Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tommy Robinson (EDL) speaks about Woolwich terrorist attack - VIDEO

Bee Sting's note:  Before you listen to Tommy's interview (video below) I want to share with you a comment made to me about the video and my response:

  • JF:  EDL is no different than a Nazi group....not the best group example to use. they employ violence themselves 

  • Bee's response:
    Your entitled to your opinion.  However, Tommy Robinson is correct - the UK government has ignored the problem of Islam and is no better than Obama opening the flood gates of immigration, under the false flag of "refugees" without first screening these immigrants; and as the population grows, so does the violence. He is also correct when he says, "Everyone is so afraid to say "Muslim" and let's not offend Muslims (another way of saying "political correctness") - which is killing us, just like the Boston Bombers killed and wounded many, under the name "Islam". How many are talking about the Boston Marathon murders today?! Not many - sweep it under the rug and it will go away? Yeah, right!

    Tommy Robinson says "NAME THE ENEMY"! Obama gave a speech today and said, "We're not at war with Islam". Tell that to the Muslims!  We are and have been for over 12 years, because ISLAM IS AT WAR WITH THE WORLD. 

    Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 11.30.42 AMBREAKING: MUSLIM RIOTERS STORM SWEDEN, TORCH ANYTHING IN SIGHT!  Sweden, Egypt, Libya, Benghazi, Yeman, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan - Islam fighting Islam; Islam fighting American and British troops and the list of countries are endless, including the most recent attack by Muslims in Boston, Massachusetts.
    Where's the "tolerance" this administration demands of American citizens?  It is down the toilet, along with the persecution of Christians throughout the world by Islam!  Ask the Ft. Hood survivors where their "tolerance" is when a Muslim Officer murders 14 of our troops and wounds over 30.  Ask the families of our Benghazi diplomats and Navy seals, murdered by Islamic terrorists - where's their "tolerance"?!

    The Muslim's ideology is no different than the Nazis - kill all the Jews and while we're at it, let's kill all the Christians, the Hindus, and anyone else who isn't Muslim. There are your Nazis - the identical, hateful ideology.  As many say today, "Everything I wanted to know about Islam, I learned on 9/11".  Twelve years later, nothing has changed in this world as far as the Muslims are concerned; 99% of all terrorism and wars evolve around Islamic terrorism, thanks to their 6th century teachings of hatred.

Tommy Robinson (EDL) speaks about Woolwich terrorist attack and the English Defence League response

The Pride of Britain...Riggers, little Drummer Boy...It really brings it all home to you when you can attach a name and a face to the horror..
A loving father, an Afghan hero and a fine soldier: Face of 'Riggers' the innocent drummer, 25, 'butchered in street by Muslim fanatics'