and email activity, has absolutely no problem with blowing off our protestations by claiming legality as determined by a secret court, but seems to think it is important to "explain itself" to the European Union member countries who suddenly found out that this government has been secretly bugging and monitoring their private deliberations and activities too.

It now seems very reasonable to question the wisdom of the decisions made that resulted in what we now call the Patriot Act. The so-called National Defense Authorization Act and all that it portends is a real piece of work for sure. These have brought us to the point that our government has taken it upon itself to set up secret courts to authorize violations of our First, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights and liberties under the guise of keeping us safe and secure from terrorist attacks. Think about that one while you consider and try to imagine just what government's next step might bring.

This all really gives me reason for pause when I remember and consider the fact that Janet Napolitano and her organization, which is comprised of every federal law enforcement agency, the Department of Defense, and every federal intelligence gathering agency that exists considers me and every other veteran as serious potential terrorists!!! When I learned that I and all my fellow veterans were considered "serious potential terrorists", Janet Napolitano managed to permanently install herself on the same level that I hold Jane Fonda!

I think we should all be seriously reviewing and considering what has happened over the past few years; especially that period since 11 September 2001. This government seems bent on digging a hole from which "We the people . . . " may not be able to extricate ourselves. It seems to me that from that moment we elected Barack Hussein Obama, our nation has been in a decline comparable to having step off into an abyss.

From that moment when government turns upon it's own here-to-fore free people -
TYRANNY REIGNS! Daniel Vally, 2013

Note: posted to my FB - July 5, 2013