Sunday, September 15, 2013

Obama: I’ll Still Bomb Iran

Yeah, just like Assad using chemical weapons meant you’d attack him…
PAT DOLLARD  September 15, 2013
Excerpted from The Washington Post: President Obama declared that the United States is still prepared to act militarily to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons despite the decision to pursue a diplomatic deal and not strike Syria over its alleged use of chemical weapons.
He also acknowledged his approach to the Syria crisis has been uneven, but defended it as producing the right results.
Obama spoke in an interview broadcast Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos,” taped Friday before the United States and Russia agreed on a plan to bring Syrian chemical weapons under international control in order to avoid military strikes.
But Obama said Iran should not interpret the diplomatic response — coming after he threatened to use strikes — as suggesting that the United States wouldn’t attack Iran to stop the development of nuclear weapons.
“I think what the Iranians understand is that the nuclear issue is a far larger issue for us than the chemical weapons issue, that the threat.?.?. against Israel, that a nuclear Iran poses, is much closer to our core interests,” Obama said. “My suspicion is that the Iranians recognize they shouldn’t draw a lesson that we haven’t struck [Syria] to think we won’t strike Iran.” Keep reading
Bee's note:

Kerry to Visit Israel on Sunday

Kerry and Netanyahu"U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Jerusalem Sunday to hold talks with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on the progress made in the Middle East peace talks and on Syria.
The two men will discuss "the final status negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians, following on the secretary's meeting with [Palestinian Authority Chairman] Mahmoud Abbas in London last Monday," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki was quoted by AFP as having said.
They would also talk about the conflict in Syria, Psaki added.
The top U.S. diplomat - who has made it a personal mission to try to achieve a long-elusive peace deal between Israel and the PA - met for three hours with Abbas in London earlier this week.
After also meeting with Arab League officials, Kerry praised efforts to hold talks "despite tough decisions and despite pressure that exists on both sides."
How best to keep those "talks" moving along, then to reassure Israel that Obama would (or is) still planning to bomb Iran.  Of course, there would be no need to make 'promises" you have no plans on keeping, if Obama had not refused Israel last October from bombing Iran.  

Can you imagine the pressure off the world's shoulders, if Israel had been given the "go ahead/green light" from Obama last year?  However, because elections were just around the corner, Obama refused Israel's request and today, Iran is one year further ahead in its on-going attempts to obtain nuclear capabilities.

Unlike Obama's "red" lines and backward steps, Iran will keep its promise to wipe Israel off the map.  

My suggestion to Israel, after watching the indecisiveness of Obama and his willingness to pass the buck, would be to move on whatever plans you deem necessary to protect the State of Israel and its citizens, without leaning on promises that will never be met by the Obama administration.