Monday, September 30, 2013


Bee's note:

This blog previously posted information on Obama's brother - it's no secret that Barry's family has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  I do know from experience that many political videos go "missing" from You Tube, so it is wise that you download the video before this one disappears.
I am not one to believe in coincidences  especially when there are numerous "coincidences" tying this administration/Obama to Islam Extremism.  Obama's actions speak louder than his words and "promises".
His support for the Egyptian MB, and arming the so-called "freedom rebels" in Syria should make your heads spin! Why does Obama appease rather than oppose Islam's al Qaeda terrorists in Syria?  
Why do you suppose Obama tells Israel he would still consider bombing Iran (to calm Israel's concerns about a nuclear Iran), when last week's phone call to Iran's Rouhani from Obama/Oval Office are in direct opposite of Obama's "promise" to h Israel?  Why do you suppose Obama vetoed Israel's Iran hit?
Why do you suppose men like former Ambassador Bolton state that Obama's credibility is "irreparably damaged"?
Why did the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood receive $850,000 from US Embassy? That's almost ONE BILLION DOLLARS to an organization that once worked along side Hitler in WWII.  That kind of "investment" explains Obama's hesitation to breaks off support to the MB and why he does not speak out against the MB's persecution of Christians in Egypt; or the persecution of Christians in Syria.
Why do you suppose Obama has suddenly blocked the White House visitors logs from the media/public?  For that matter, why did he shut down the White House from the public?   
The questions are endless and unless the agenda of this administration is halted by our 535 men and women in Washington, DC., America might as well wave the white flag of surrender to Islam's intentions of continuing what they stared on 9/11.
And while we're talking about "flags", will someone please ask Obama why he chose to use his own "personal" logo, rather than the American flag? That was the first warning sign that Obama holds our nation in contempt, as he flaunts his Islamic heritage to the world.
Now, to the video:

Published on Sep 27, 2013
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