Saturday, November 17, 2012

U.S. Aid to Egypt and those F-16's "on order" ....

Egypt Endeavors to Enhance F-16 Engines

Bee's Note:  The report posted by JCPA, dated "October 23, 2012" - just a few weeks ago.  In that report, Egypt mentions looking forward to the USA's shipment of F-16's and states that the acquisition is part of a pan to "raise the competence of the Egyptian army". As an American, listening today to Egypt's condemnation of Israel's right to defend herself against Hamas terrorist, would anyone in Washington, DC - Congress, like to put a hold on sharing our weapons and planes with the Muslim Brotherhood?!  Anyone?  Someone?  

Here is another report from THE NEW YORK TIMES,printed on March 23, 2012: 

Once Imperiled, U.S. Aid to Egypt Is Restored  - THE NEW YORK TIMES

An Israeli asks:
In June Egypt will war planes from the United States. Block 52 F-16.  Egypt's defense minister, "Prepare for war. a war may break out at any moment," and Israel asks herself here, "Egypt say - going to war? Against whom?

I ask, is the war instigated by Hamas, the pre-planned war Egypt was referring to, when it mentioned "a war could break out at any moment"?  

Our own Col. North stated on a Fox News interview within the last two days, that he believes the Muslims and Jihadist see America as "weak", since to-date we have not responded to the deaths of our men in Benghazi.  He also believes that because the Islamist terrorists see us as "weak", the uprisings and bombings against Americans will increase.  I must ask, has Hamas, backed by Iran and now, Egypt, the outcome of the al-Qaeda attack in Benghazi?  Just follow the dots ...

As a reminder of our "friends" in Egypt, here is our Embassy in Egypt, being stormed by Egyptians - you know, the Egyptians receiving 3.5 BILLION yearly from the U.S....NOTE THE BLACK JIHAD FLAG - Egypt so willing replaced as they tore down our flag. 

By the way, we saw this coming when Obama demanded Murbarak "step down" and the Muslim Brotherhood took over leadership in Egypt.  This comes as no surprise to anyone who understands the goals of Islam.


 AND NOW, AN ARTICLE BY JCPA about the USA sharing military F-16's with Egypt:



October 23, 2012

Egypt's defense minister, General Abdul Fattah Alsisi, called yesterday (Monday) to maintain combat skills of the armed forces of Egypt, "because that war could break out at any moment.When he visited maneuver live fire of the Egyptian air force, known as the "Majed 2012", in Wadi Alntron on the road desert connecting Egypt to Alexandria, the Minister emphasized that the forces and equipment have to be ready all the time to fight because that war could break out at any moment, without mention the cause against which a war may break - Network reported that "Al-Jazeera" (22:10).
Minister, the issue is also the title of "general commander of the armed forces," stressed the importance of continued training of the soldiers of the armed forces to maintain combat qualifications, and the importance of avoiding the stereotypical management maneuvers and arming knowledge.
Egyptian air force commander, General Younis Almsri, said side margins of maneuver that the Air Force will receive the first new shipment of aircraft Block 52 F-16 in June. This aircraft is one of the latest models of the F-16, and the acquisition was part of a plan to show overall command of the armed forces battle to raise the competence of the Egyptian army.
Almsri noted that in the operative maneuver live fire of the Air Force, "Majed 2012", has been used in more than 200 aircraft of various models in order to reach the level of professionalism and the highest level of performance of pilots maneuver, to fulfill the main goal of the Air Force, which is reflected in attacks on targets accurately and raising competence of a soldier fighting in use technical teams and technical competence of the aircraft. He added that the goal of the upcoming training program is training Lily performing maneuvers and operations, and said that future operations would not be a difference between day and night - Most operations are in progress, are held at night.
This report is published in the Egyptian newspaper also reports yesterday on the visit of President Mohammed Mursi, who is the supreme commander of the armed forces, on last Sunday (21:10) naval maneuvers 'victory Sea 45' on the deck of the frigate, Toski, the waters of Alexandria.