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London Beheader’s Imam: “When You Meet [Westerners], Slice their Own Necks.”

by Daniel Greenfield
May 24, 2013

london beheader at muslim rally

Scholars of Islam like Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson insisted that the gruesome murder of a British soldier by two Muslims shouting “Allah Akbar” and quoting the Koran had nothing to do with Islam.

However Imam Omar Bakri Muhammad, who influenced Mujaheed Adebowale, the London beheader, disagrees saying, “Under Islam this can be justified”, “I saw the film and we could see that he [the suspect] was being very courageous” and “To people around here [in the Middle East] he is a hero for what he has done.”
Nothing is more courageous and heroic than two men running down one man in a car and then cutting him up while screaming praises to Allah.
What are Imam Omar Bakri Muhammad’s qualifications as an Islamic scholar? Aside from being a former member of that notoriously moderate Islamist organization; the Muslim Brotherhood?
From the age of five he was enrolled in the al-Kutaab Islamic boarding schools (a primary school teaching children how to recite and keep Quran by heart) where he studied the Qur’anic Sciences, Hadith (the sayings of the Prophet of Islam and his Companions), Fiqh (Islamic Religious Philosophy), and Seerah.
Later, Bakri joined the Shari’ah Institute at Damascus University where he then studied Fiqh and Shari’ah. When he completed his studies, obtaining a BA in Shari’ah and Usul al-Fiqh. Bakri obtained his MA in Fiqh ul-Madhaahib from the Imaam Uzaie University, Lebanon.
He studied at Al-Azhar University for six months and then moved to Saudi Arabia, where he joined the Madrassah Al-Saltiyyah studying and completing a Diploma in Jami’ Al-Qur’an. At this time he also completed a thesis entitled, ‘Nizaam al-Khilafahfil Islaam’.
Offhand, I would say Bakri’s qualifications as a scholar of Islam top those of Boris Johnson and David Cameron. And he has some scholastic views on killing infidels derived from one of those many degrees in how to kill infidels the Islamic way.
A radical Islamist cleric banned from Britain has been secretly recorded in a series of rants in which he calls on Muslims to behead their enemies and kidnap Westerners.
 Investigators have discovered that Bakri encouraged a kidnapping terrorist act just months before he was banned from the UK last year. On another occasion, he specifically mentioned capturing a British Muslim serving in the Army.
Bakri, who has frequently suggested that “the enemy” are Westerners, particularly Americans and the British, says: “When you meet the enemy, slice their own necks. And when you make the blood spill all over, and the enemy becomes so tired, now start to take from them prisoners. Then free them or exchange them until the war is finished.
“Verily they remind the sunnah (actions/sayings of the prophet Mohammed) of removing the head of the enemy. They remind the sunnah of slaughtering the enemy. They remind the sunnah of how to strike the neck of the enemy. We saw him in his brother’s house. They removed the head of the enemy\u2026 Use the sword and remove the head of the enemy.”
In a separate rallying call over the internet last summer, Bakri encouraged terrorists to kidnap a soldier serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. “I hope they capture British Muslims who are in the Army over there,” he said.
Nine men were arrested on Wednesday as part of an alleged plot to kidnap a Muslim soldier, who was believed to have served in Afghanistan but who was back on home leave. The police think terrorists intended to torture and kill their victim before broadcasting their actions on the internet.
Which is nothing at all like what just happened in London. And what are Imam Omar Bakri Muhammad’s thoughts on the human life of non-Muslim civilians?
“We don’t make a distinction between civilians and non-civilians, innocents and non-innocents. Only between Muslims and unbelievers. And the life of an unbeliever has no value. It has no sanctity.”
Nothing to do with Islam. Not a bloody thing.
Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.

Bee's note:  
Yesterday, President Obama gave a very rambling speech about foreign policy, drones, and announced that the War on Terror is over; the United States is "not at war with Islam".  For a war to be over, both sides must be in agreement, and Islam's war against the West, Israel, and non-Muslim countries is not over!  Nor, is the persecution of Christians and Jews "over"!  Have you listened to the cries of the Coptic Christians in Egypt?!  Has anyone actually addressed this issue openly, or condemned it publicly?  How about the United Nations?  .... Listen - it's the sound of a pin dropping!  
I hate to keep harping on one subject, but if the War on Terror is over, why didn't the Islamic terrorists in Benghazi receive that message?  Why did two brothers, converts to Islam, set off two bombs in Boston?  Why did two men in London, slide and dice up a British soldier before beheading him?  It's what Muslims do best - murder, behead, bomb, and terrorize innocent people, while shouting Allah Akbar!  Praise to Allah, we've killed another infidel!  
Close the gates to the city!  Build your walls high against terrorists, by refusing "amnesty, refugee" status to the thousands of Muslims attempting to conquer every non-Islamic, civilized country in the world. There are at least 22 Arab/Muslim nations; there is no need for this onslaught of immigration invading nations that reject the culture of these uncivilized masses!  Refuse entry into our America until the Muslim world lays down their weapons and declares this "War on Terror" is over.  
This weekend America honors our veterans - all who fought, some who died, fighting wars so that we may remain free.  The troops are scattered throughout the world, on the front lines, still dying that we may live.  How strange that their Commander in Chief never mentioned them in his speech.  Instead, dismissing them with a wave of his hand, declaring the war on Islam is over.  That, dear sir, is not facing reality, or accepting responsibility for your own troops.

Obama’s (Missing) Time, As Americans Died In Benghazi

What/Who Was Occupying Obama’s (Missing) Time, As Americans Died In Benghazi?
Commentary By Adina Kutnicki
This blog has made no bones about the immoral and depraved behavior of the Commander-in-Chief, and in too many ways to enumerate. Book-worthy. Rest assured, bashing the POTUS has not been a high point of these pages, as it represents a nadir in the glorious history of a once great nation. Tragic.
Nevertheless, it is an “open secret” that he imbibes alcohol to the degree that he can be classified either as a full blown alcoholic or an alcohol abuser…six of one, half a dozen of another. And it’s a subject one can’t blow smoke in this direction, as recognizing the signs is “easy peasy” - In fact, more than a few pics online show the POTUS in a deeply inebriated state. Oh…that recognizable glassy stare…the more often than not liquor-held hand. Cringe-worthy. Deeply disturbing.
The Bamster is also known to enjoy his “blow”, even though he insists it’s a youthful drug dalliance long gone…but the scuttlebutt says otherwise, as he toked while a U.S. Senator too! And when one places the above in sharp relief next to his sexual dalliances, well, then it is “natural” for him to be “incapacitated”, more often than not. Nobody should think this is a whole lot of conspiracy-talk, you just need to go from point A to B and see what secrets shake out.
Besides, this is a man-child who is hedonist to his core, and his continued “down low” adventures are part of his innate lifestyle -
But it is not as if his preferences developed while POTUS. Far from it. His proclivities were known, even when a randy college kid, as was his drug use - is it any wonder that one or the other, or a combination of both, left him unable to perform his duties as Commander-in-Chief?

‘Shock! Obama Was ‘Incapacitated’ Due To ‘Staggering, inapt activities’ between the hours of 1800 and 2300 on the night of Benghazi… |’

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Subject: SHOCK: Obama was ‘incapacitated’ due to ‘staggering, inapt activities’ between the hours of 1800 and 2300 on the night of Benghazi… |
May 21, 2013
by J.R. Elliott
Two sources close to the inner circle of the Obama White House have communicated exclusively to RedFlag News that during the night of Benghazi, President Obama was ‘incapacitated’ due to ‘staggering, inapt activities’ between the hours of 1800 and 2300.
In light of the clear culture of intimidation by the Obama Administration, our sources are not in any position to come forward; however, they made clear that if the White House Press Corps and other journalist organizations would aggressively pursue all their ‘available contacts within the POTUS bubble’, the ‘most damaging story in American presidential history’ will advance from those higher up who are itching to blow the whistle.
When the average “Joe Blow” indulges in too many highs or otherwise risky monkey business, the result is generally a busted up relationship, possibly some jail time or a stint in rehab. While the wreckage is personally (and familial-wise) devastating, its effects are not of national – and dare this blog suggest – or global import.
And this blog addressed the “absentee” issue from the following perspective almost a week ago - Moving right along…nothing to see here…oh yeah…
In this regard, inquiring minds not only want, but demand to know…

‘CIC Obama MIA records will provide critical answers’

“I just want to know what the answer is.” - Chris Wallace, May 19, 2013
By Douglas J. Hagmann - Northeast Intelligence Network
23 May 2013: Subsequent to a meeting with my primary source inside the intelligence community last week, an individual I refer to as  my “intelligence insider,”  I wrote a column titledThe Benghazi deception. Published on Thursday, May 16, 2013, it concerned Barack Hussein Obama’s location and activities on the night of the Benghazi attack when four Americans were murdered during a preplanned attack against a CIA operations compound. My source was extremely emphatic about this particular issue, stating that the Obama administration will never provide a truthful or detailed answer to this question.
“Why,” I asked, “I mean, what could possibly be so damning about his location and activities during the 18 1/2 hour period in question? He was in the White House, correct?” It was here that there was a long, uncomfortable pause as I waited for my answer.
“The White House is a pretty big place, you know,” stated my source in such a way that made it seem that I thought it to be a small, single family home. “I’m telling you, ‘somebody’ in the press will be asking that question and won’t get an answer,” he stated very emphatically. “Just ask the question,” he said, leaving me to wonder momentarily if I was to ask him. “Write about it, and ask the question. Exactly where was Barack Hussein Obama following his 5:00 meeting in the Oval Office until the next day? Where wasn’t he? It’s almost as if the Wizard of Oz himself waved his magic wand to divert attention away from those lost hours. Nobody is asking the question,” he said to me, almost in a scolding manner.
And so I did. I asked the question, using his exact words in my article published last Thursday. What happened within the next 72 hours should also speak to the authenticity of my source.
Sunday, May 19, 2013
It was exactly three days after my article was published when Fox News Sunday host  Chris Wallace asked Daniel Pfeiffer, Assistant to the President of the United States and Senior Adviser to the President for Strategy and Communications the question about Obama’s activities that night. During the approximate five-minute question and answer session, Mr. Wallace asked Pfeiffer no fewer than eight times where Obama was and what he was doing as events in Benghazi were unfolding.
The following portion of the exchange was excerpted directly from the show video transcriptand illustrates the attempts by Mr. Wallace to get a single, straightforward answer to one simple question (edited for brevity; highlights by this author):
WALLACE: OK. Let’s turn to Benghazi… Question, what did the president do the rest of that night to pursue Benghazi?
WALLACE: But with due respect, you didn’t answer my question. What did the president do that night?
PFEIFFER: He was talking to his national security staff, his National Security Council, the people who keep him up to date about briefings as they happen.
WALLACE: Was he in the Situation Room?
PFEIFFER: He was kept up to date throughout the day.
WALLACE: Do you not know whether he was in the Situation Room?
PFEIFFER: I don’t remember what room the president was in on that night. And that’s a largely irrelevant fact.
WALLACE: Here’s the point, though. The ambassador goes missing, ends up the first ambassador in more than 30 years is killed. Four Americans, including the ambassador, are killed. Dozens of Americans are in jeopardy. The president at 4:00 in the afternoon says to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs to deploy forces. No forces are deployed. Where is he while all this is going on?
PFEIFFER: This has been testified to by the –
WALLACE: Well, no. No one knows where he was, or how he was involved, or who told him there were no forces –
WALLACE: I just want to know what the answer is.
PFEIFFER: The assertions from Republicans here that somehow the president allowed this to happen or didn’t take action is offensive. It is absolutely an offensive premise. And there’s no evidence to support it.
WALLACE: We are just – I’m simply asking a question. Where was he? What did he do? How did he respond? Who told him that you can’t deploy forces, and what was his response to that?
As illustrated by the transcript, Obama’s assistant and communications advisor refused to answer a simple question.
The question stands unanswered: Where was Barack Hussein Obama, who was he with an exactly what was he doing during the 18 1/2 hours when, as Commander-in-Chief, he was Missing in Action (MIA)?
If Obama has nothing to hide, then produce the White House logs, the visitor logs, the related NSC correspondence, and all documents related to his location and activities during this most critical time period in recent American history.
As I wrote in my original article, “[E]xpose that nugget and I suspect the findings will be far more damaging, far more troubling, and exceedingly more alarming than anyone has begun to imagine. It is this mystical missing period of time where many clues exist.
Thus, when the question of his “missing minutes” is finally resolved, answering,“Where Was Obama”? (akin to “Where Is Waldo”), the truth will be so repulsively stunning that he will finally become unmasked – He will be remembered as the most craven POTUS in U.S. history, and that will be his legacy! And America’s eternal shame/stain.    

Adina Kutnicki

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Analysis - Barack Obama: learn to live with terror

Barack Obama didn’t land on an aircraft carrier and declare “mission accomplished”, but in its own way his speech on the future conduct of the War on Terror was just as significant as George W Bush’s premature declaration of victory in 2003 – and, Mr Obama will hope, far more enduring.

Analysis - Barack Obama: learn to live with terror
Essentially Mr Obama declared the last vestiges of the War on Terror to be ‘over’ Photo: AFP

9:44PM BST 23 May 2013

Essentially Mr Obama declared the last vestiges of the War on Terror to be ‘over’.

Notwithstanding the murder of the US ambassador to Libya in Benghazi last year, the Boston marathon bombings last month and Wednesday’s horrific ‘lone wolf’ attack on a British soldier in London, Mr Obama would like us to see those attacks in a qualitatively different light.

Quoting James Madison’s observation that “No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare”, Mr Obama asked the American people to re-categorize these attacks not as part of a continuum from 9/11, but as the death throes of an already degraded al-Qaeda.

“We must define the nature and scope of this struggle, or else it will define us,” warned Mr Obama who – putting his money where his mouth is – said he will talk to Congress about amending Authorisation to Use Military Force granted immediately after 9/11.

Implicit in all this is Mr Obama’s case that the war in Afghanistan - and the subsequent drone campaign he has overseen - has degraded the al-Qaeda threat to the point where it was in the 1980s and early 1990s where there were terrorist incidents, but of a manageable magnitude.

Bee's note:

Once the Gitmo prisoners are released and sent home to Yemen, I can bet my hat that America will not have heard the last of these Islamic terrorists.  For the president of the "free" world to announce to the world that the War on Terror is over, is not only foolish, but quite dangerous.  I am sure our Ambassador and Navy Seals did not think the War on Terror was "over" last September 11th and most of us here today would agree - ....... 

Obama’s Great Triumphs in Middle East Peace So Far

May 23, 2013 By 

obama arafat

Every time Obama gives a speech about foreign policy, he inserts some obligatory mention of how he wants to negotiate peace between Israel and the “Palestinian” people. And how that will create stability in the region.

The latter is a Saudi line that the parrots of the West have been taught to repeat back until they confuse it with reality. But let’s look at much Obama has done along those lines in Term 2.
Obama made a splashy trip to Israel. The only thing of substance that came out of that trip was to force Israel to apologize to Turkey. The apology did not actually repair relations, but the apology agreement gave Turkey more influence over Gaza. And Turkey’s Islamist regime is a strong supporter of Hamas.
These are signs that the Hamas regime in Gaza is stepping up efforts to create active cells in the Fatah-ruled West Bank.
Hamas’s West Bank terrorism infrastructure has not recovered after being devastated by waves of Israeli counter-terror operations launched a decade ago, and the organization’s leadership would like to change that.
Last year, Israeli President Shimon Peres named Turkey as a sponsor of Hamas terrorism, saying that Ankara was sending hundreds of millions of dollars. Qatar in recent months gave Hamas $400 million for public works in Gaza. With no independent oversight, it is impossible to know how much of that cash might be siphoned off to terrorism. Gaza received a total of $1 billion in international aid in 2012, according to defense sources.
So we now have a Hamas upsurge thanks to Obama’s meddling. And that’s not all. Fatah’s best bet for the future was using Prime Minister Salam Fayyad as a shield. But Obama’s warm embrace of President Abbas emboldened him to push out Fayyad. Kerry’s attempt to keep Fayyad in place only forced him out.
What Obama’s visit really accomplished was to force out Fayyad and embolden Hamas making even the prospect of negotiations that much more impossible.
Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.

Obama truly does not get it

 ..... and is apparently having a Psychotic breakdown

President Barack Obama speaks on Thursday, May 23, 2013 at the National Defense College. (photo credit: image capture from YouTube video uploaded by Sameolsong90)
President Barack Obama speaks on Thursday, May 23, 2013 at the National Defense College. (photo credit: image capture from YouTube video uploaded by Sameolsong90)


Obama: Israeli-Palestinian peace part of counterterror strategy
WASHINGTON (JTA) Obama said the United States was trying to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in part because it could help “reshape attitudes” that foster extremism. In a speech about terrorism delivered Thursday at the National Defense University in Washington, Obama described what he said were a number of “underlying grievances” that “feed extremism.” 


Read:  THE TIMES OF ISRAEL  - May 24, 2013

Tommy Robinson (EDL) speaks about Woolwich terrorist attack - VIDEO

Bee Sting's note:  Before you listen to Tommy's interview (video below) I want to share with you a comment made to me about the video and my response:

  • JF:  EDL is no different than a Nazi group....not the best group example to use. they employ violence themselves 

  • Bee's response:
    Your entitled to your opinion.  However, Tommy Robinson is correct - the UK government has ignored the problem of Islam and is no better than Obama opening the flood gates of immigration, under the false flag of "refugees" without first screening these immigrants; and as the population grows, so does the violence. He is also correct when he says, "Everyone is so afraid to say "Muslim" and let's not offend Muslims (another way of saying "political correctness") - which is killing us, just like the Boston Bombers killed and wounded many, under the name "Islam". How many are talking about the Boston Marathon murders today?! Not many - sweep it under the rug and it will go away? Yeah, right!

    Tommy Robinson says "NAME THE ENEMY"! Obama gave a speech today and said, "We're not at war with Islam". Tell that to the Muslims!  We are and have been for over 12 years, because ISLAM IS AT WAR WITH THE WORLD. 

    Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 11.30.42 AMBREAKING: MUSLIM RIOTERS STORM SWEDEN, TORCH ANYTHING IN SIGHT!  Sweden, Egypt, Libya, Benghazi, Yeman, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan - Islam fighting Islam; Islam fighting American and British troops and the list of countries are endless, including the most recent attack by Muslims in Boston, Massachusetts.
    Where's the "tolerance" this administration demands of American citizens?  It is down the toilet, along with the persecution of Christians throughout the world by Islam!  Ask the Ft. Hood survivors where their "tolerance" is when a Muslim Officer murders 14 of our troops and wounds over 30.  Ask the families of our Benghazi diplomats and Navy seals, murdered by Islamic terrorists - where's their "tolerance"?!

    The Muslim's ideology is no different than the Nazis - kill all the Jews and while we're at it, let's kill all the Christians, the Hindus, and anyone else who isn't Muslim. There are your Nazis - the identical, hateful ideology.  As many say today, "Everything I wanted to know about Islam, I learned on 9/11".  Twelve years later, nothing has changed in this world as far as the Muslims are concerned; 99% of all terrorism and wars evolve around Islamic terrorism, thanks to their 6th century teachings of hatred.

Tommy Robinson (EDL) speaks about Woolwich terrorist attack and the English Defence League response

The Pride of Britain...Riggers, little Drummer Boy...It really brings it all home to you when you can attach a name and a face to the horror..
A loving father, an Afghan hero and a fine soldier: Face of 'Riggers' the innocent drummer, 25, 'butchered in street by Muslim fanatics'

Issa to force Lerner to testify after she bungled taking the Fifth

May 23, 2013 by 

Photo credit

Lois Lerner wanted to have her cake and eat it too at Wednesday morning’s House Oversight Committee hearing. As a result, she’ll be able to do neither.

Lerner, the IRS unit chief overseeing tax-exempt applications, advised the committee, through her counsel, that instead of testifying, she would be claiming her Fifth Amendment privileges against self-incrimination. Everything was scripted and choreographed. All she had to do was to appear and state, “I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may tend to incriminate me,” in reply to each question submitted by the committee members.
But Lerner went off-script.
She instead began with what she referred to as an “opening statement denying any wrongdoing and professing pride in her government service,” according to Politico.
Politico’s Rachael Bade reported:
“I have not done anything wrong,” said Lerner, who triggered the IRS scandal on May 10 by acknowledging that the agency had singled out conservative groups applying for tax exemptions. “I have not broken any laws. I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations, and I have not provided false information to this or any other committee.”
Although opening statements aren’t normally considered evidence, there was nothing normal about these circumstances.
An opening statement outlines what the person intends to prove. The problem was, she didn’t intend to prove anything — she was going to take the Fifth. So if it wasn’t an opening statement, there’s only one thing it could have been — testimony. Oh, oh.
She had, by so doing, opened the door to questioning wide enough that committee chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., is planning to invite her back for another go-around.
“When I asked her her questions from the very beginning, I did so so she could assert her rights prior to any statement,” Issa told Politico. “She chose not to do so — so she waived.”
Once she began testifying, it was and is totally within the purview of the committee members to cross-examine her on those matters to which she herself testified. And if she stubbornly refuses to answer next time, she can be held in contempt of Congress.
Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz succinctly outlines the law with respect to waiving one’s Fifth Amendment privileges in the following clip.

London Beheader: “He Was Just a Completely Normal Guy. He Was Interested in Islam, in Memorising the Koran.”

by Daniel Greenfield
May 23, 2013

That’s how Anjem Choudary described Michael Adebolajo, a Nigerian Muslim convert, who, along with another Muslim collaborator, murdered a British soldier in broad daylight in London.

And we all saw some Koranic memorization skills on the video yesterday. Maybe it might be time to wake up and realize that being interested in Islam and memorizing the Koran are not completely normal. They are the equivalent of building a deep basement and filling it with butcher knives and maps to local homes.
Michael Adebolajo was a member of Choudary’s Al Muhajiroun, an Islamist group founded in Saudi Arabia to impose Islamic law. Member of Al Muhajiroun have been, predictably, linked to terrorism before.
Anjem Choudary has repeatedly targeted soldiers in vicious protests by his current group Islam4UK. While EDL members were locked up for simply showing up, Muslim protesters were allowed to shout “British Soldiers Go To Hell” at returning soldiers.
Yesterday they did more than just shout.
Like so many killers, Michael Adebolajo was a convert to Islam. Converts are notoriously useful because they are easier to brainwash and use as human weapons. The spread of Islam is the sowing of dragon’s teeth. What happened in London is another reminder of that.
Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.

Woolwich machete attack: muslim hacker cited the Koran