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U.S. Aid to Egypt and those F-16's "on order" ....

Egypt Endeavors to Enhance F-16 Engines

Bee's Note:  The report posted by JCPA, dated "October 23, 2012" - just a few weeks ago.  In that report, Egypt mentions looking forward to the USA's shipment of F-16's and states that the acquisition is part of a pan to "raise the competence of the Egyptian army". As an American, listening today to Egypt's condemnation of Israel's right to defend herself against Hamas terrorist, would anyone in Washington, DC - Congress, like to put a hold on sharing our weapons and planes with the Muslim Brotherhood?!  Anyone?  Someone?  

Here is another report from THE NEW YORK TIMES,printed on March 23, 2012: 

Once Imperiled, U.S. Aid to Egypt Is Restored  - THE NEW YORK TIMES

An Israeli asks:
In June Egypt will war planes from the United States. Block 52 F-16.  Egypt's defense minister, "Prepare for war. a war may break out at any moment," and Israel asks herself here, "Egypt say - going to war? Against whom?

I ask, is the war instigated by Hamas, the pre-planned war Egypt was referring to, when it mentioned "a war could break out at any moment"?  

Our own Col. North stated on a Fox News interview within the last two days, that he believes the Muslims and Jihadist see America as "weak", since to-date we have not responded to the deaths of our men in Benghazi.  He also believes that because the Islamist terrorists see us as "weak", the uprisings and bombings against Americans will increase.  I must ask, has Hamas, backed by Iran and now, Egypt, the outcome of the al-Qaeda attack in Benghazi?  Just follow the dots ...

As a reminder of our "friends" in Egypt, here is our Embassy in Egypt, being stormed by Egyptians - you know, the Egyptians receiving 3.5 BILLION yearly from the U.S....NOTE THE BLACK JIHAD FLAG - Egypt so willing replaced as they tore down our flag. 

By the way, we saw this coming when Obama demanded Murbarak "step down" and the Muslim Brotherhood took over leadership in Egypt.  This comes as no surprise to anyone who understands the goals of Islam.


 AND NOW, AN ARTICLE BY JCPA about the USA sharing military F-16's with Egypt:



October 23, 2012

Egypt's defense minister, General Abdul Fattah Alsisi, called yesterday (Monday) to maintain combat skills of the armed forces of Egypt, "because that war could break out at any moment.When he visited maneuver live fire of the Egyptian air force, known as the "Majed 2012", in Wadi Alntron on the road desert connecting Egypt to Alexandria, the Minister emphasized that the forces and equipment have to be ready all the time to fight because that war could break out at any moment, without mention the cause against which a war may break - Network reported that "Al-Jazeera" (22:10).
Minister, the issue is also the title of "general commander of the armed forces," stressed the importance of continued training of the soldiers of the armed forces to maintain combat qualifications, and the importance of avoiding the stereotypical management maneuvers and arming knowledge.
Egyptian air force commander, General Younis Almsri, said side margins of maneuver that the Air Force will receive the first new shipment of aircraft Block 52 F-16 in June. This aircraft is one of the latest models of the F-16, and the acquisition was part of a plan to show overall command of the armed forces battle to raise the competence of the Egyptian army.
Almsri noted that in the operative maneuver live fire of the Air Force, "Majed 2012", has been used in more than 200 aircraft of various models in order to reach the level of professionalism and the highest level of performance of pilots maneuver, to fulfill the main goal of the Air Force, which is reflected in attacks on targets accurately and raising competence of a soldier fighting in use technical teams and technical competence of the aircraft. He added that the goal of the upcoming training program is training Lily performing maneuvers and operations, and said that future operations would not be a difference between day and night - Most operations are in progress, are held at night.
This report is published in the Egyptian newspaper also reports yesterday on the visit of President Mohammed Mursi, who is the supreme commander of the armed forces, on last Sunday (21:10) naval maneuvers 'victory Sea 45' on the deck of the frigate, Toski, the waters of Alexandria.

ISRAEL - "Deal with Hamas"!

IDF on border of Gaza
Drory Nadav - photo

Most of us have been watching the ground troops in Israel line up at the border of Gaza, awaiting orders.  The missiles from Gaza have not stopped, nor has the mouths of world leaders ceased from inserting their foot in their mouths, speaking great words of encouragement to the terrorist in Gaza, while attempting to stop Israel from defending its country and all her citizens.

Egypt is proving to be a fair-weathered friend of the United States (and Israel).  Perhaps it is past time to reconsider USA aid to those who wish to annihilate Israel and all Jews. It is time the world awoke to the constant hail following upon all Israel, including  Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  Palestinians live in those cities, so what we now KNOW is that the Palestinian Hamas terrorists do not care who they murder, even their own people must hide in shelters from the bombings!

And now, after Israel has been given the "green light" from Washington to "defend her nation" (with Congressional approval), it is reported from an Israeli today:
Obama pressuring Israel to deal with Hamas ..But Hamas continues to fire rockets ..So what's the point? Is the White House changing the position? We will continue to listen.
If I were PM Netanyahu, I would fax a message to Obama, saying:  "Thank you for your encouragement.  We are "dealing" with Hamas and soon, hopefully, there will no longer be Hamas terrorist living - in Gaza."

The world leaders supporting terrorism, while our own troops are fighting terrorism across the seas and not in our backyard, goes beyond hypocrisy!  It is foolishness.  As foolish as not recognizing terrorism in Benghazi, that murdered four Americans!  

The media in the West follows suit of this administration, by posting Palestinian propaganda.  See the videos to understand just a few of Hamas lies, promoted by the Main Stream Media and CNN's interview/interrogation of an Israeli representative:

Preparation a Tools
for allow entry, if the fire not be stop & continues.
photos (top and bottom) by Baron Eshed

Israel records all actions of the bombings and their response to the terrorist.  The first time the world noticed anything happening in Israel was the day Israel decided "enough is enough"!  Remarkable, wouldn't you agree, that human rights organizations and leaders around the world were silent while Hamas bombed Israel ; however, when Israel began to take action, the world screams its indignation - has this world gone mad?!


Report: Rockets Fired from Egypt Hit Israel

7:27 PM, NOV 16, 2012 • BY DANIEL HALPER

Two major Israeli newspapers are reporting that rockets fired from Egypt have hit Israel.
"Terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula launched rockets into Israel Friday night," reports the Jerusalem Post. "The rockets fell near an Israeli village on the southern border, causing some damage, but no injuries."
The Israeli daily Haaretz reports, "Rockets fired from direction of Egypt toward Eshkol Regional Council."
It appears no damage was reported in connection with the rocket fire from Egypt. Earlier today, the Egyptian prime minister visited Gaza to express solidarity with the Palestinians there.

Bee's note:
Well, there you go!  Here comes Egypt/Muslim Brotherhood, adding their two-cents in agreement with Hamas terrorist.
Would anyone in Washington like to tell Israel, again, to "DEAL WITH IT".....??!!  Oh, by the way, Egypt would like to thank Washington for the 3.5 BILLION DOLLARS we recently had approved as their yearly contribution from all of us U.S. taxpayers.

Mordechai Kedar: Abbas, ya Bahai, Get Lost!!


by Mordechai Kedar

Muhammad As’ad Bayoudh al-Tamimi is a Palestinian columnist living in Jordan. In the past he has often clearly expressed the opinions of the man on the Arab street. Following the interview that Muhammad Abbas gave to Channel 2, in which he gave up the right to return to live in Safed, Israel rejoiced that Abu Mazen had surrendered the "right of return" in the name of the Palestinian people. Abbas himself denied doing so afterward, but "the horse had escaped from the barn".

In response to the surrender of Mahmoud Abbas, al-Tamimi wrote the following article, entitled: "Abbas, get lost, Palestine belongs to us and we will only replace it with Paradise". The title lends itself to two short explanatory comments: 

1. The expression "Get lost" was the slogan that accompanied the "Arab Spring". It was the peoples' call to bin Ali in Tunisia, Mubarak in Egypt, Qadhaffi in Libya, Saleh in Yemen and Asad in Syria. What al-Tamimi hints at is that Abbas has no more legitimacy as a leader than did, and therefore his future will be like theirs.

2. Paradise in this context is death, meaning "Palestine or Death".
Below is the article (with my comments, M.K.)

The recent declarations of the person who is called "Abu Mazen" (whose real name is, M.K.) Mahmoud Rida Abbas Mirza, and is of Iranian origin, appeared on the 95th anniversary of the notorious Balfour Declaration, according to which "Great Britain" awarded Palestine - the blessed land (the name for Palestine based on the Qur'an, M.K.), our homeland, the land of Islam - to the Jews whose rights to the land don't even amount to the weight of a mustard seed. The declarations (of Abbas, M.K.) are a confirmation of the promise of Balfour and are a great betrayal on the part of anyone who claims to be a leader of the Palestinian people and its legitimate representative, and I don't know where he who is nicknamed "Abu Mazen" (a mocking reference, M.K.) got his legitimacy and who brought him to be a leader.
The Palestinian people know how this man with Iranian roots and Bahai faith (a religion that originates from Islam, M. K.) a Safavid (a member of an Iranian dynasty, M.K.) was brought in, to sit on the neck and the back of the Palestinian people, in order to fulfill the role of faithful watchdog, and the one who brought him is Sharon who used tanks to impose his leadership as prime minister of the virtual authority in order to usurp forcefully the authorities of Arafat, who refused to surrender the right of return and Jerusalem, just as he refused to come to a historical  agreement with the Jews. Therefore he (Sharon, M.K.) had no choice but to get rid of Arafat. Sharon began a war against the Palestinian people and invaded the West Bank in 2000, ruined the Muqata in Ramallah where Arafat was holed up, proclaimed Abu Mazen as prime minister and the spy Muhammad Dahlan as minister of the interior, and these things cleared the way for the physical elimination of Arafat after they eliminated him politically by the order of Sharon... and after these two served the role that Sharon assigned to them, a disagreement broke out between them about who would inherit the leadership, and Abu Mazen won with the support of the Jews, which he got because of his ideological closeness to them.
This is why he fulfilled  the task that was imposed upon him with complete faithfulness, since this mission is to oppress the Palestinian people, to tyrannize it and to humiliate it in the name of the thieving entity (a name for Israel, M.K.), because the Jewish entity, ever since its inception, has never enjoyed as much peace and tranquility as it does now, in the time of Mahmoud Rida Abbas Mirza, which proves how much he hates the Palestinian people, and how faithful he is to the Jews. Whether there is a reason for it or not, he always emphasizes his faithfulness to them by requesting friendship with them, flattering them, satisfying their desires and submitting to them. He again says with the deepest disgrace, humiliation, sordidness and weakness, that we have no choice but to surrender and enter into negotiations on the terms of the surrender.
He enraged the Palestinians with his declaration, whether they live in Palestine or in the diaspora, because he said that he does not want to return to Safed; he has no permission to return to it and to live in it because Palestine is only within the borders of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, forever.
But he is not Palestinian at all and he is not from Safed, because he is of Iranian origins, from the city of Bandar Khamir, the city that his grandfather - the founder of the Bahai religion, Rida ‘Ullah Mirza – left to come to Palestine in the year 1882. Can a Palestinian - even if he is a traitor - say that I have no right to live in my homeland if I return to it?
In the interview he also said that he will not allow another intifada to break out against the Jewish entity or to use weapons against it as long as he sits in his chair. When he said this he pointed to the chair on which he was sitting, but this is not a chair, but rather a khazuk (a knife that is stuck in his flesh, M.K.). He also emphasized that he will take only diplomatic and political steps in order to cope with the thieving Jews. And in the past he has announced that Israel will remain forever.
What kind of leader is this?!?!?! Can anything be better than this for the Jews?? He is faithful to them, believes in their entity and surrenders Palestine to them for free with the height of generosity, as if it is his private property that he inherited from his father the Bahai, Rida Abbas Mirza. If he had the conscience of the tortured, oppressed Palestinian people, who have the legitimate and historical rights to Palestine, if he was really a Palestinian from Safed, if he was a Muslim, he would not have been able emotionally to make these declarations, even as a political ploy...
O Mahmoud Mirza, Palestine does not belong to you, nor to your father or grandfather, you are not from Palestine and you do not belong to the religion of its owners and therefore you cannot give it away to the Jews as a gift as your previous master, the foreign minister of Britain, Balfour, did in 1917, when he gave what was not his to those who have no right even to the size of a seed of the land of Palestine.
O, Abbas Mirza, Palestine belongs to us, the Muslims, who declare the unity of the Master of the universe, because we inherited it from our fathers and grandfathers even before there were Muslims... Allah stated in several passages of the Qur'an that no one will surrender it in the future because he - Who knows all hidden things - knew that the Islamic nation will undergo a dangerous phase of great weakness and a terrible void regarding both leadership and politics as it has been since the fall of the Ottoman state, the last Islamic state, and as a result of this, Jews will rule over Palestine and people such as you will steal into the nation in order to dismantle it and surrender it to the Jews.
O, Mahmoud Rida Abbas Mirza, Palestine is the property of the grandchildren of the companions of the prophet Muhammad who conquered it; it belongs to Umar bin al-Khattab (the second caliph who conquered Palestine in 637, M.K.)... It is Islam that liberated Palestine from the Byzantines, and Islam rescued it from the Tatars and the Mongols, and liberated it from the Jews, because the faithful, righteous, Muslims who wage jihad for Allah are the ones who liberated it from you and from the Jews. Behold, they are coming, so don't rejoice, you and your masters, the Jews.
Now a dark period reigns because of a summer cloud that soon will dissipate. The Jews, and you are one of them, know the truth, that they have not taken Palestine from the Palestinian people because of their heroism and courage but rather because of an international plot of many participants, a plot with many resources at its disposal in the leadership of Great Britain and because of the betrayal of the Arab countries at the historical moment when the nation was in its weakest state.
O Mahmoud Abbas Mirza, behold the nation which has begun to heal, to awaken and to stand on its feet. Do not be fooled by the temporary quiet of the Palestinian people because this is the calm before the storm of rage and a frenzied volcano.  For these hundred years this people has been in a state of struggle with the entity that is alien to blessed Palestine, it has not surrendered and has not raised the white flag. However much you and your Jewish masters oppress us, the Palestinian people will not surrender, will not wave the white flag, and will not cease to struggle except after this entity will be eliminated from reality and after our holy land will be cleansed from its corruption.
Palestine belongs to us from Rosh Hanikra in the north to Umm al-Rashrash (Eilat, M.K.) in the south, from the Jordan River in the East to the Mediterranean Sea in the West. We will return to her one day and if Allah wills, that day will be soon. We will burst upon the land from the four corners of the heavens and we will conquer it while praising and exalting Allah, just as we entered her the first time under the command of Umar bin al-Khattab... and we will liberate her like Salah-a-din al-Ayubi liberated her from the crusaders (towards the end of the 12th century, M.K.)...
We say to you, O Mirza, "No", a thousand million times: "No", the Jewish entity will not remain in our land, in the blessed land of Islam, and it is walking toward oblivion despite your anger, the anger of the Jews, the anger of the East, the anger of the West and the anger of all the traitors. The day will come when the call for the prayer of victory will be sounded from the minarets of the mosque of al-Jazzar in Acre, the mosque of Hasan Beck in Jaffa, the mosque of al-Istqlal in Haifa, the great mosque of Safed, and the other mosques of Safed: the red mosque, the mosque of al-Saraya and the mosque of al-Yunsi. This eternal call will join the call of the prophet Muhammad and his companions in the victorious battles of Badr (623 CE), in Yarmouk (636), in al-Qadasiya (635), in Hattin (1187) and in Constantinople (1453).
O Abbas Mirza, this entity is a totally alien body in the region, ideologically, philosophically and culturally just like you are, and the Palestinian people and all Muslims will continue forever to refuse to accept it just like they refuse to accept you and they will vomit it out just as they will vomit you out until you will be totally lost like the alien crusader entity was thrown out after two hundred years by the believers in the unity of the Master of the world. This is what our Master promised us, and you are headed for the trash heap of history.
We say to you, O Mahmoud Rida Abbas Mizra, "Abu Mazen": who are you to surrender the blessed land of Palestine, and if you wish to surrender the blessed land of Palestine, the land of Islam, you must collect the signatures of all the Muslims, the living as well as the dead, since Islam came to the world, because Palestine belongs to all of the Muslims, the living and the dead, for these 1400 years. It is not your private property so you cannot give it to your Jewish lovers and masters, while totally debasing the Palestinian people and all of the Muslims.
Go, Abbas, and leave us, because Palestine, from the river to the sea is ours, go and leave us because we will not exchange Palestine except for Paradise, we do not want to surrender our homeland, we return to it, O Palestine, from every state and land, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar and may Allah be praised.
This concludes the main content of al-Tamimi's words. It is important to note several points regarding this article:

1. As of the writing of these lines, the article is in more than twenty two thousand Internet sites, which reflects the popularity of the content.

2. The article does not mention "Israel" and "Zionists", but rather only "the Jews", which emphasizes the religious aspect of the conflict with Israel. The writer does not differentiate between Jews who live in Israel and those who live in any other place in the world.

3. Al-Tamimi's claim that Mahmoud Abbas is not an Arab but of Iranian origin and is not Muslim but Bahai and therefore a heretic to Islam is not new. His supporters refute this very energetically, and his detractors bring it up every time he says or does something they don't agree with. This claim is intended to undermine the legitimacy of Abbas to rule or to surrender what they see as their historical inheritance, which they received from Him who dwells on high.

4. The attitude that is expressed in this article must be made clear to all those who think that the conflict between Israel and her neighbors is territorial, national or political, because the basis for this conflict is religious, between the Muslims and the Jews, between what Muslims see as "Din al-Haq" - the religion of truth which is Islam, and what they call "din al-Batal" - a religion of falsehood, which is Judaism. Incidentally, Christianity is also a religion of falsehood according to their point of view.

Whoever ignores the religious basis of the conflict misses the root of the problem and therefore will not be able to arrive at the correct solution.

The solution to the problem that Islam has with Judaism is by means of a mechanism of "temporary peace" that Islam can give to an illegitimate but strong state which it cannot defeat, a temporary peace that can survive forever, as long as this state is strong and invincible.

Only religious people can arrive at a religious solution to the conflict between Israel and her neighbors, because only they have the legitimacy to cope with religious arguments like those of al-Tamimi. Only religious Muslims have the authority to decide when "al-Masalha" - the overall interest - obligates the Muslims to come to an agreement with invincible infidels. This is no simple matter, but possible, and throughout the history of Islam there have been not a few instances when those with religious authority have reluctantly found creative solutions to religious-based issues. The conflict between Israel and the Islamic world is no different in its basic character from other instances.

Because of people like Tamimi and the tens of thousands who have similar attitudes, Israel must continually be perceived as an invincible state. Only thus will she win a peace, temporary but unlimited in time, which will win the seal of approval from the religious people of Islam.


Dr. Kedar is available for lectures

Dr. Mordechai Kedar
 ( is an Israeli scholar of Arabic and Islam, a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University and the director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam (under formation), Bar Ilan University, Israel. He specializes in Islamic ideology and movements, the political discourse of Arab countries, the Arabic mass media, and the Syrian domestic arena.

Translated from Hebrew by Sally Zahav with the permission of the author.

Links to Dr. Kedar's recent articles on this blog:

Source: The article is published in the framework of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam (under formation), Bar Ilan University, Israel. Also published in Makor Rishon, a Hebrew weekly newspaper.

 - Original materials copyright (c) by the authors.

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Video: Prayers for Israel

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Friday, November 16, 2012

Today, November 16th, is a reminder to me that on this date many years ago, my beloved husband and I were married.  It would have been our 49th Wedding Anniversary.  As many of my readers know, my husband died August 24, 2010 after a brief illness.  However, his blessed memory remains within the hearts of all who loved him.  

Now, before reporting on the 3rd day of the Hamas-Israel conflict, known as the "Pillar of Defense" - or, "The Pillar of the Cloud", I would like to share a song/prayer - Ana Bkoach, a song asking G-d to listen to our prayer and save us. A close Israeli friend sent it to me during the Cast Lead war.  

and this is the version my friend first introduced me to:

After playing this most beautiful prayer, no words can be added to send comfort and encouragement to our friends living in Israel.  No comforting words can I share, to tell all Israel how deeply saddened we, who love her, are as we watch and hear the sirens warning of yet another missile sent into the cities of Israel - from its southern borders and now, into Jerusalem (this morning).  We mourn the deaths of the Israeli's killed during yesterday's bombings from Gaza, and we pray for the young infant seriously injured.  We reject the propaganda of Hamas terrorists and also, the Egyptians message this morning that blames Israel for a conflict that began in Gaza, from the Hamas terrorists.  We ask the G-d of Israel to cover all His people and  protect all from the goals of Israel's enemies.  We do "stand with you", dearest friend and ally, and we shall continue to report the events as seen through the eyes and ears of Israel.  May the heavens hear our sincere prayer for peace for Israel.

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A Root Canal in Gaza by Dr. Reuven Berko



by Dr. Reuven Berko

The Gaza Strip disengagement and the subsequent rocket fire at Israel can be allegorized by the tale of the patient who, after a minutes-long root canal procedure, was surprised to hear the treatment was so expensive. 

"You paid a lot because the procedure was quick, it could have taken two hours," the dentist explained.

Because Israelis in the country's south are already suffering from Hamas rocket attacks, it's appropriate to properly utilize their ongoing pain, the result of the "root canal" (the disengagement), and inflict great pain on the other side. As the Arab proverb goes: "A wet man doesn't fear the rain."

The solution is to cause insufferable and disproportionate damage to Hamas' assets and resources, while paying no heed to its conditions or messages. The idea is Pavlovian in nature: When things are hellish for us, we will dispatch many of yours up to "heaven."

Hamas has defined Israelis as strategic targets to be killed. Its goal is to create an Islamist state on Israel's ruins. The Jews are allowed to be discussed in a singular context — their destruction or their retreat to "the west" of here, to the sea. Any nuance or deviation from this religious belief is simply heresy. 

Hamas is conveniently conducting a two-faced policy intended to deceive. On one hand, it is trying to appear like a legitimate regime with governmental responsibility for its population, while winking to the West (some parts of which refuse to denounce it as a terrorist group) and presenting itself as a humanitarian government authority in legitimate competition with the Palestinian Authority. 

At the same time, Hamas is involved in running a club for terrorists, and it has many members. It can't allow itself to lag behind the other Islamist terrorist organizations — most of which are Hamas' subordinates — in their efforts against Israel.

These subordinate groups are fighting Israel as "frontline" units commanded by Hamas in order to maintain the murderous organization's image of legitimacy. This method allows it to compete for popularity among the Palestinians, collect donations, garner flotillas of support, visits and diplomatic aid (from the Qatari emir, for example), and improve its relations with Egypt. 

With that, when these ephemeral terrorist groups join up to throw a large anti-Israel bash, Hamas comes out of the woodwork to take a declared part in the rocket fire. If it doesn't participate, it risks losing its appointment as "terror club manger."

It's a familiar trick: Hamas leaders remember how they used to make it possible for Yasser Arafat to play dumb with the West and Israel, by functioning as his "deputy contractors for terrorist operations." Hamas also remembers how it ultimately rebelled against the PLO and how the "tail wagged the dog." We must make use of Hamas' collective memory as a tool with which to mold consciousness. How? 

The Palestinian media has on more than one occasion revealed that despite its "bloodthirsty Islamic" image, Hamas is sensitive to preserving its resources. This mainly pertains to the heads of its leaders and its infrastructure, which projects normalcy and legitimacy. In actuality, Hamas is attentive to the painful messages of losing this infrastructure, terrorist operatives and other services it offers. 

Israel must not fall victim to the capriciousness of one Islamist group or another. It needs to bomb the Gaza Strip and cause unprecedented damage to operatives and infrastructure without exposing our troops on the ground. Gaza is a tale of Sisyphean conflict to be decided by building a deterrence based on causing substantial damage; it's a shame to lose even one soldier. The alternative to Hamas' leadership in Gaza is already there; therefore we must allow a small nucleus of its old guard to remain as "knowledge sources" — to pass on the collective message of deterrence seared into their consciousness.

Dr. Reuven Berko


Copyright - Original materials copyright (c) by the authors.

What a Wonderful People! and What a Cynical World! by Phyllis Chesler

by Phyllis Chesler
Israel National News
November 15, 2012

Israel has been under the most profound siege since the fall of 2000; some would say, since the day after it won the 1967 war of self-defense; others would insist that the siege began the moment the sovereign Jewish state came into being in 1948.
They are all right.

Hamas rockets have been launched against Israel for years now—only the world refused to see or hear them or to understand what this meant in human and civilian terms. Jewish children, (adults too), have been traumatized by the siren which tells their parents and teachers that they have 30 seconds to reach a shelter; they have been traumatized by the chronic and unexpected sound of explosions, the need for gas masks (!), the need for bomb shelters.

As we know, Hamas has launched more than 700 rockets into Israel in 2012. They launched one hundred and twenty rockets in the last two days.

Finally—finally—Israel has acted to defend its civilians.

Sickening demonstrations have been held around the world and are still taking place—for Hamas!!—and for Al-Jabaari, the jihadist who masterminded the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit and is responsible for planning the murders of nearly 600 Israeli civilians.

The good news: In my opinion, the steady, culture war "ground cover" that pro-Israel activists, including bloggers, twitterers, columnists, and activists have provided, have, in part, made Israel's current act of self-defense more understandable to the world. So far, the governments of the United States, Britain,Germany, and Canada have asserted that Israel has a right to defend itself. The liberal democracies in the West are speaking out.

But, Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations stated that"Israeli reactions need to be measured so as not to provoke a new cycle of bloodshed." International groups are urging "restraint."

Amnesty is calling on "all sides must step back from the brink to protect civilians;" Physicians for Human RIghts say: "Israel's decision makers (should) refrain from an attack on Gaza which may cause many victims in Gaza and Israel;" Oxfam International calls for "immediate restraint as Gaza-Israel violence escalates."

These groups did not call for restraint when Hamas launched their 700 rockets into heavily populated Israeli cities such as Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Beer Sheva.

Do Ban Ki-Moon and Amnesty and the allegedly medical groups know that Israeli civilians have been murdered and wounded in these current rockets attacks—including a pregnant Chabad representative who was visiting Israel for a memorial service for the Chabad rabbi and rebbitzen z"l who were murdered in an Islamist terrorist attack in India? Do they care?
The media is mixed, guarded, essentially still pro-Hamas. The world view is still one in which Palestinians are not seen as "as terrorist Islamist aggressors" or "death-eating suicide killers" but rather as innocent and noble victims.

The lead piece in Thursday's New York Times, (upper right column), is titled "Israeli Assault Into Gaza Kills a Hamas Leader" followed by "Wider Conflict Feared," followed by "Twenty Targets are Hit After Rocket Strikes by Palestinians."

Note: They describe Al Jaabari as a "Leader" not "terrorist."

He has personally been responsible for the terrorist attacks against Israel after Israel withdrew from Gaza. The piece goes on to detail the suffering of the Palestinians but says little about the Israeli wounded and murdered. They also have an editorial which challenged whether Israel made the right or only decision possible in terms of the impact on an already fragile peace and unstable region. The NYT does mention that "750 rockets" were launched against Israelthis year but does not focus on what that means nor does it detail the current Israeli casualties and victims.(Note - CNN does the same: see this video)

Although Jews are strong and militarily efficient, there is no shame in explaining, again and again, that Jews are being victimized by Big Lies, Blood Libels, Pallywood tricks, and by murderous terrorist attacks. Jewish Israel is the victim here.

Al-Jaabari is Israel's Osama Bin Laden.

In a briefing given as I write this article, according to Lt Col Avital Leibovich, the IDF destroyed Iranian missiles. She confirmed that only Iran has these kinds of rockets. Yesterday, the IDF destroyed at least 20 underground rocket launching pads in Gaza. There are 220 such targets. The Iranian missiles can reach Tel Aviv.

Nevertheless, Lt. Col Leibovich confirmed that Israel has allowed fourteen chronically ill Palestinians into Israel for hospital treatment--today.

What a people!

BREAKING: IDF Spokesman: We Are Ready to Invade, Gaza Will Not Sleep Quietly Tonight

IDF forces are assembled in their designated pre-invasion areas.

Israel vs. Gaza: The Sights and Sounds of War

Bee's note:
The sights and sounds of war:
Thursday morning, Hamas claimed it had fired a missile into Tel Aviv - that was a lie - no rockets into Tel Aviv.  Of course, terrorists from any rag-tag group lie, as that is part and parcel of being a terrorist. The Hamas are an "arm" to the Muslim Brotherhood and, since Egypt is now led by the MB, do not expect mediation to come out of Egypt.  

Do you hear the screams of the Israeli children and their parents on the video (above)?  Can you imagine living like this daily, never knowing when a rocket will land on your home?
Witness the Carnage: Damaged Home in Kiryat Malachi
Arutz Sheva's Hezki Ezra rushed to the seen of the fatal attack in Kiryat Malachi and brings us the pictures of the demolished apartment.

Can you imagine you child covered in blood in on the brink of death due to the acts of terrorism?
The world is going crazy! Over a hundred missiles bombarded the south of Israel last night, one hit a house in the town of Kiryat Malachi, killing 3 and injuring 9, this little girl was one of those injured. 

Do these Hamas terrorist look any different than the Taliban, al-Qaeda, or terrorists any where else in the world?  Do they look different from the Islamist the USA troops have been fighting for almost 11 years?!  If they do, the difference is the color of their headbands and masks, but their techniques are the same.  Terrorists are people without faces, without countries.  They simply take over a plot of land and bunker down, as Hamas has done in Gaza.  The Palestinian people voted for Hamas leadership, so it is difficult to even think of the Palestinian people as "victims" of its leaders, but the world continues to contribute BILLIONS to these same people yearly.  It would be cheaper to just dig a hole and bury the money, as anyone with half a brain knows the contributions from the West and Europe do not fall into the hands of the people; nor does that money give those in Gaza an incentive to build a better life for themselves.  That money and aid all go to the building of more tunnels in order to smuggle in more weapons, for the sole purpose of attacking Israel.


Israel gave up the land now called Gaza for peace and in return, the Israelis receive terror from terrorists 24-7 and you can bet your bottom dollar that it rains rockets on the Sabbath like clock work.

Now, what is interesting to me is the fact that the Western media has been silent throughout Israel's endurance of rockets and bombs.  The media covers somewhat the Arab Spring and the wonderful changes being made between dictators and terrorist organizations.  Afghanistan caught a little attention when our troops were being murdered by the very Afghanis we were training, but for the most part, whether it is our own USA troops, or the terrorist hitting our ally Israel, there is nothing but silence from the media.  No one dared mention that the Arab Muslims the USA contributes BILLIONS of DOLLARS to, are actually enemies of the only democracy in the Middle East.  That would appear contradictory and may raise a few eyebrows here in the States.

Which leads me to the following video - an interview/interrogation of Mark Regeg (spokesman for the PM of Israel) on CNN, November 15, 2012 on the Israeli-Gaza conflict.  Please note the questions and the mention of the wounded in Gaza. It does not take a genius to understand CNN's sympathy is not with the Israeli people!  Isn't it strange and a wonderment when you hear American's side with the terrorists?!  Just listen ....

Can you imagine the media drilling USA's troops in the same manner?  I couldn't a few years ago, but nothing would surprise me today.  

One last thing - the Arab nations are all suffering under poor economies; so, it is quite easy for the Muslims to make a scapegoat of Israel.  This CNN interviewer asks Mark Regeg if Israel is making a bad situation she kidding?!  

The media,and our own government, should study the history of the PLO/Arafat, to learn exactly what and why Fatah/Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood's hatred towards the Jewish state of Israel will not cease until the Muslims learn that living in the Dark Ages of their ideology does not allow them the tools to live in modern day society/civilization.  Today, they simply sharpen their knives, plotting to kill anyone who happens to be on the "wrong" side of Islam and use their propaganda, to convince fools to sympathize with their "cause".