Friday, November 16, 2012

Video: Prayers for Israel

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Friday, November 16, 2012

Today, November 16th, is a reminder to me that on this date many years ago, my beloved husband and I were married.  It would have been our 49th Wedding Anniversary.  As many of my readers know, my husband died August 24, 2010 after a brief illness.  However, his blessed memory remains within the hearts of all who loved him.  

Now, before reporting on the 3rd day of the Hamas-Israel conflict, known as the "Pillar of Defense" - or, "The Pillar of the Cloud", I would like to share a song/prayer - Ana Bkoach, a song asking G-d to listen to our prayer and save us. A close Israeli friend sent it to me during the Cast Lead war.  

and this is the version my friend first introduced me to:

After playing this most beautiful prayer, no words can be added to send comfort and encouragement to our friends living in Israel.  No comforting words can I share, to tell all Israel how deeply saddened we, who love her, are as we watch and hear the sirens warning of yet another missile sent into the cities of Israel - from its southern borders and now, into Jerusalem (this morning).  We mourn the deaths of the Israeli's killed during yesterday's bombings from Gaza, and we pray for the young infant seriously injured.  We reject the propaganda of Hamas terrorists and also, the Egyptians message this morning that blames Israel for a conflict that began in Gaza, from the Hamas terrorists.  We ask the G-d of Israel to cover all His people and  protect all from the goals of Israel's enemies.  We do "stand with you", dearest friend and ally, and we shall continue to report the events as seen through the eyes and ears of Israel.  May the heavens hear our sincere prayer for peace for Israel.