Thursday, November 15, 2012

Israel vs. Gaza: The Sights and Sounds of War

Bee's note:
The sights and sounds of war:
Thursday morning, Hamas claimed it had fired a missile into Tel Aviv - that was a lie - no rockets into Tel Aviv.  Of course, terrorists from any rag-tag group lie, as that is part and parcel of being a terrorist. The Hamas are an "arm" to the Muslim Brotherhood and, since Egypt is now led by the MB, do not expect mediation to come out of Egypt.  

Do you hear the screams of the Israeli children and their parents on the video (above)?  Can you imagine living like this daily, never knowing when a rocket will land on your home?
Witness the Carnage: Damaged Home in Kiryat Malachi
Arutz Sheva's Hezki Ezra rushed to the seen of the fatal attack in Kiryat Malachi and brings us the pictures of the demolished apartment.

Can you imagine you child covered in blood in on the brink of death due to the acts of terrorism?
The world is going crazy! Over a hundred missiles bombarded the south of Israel last night, one hit a house in the town of Kiryat Malachi, killing 3 and injuring 9, this little girl was one of those injured. 

Do these Hamas terrorist look any different than the Taliban, al-Qaeda, or terrorists any where else in the world?  Do they look different from the Islamist the USA troops have been fighting for almost 11 years?!  If they do, the difference is the color of their headbands and masks, but their techniques are the same.  Terrorists are people without faces, without countries.  They simply take over a plot of land and bunker down, as Hamas has done in Gaza.  The Palestinian people voted for Hamas leadership, so it is difficult to even think of the Palestinian people as "victims" of its leaders, but the world continues to contribute BILLIONS to these same people yearly.  It would be cheaper to just dig a hole and bury the money, as anyone with half a brain knows the contributions from the West and Europe do not fall into the hands of the people; nor does that money give those in Gaza an incentive to build a better life for themselves.  That money and aid all go to the building of more tunnels in order to smuggle in more weapons, for the sole purpose of attacking Israel.


Israel gave up the land now called Gaza for peace and in return, the Israelis receive terror from terrorists 24-7 and you can bet your bottom dollar that it rains rockets on the Sabbath like clock work.

Now, what is interesting to me is the fact that the Western media has been silent throughout Israel's endurance of rockets and bombs.  The media covers somewhat the Arab Spring and the wonderful changes being made between dictators and terrorist organizations.  Afghanistan caught a little attention when our troops were being murdered by the very Afghanis we were training, but for the most part, whether it is our own USA troops, or the terrorist hitting our ally Israel, there is nothing but silence from the media.  No one dared mention that the Arab Muslims the USA contributes BILLIONS of DOLLARS to, are actually enemies of the only democracy in the Middle East.  That would appear contradictory and may raise a few eyebrows here in the States.

Which leads me to the following video - an interview/interrogation of Mark Regeg (spokesman for the PM of Israel) on CNN, November 15, 2012 on the Israeli-Gaza conflict.  Please note the questions and the mention of the wounded in Gaza. It does not take a genius to understand CNN's sympathy is not with the Israeli people!  Isn't it strange and a wonderment when you hear American's side with the terrorists?!  Just listen ....

Can you imagine the media drilling USA's troops in the same manner?  I couldn't a few years ago, but nothing would surprise me today.  

One last thing - the Arab nations are all suffering under poor economies; so, it is quite easy for the Muslims to make a scapegoat of Israel.  This CNN interviewer asks Mark Regeg if Israel is making a bad situation she kidding?!  

The media,and our own government, should study the history of the PLO/Arafat, to learn exactly what and why Fatah/Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood's hatred towards the Jewish state of Israel will not cease until the Muslims learn that living in the Dark Ages of their ideology does not allow them the tools to live in modern day society/civilization.  Today, they simply sharpen their knives, plotting to kill anyone who happens to be on the "wrong" side of Islam and use their propaganda, to convince fools to sympathize with their "cause".