Sunday, September 15, 2013

MKs Urge PM: Tell Kerry Oslo is Dead


By David Lev

First Publish: 9/15/2013, 4:52 PM
In a message, MKs of the coalition urged the Prime Minister to tell the visiting John Kerry that there will be no more withdrawals
Kerry lands in Israel
Kerry lands in Israel
US Embassy in Israel
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday met with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, mostly to discuss the U.S. position on a deal proposed by Russia in which the U.S. and Russia would disarm Syria of chemical weapons. According to several reports, Israel will ask that the military option against Syria remain on the table, in order to deter Syrian president Bashar al-Assad from carrying out only part of the agreements he signs, and reneging on the rest.

However, considering the fact that U.S. sponsored negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are still going strong, many Israeli leaders are concerned that Kerry will take the opportunity to further pressure Netanyahu to concede on Israel's “red lines” for the benefit of the PA, or to extract more “gestures” from the Prime Minister. In one recent such gesture, the Prime Minister agreed to release over 100 Arab terrorists, many of whom who had been actively involved in the murders of Israelis.

In order to ensure that Netanyahu understands what is at stake – and how members of his government feel about it – sixteen coalition MKs on Sunday handed Netanyahu a message saying that he needed to make clear to Kerry Israel's opposition to further withdrawals and concessions to the PA.

“Twenty years after the terrible Oslo Accords, we call on the Prime Minister to present to the U.S. Secretary of State our clear position: Israel will not return to the 'Oslo Formula' of concessions for 'peace,' handing over parts of our homeland to the PA in exchange for a piece of paper,” the messages aid.

Among those who signed the messaged were MKs Levin, Strook, Regev, Rotem, Shaked, and Slomiansky, along with deputy ministers Elkin, Hotovely, and Akunis.

Meanwhile, at a joint press conference with the Prime Minister, Kerry confirmed that a military option was still on the table vis-a-vis Syria.

"The threat of force remains, the threat is real," he said, adding "We cannot have hollow words in the conduct of international affairs."

Bee's note:
No amount of "talks" pushed by the Obama administration will prevent the PLO/PA's from 'warring" against Israel.  The Oslo Accords are 'dead in the water'. 

The Syrian rebels reject the agreement made between US-Russia in Geneva.  They promise to continue to fight and no "agreement" under the sun will stop the 'civil' war between Assad and the rebels,  To make matters more "interesting", the rebels now claim they will fight against the United States if the US attacks Assad.

Shia vs. Sunnis and both against the West.
Remove all chemical weapons and you still have rebels eating the organs of dead soldiers; beheading of Christians; shooting young Syrian children in the streets; all 'crimes against humanity', documented on numerous videos for the world to witness.  Savages behaving like savage beasts - a scene all too familiar among terrorists.

Assad has had a few weeks to scatter chemical weapons across Syria.  What about the WMD owned and used by the 'rebels'?  Enough information, reports and videos demonstrate the use of chemical weapons on the part of the rebels.  Anyone know where those weapons are located?

Any agreements made between the US-Russia-Syria will eventually prove to be as disappointing as the Oslo Accords.  Why?  Because there is no credibility within the Assad government, or among the numerous rebel/freedom fighters/terrorists groups: just as there was never any credibility among the PLO/ Arafat and today's Palestinian Authority.  It will not take 20 years to acknowledge the failure of US-Russian agreement.  Meanwhile, the civil war will continue to take its toll on the citizens of Syria.