Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011: The Year of the Islamist and the Rise of the Caliphate


“Arab Spring”, my ass. The media, hell-bent on shilling for Obama and his fetish for Islam, has manufactured the myth involving some phantom benevolent force (because we with normal eyes haven’t seen a bit of evidence of it) across the Muslim world toppling dictators and installing democracy and human rights. It’s all baloney, as not one single Muslim country with a toppled government has yet to install any semblance of democracy, equal rights for women, crackdown on human rights abuses of non-Muslim minorities, or halting state-sanctioned child rape. In fact, quite the opposite has happened: not an Arab Spring–an Arab Winter, and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated mission is to destroy Western civilization and conquer it for Islam. And Barack Hussein Obama is doing his utmost behind the scenes to help usher it in. Read thisimportant and detailed piece from Sultan Knish.
This was the year that Obama helped topple several regimes that served as the obstacles to Islamist takeovers. The biggest fish that Ibn Hussein speared out of the sea for Al-Qaradawi was Egypt, a prize that the Islamists had wanted for the longest time, but had never managed to catch. That is until the Caliph-in-Chief got it for them. Egyptian Democracy splits the take between the Brotherhood and the Salafists, whom the media is already quick to describe as moderates. First up against the wall are the Christians. Second up against the wall are the Jews. Third up is all that military equipment we provided to the Egyptian military which will shortly be finding its way to various “moderate militants” who want to discuss our foreign policy with us.
While many in the Muslim world–mostly seculars and classic liberals–really do want democracy and a non-theocratic form of government, the brutal reality is that Muslims in greater numbers simply want…more Islam. That’s what the so-called “Arab Spring” is all about, and Muslim seculars and liberals see it coming and are dying in the streets of cities like Cairo to protest it. They are the real heroes, not the slaves like the woman in the photo above who only want the democratic right to vote so she can help elect the Muslim Brotherhood (hiding behind the absurd moniker “The Freedom and Justice Party”). She doesn’t want to be free; she wants to be in chains. Just look at her.
Since pro-democracy demonstrations began a year ago, Islamist politicians have become prime minister in Tunisia and Morocco and Egypt’s main rival Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis, are leading in its staggered elections.
The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, the establishment of a global Islamic Caliphate, the forced subjugation of the world to Islam…it’s all part of “the grand jihad”.
Ishaq:587 “Our onslaught will not be a weak faltering affair. We shall fight as long as we live. We will fight until you turn to Islam, humbly seeking refuge. We will fight not caring whom we meet. We will fight whether we destroy ancient holdings or newly gotten gains. We have mutilated every opponent. We have driven them violently before us at the command of Allah and Islam. We will fight until our religion is established. And we will plunder them, for they must suffer disgrace.”