Thursday, October 17, 2013


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Before we go to Obama's "talking points", I am sharing a remarkable commentary I read last night, as it expressed perfectly what I thought and how Americans felt at the stroke of Midnight, October 16, 2013, when Obama signed the bill to re-open the federal government:
 Breitbart - One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened's
Sons and Daughters, Come Home
My sons and daughters come home, your Country’s military has forgotten you. No longer are you allowed to defend yourself, come home. No longer are you fighting for freedom which is your noble cause, instead you are ordered into battle to suffer and die by a Commander and chief who sacrifices nothing, come home.
You who are willing to die like your fathers before you in defense of liberty, come home. It is not honorable to die in obedience to a man without honor, come home. The liberty you are desiring to fight for will be lost in your absence, come home to the battle field and face the enemy who demands respect he has not earned, and whose place of birth we have not learned.
My sons and daughters come home. Let not one more of American blood be spilled for a people whose fate long ago by God himself was sealed. You are a citizen of a Christian nation, not a slave to Islam, come home.
Will you surrender to man your right to pray, a gift from God to be cast away, come home sons and daughters your oath still intact, set your sites on Washington, and take your country back.
Your family and friends, they need you now, there’s danger at their door, their freedoms are being stripped away like they never have before. Come home sons and daughters just up and walk away, leave their ranks and come back home where you have the right to pray.
Do not die, so needlessly, the battle ground is here, together we will take a stand and the government will fear all of those under their command when they simply say we’re done, and refuse to follow Barack Obama, then the people will have won.
October 16, 2013  Larry Johnson
 "The battle ground is here" America!  If you doubt this, you must listen in its entirety to Obama's "victory" speech, and his lecture to America's citizens, in his usual snide tone of voice, as he said "If you're not happy with your President, go win an election; and stop listening to Bloggers and "talking-point heads".  
This double-minded man dares to mention our Founding Fathers, as he attacks America's FIRST AMENDMENT rights - freedom of speech.  Does anyone think that now that the government is "open" (temporarily), things could not get any worse than the last 17 days?  Guess again!

With the U.S. government reopened after a near-unconditional surrender from congressional Republicans on more federal borrowing and Obamacare, President Barack Obama praised the federal government’s importance to every American’s life.
Obama: Time to Stop Listening to the ‘Bloggers and the Talking Heads’
President Barack Obama speaks at the White House about the reopening of the U.S. government following the shutdown, Oct. 17, 2013. Obama warned that America’s political dysfunction had encouraged its enemies and depressed its friends, and said the crisis had left “no winners” in Washington. (AFP/Getty Images)
“We hear all the time about how government is the problem,” the president said Thursday at the White House, hours after signing an agreement reached between the Senate and House of Representatives.
He continued, “Well, it turns out we rely on it in a whole lot of ways. Not only does it keep us strong through our military and our law enforcement, it plays a vital role in caring for our seniors and our veterans, educating our kids, making sure our workers are trained for the jobs that are being created, arming our businesses with the best science and technology so they can compete with companies from other countries.”
He even invoked the Founding Fathers in praise of an activist state. READ MORE
Wrong, Obama!  The American people do not rely upon your administration or government; especially as they can no longer trust this government to fulfill its Oath of Office; not since Fast and Furious; Benghazi; IRS; NAS; PRISM; to mention just a few of the scandals under investigation (or were until you shut down America, causing as much pain as possible to our troops/military Veterans and Americans).  Explain, if you dare, how the death benefits to our troops' families were denied during this brief shutdown.  Explain how illegal immigrants were granted a day on the "Mall" in Washington, D.C. to march and protest, while sending in Secret Service, snipers on rooftops, Park and D.C. police, to harass and prevent WWII Veterans from entering their own War Memorial on the "Mall".
How dare you speak of our Founding Fathers, our military, or how we "feel", when you have ignored the laws of this land, our great nation, but continue to "give" your support to the Islamic terrorists throughout the ME, such as, the Muslim Brotherhood, Syrian "rebels" - al Qaeda, and other terrorist organizations!
Mr. President, you did not tear down the walls to the Veteran's Memorials, but Americans will tear down the walls that separate all of us from a wanna-be Dictatorship, headed up by you and your administration. 
The kindest thing you can do for America, Mr. President, is to RESIGN.  Links:
The "House of Horrors" - also known as "The Spite House"
H/t - for photos: Jack WV