Friday, October 18, 2013

Palestinian Killed while trying to infiltrate the base

Bee's note:  Here again we witness the "Palestinian" terrorists sharing their willingness to become Israel's "peace-partner" ... So, how are those "peace" talks advancing with Kerry, Abbas and Israel?  Haven't heard any news in weeks!  (article translated from Hebrew).
Jerusalem bulldozer attack - Oct.17, 2013
Palestinian Killed while trying to infiltrate the base

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Level IDF base north of the capital saw a handcuffed outside the camp fence on the tractor and opened fire. He was severely injured, but medical staff called to the scene pronounced him dead. Incident investigated

Palestinian shot tonight (Thursday) to death near the base level after suspected of trying to break through the fence surrounding the military camp by the tractor he was riding. Central Command launched an investigation into the incident, but a military source told News 10 that there is no doubt that the military in an attempt to attack.

An initial examination of the events shows that the force stationed in the area noticed a Palestinian outside the fence surrounding the camp and opened fire. Palestinian was badly injured and was summoned to a military medical team to give him first aid, but soon   ruled his
death.  Incident, an IDF soldier was also injured seriousl

In initial investigation of the incident shows the tractor driver managed to enter the base and even cause damage to property.Before he came under fire, the driver tried to pick up a bucket an army jeep parked there. During the terrorist rampage with tractor air blown object that hit the soldier and cut it very lightly.

Last December the same basis soldier was wounded lightly after two Palestinians entered the base. The terrorists attacked him and grabbed his gun.Investigation of the incident revealed that the Palestinians penetrated the perimeter fence of the base under rainy weather, and reached the position of the guard without arousing the attention of the soldier.

Evening event joins a list of events and incidents in recent weeks where Palestinians attacked Israeli civilians in Judea and Samaria.  Champion was killed last week - (res.) ministers (Yaya) Ofer settlement Cypress Valley northern Jordan Valley. A few days earlier was injured Noam Glick 9 years old by Palestinians suspected of trying to infiltrate the settlement peaks where it resides.
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