Thursday, September 19, 2013

America is in danger of going rogue under Obama

Bee's note:  
Have you been listening to reports out of Washington, D.C.?  In the midst of more hearings on Benghazi and IRS scandals, Americans are learning the depths of this administration's betrayal of American citizens - from right here in our homeland, all the way to Benghazi.  What could possibly add to our shock?
Sorry, you asked!
The latest news of Obama's willingness to aid al Qaeda rebels in Syria is ringing in my ears and that ringing is more like the sound of America falling into the pits prepared by our enemies.
When I first began blogging, I said that if American citizens did not pay attention to foreign policy, what is happening to our economy and other issues on the homefront would seem like "child's play" compared to this administration's decision to play with poisonous snakes- America's enemies, while betraying our allies.  I didn't have a crystal ball, had no idea just how dangerous Obama's choices would become for our nation, but dear America, I think we've just hit rock bottom!  
We are falling into a bottomless pit and the bulldozer of Islam is about to cover that pit with the sands of Islamist terrorists.
Prepper's are preparing; headlines continue to warn of the economy falling out from under us; families are stocking up on canned goods; gas prices rising; all while the constant drone of Obama's voice can be heard, daily, lecturing the Republican Party and all of us about what is "best" for our country.  His voice is like the sound of chaulk scratching across the blackboard!  For the sake of our sanity, it might be a good idea if all of us clicked the mute button to our televisions.  And, for the sake of our nation, Washington must prevent this "president" from destroying what is left of our country.  Five years (and counting) is too long to allow one man to fill the White House and our federal government with members tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, all singing the song of the Arabian Nights!

The following article by Jeffrey T. Kuhner is better at describing the situation America is in today:

Friday, September 6, 2013
President Obama is on the verge of plunging America into another war.
Unlike Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, however, bombing Syria would trigger a regional conflagration — one that potentially could lead to a global war. World War I began in Sarajevo. World War III may start in Syria.
Hyperbole? In 1914, Europe became engulfed in a bloodbath. The spark was a conflict in a far-off corner of the Balkans. Britain, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Russia and eventually, America — all were propelled into a larger war, resulting in the deaths of millions. By issuing reckless ultimatums, arrogant leaders were sleepwalking their nations into disaster.

Syria is a modern-day powder keg. For over two years, it has been torn apart by a vicious, sectarian civil war. Over 100,000 Syrians have died. Nearly one-third of the population has fled into exile. Iran, Hizbullah and Russia support Syria’s strongman Bashar Assad. The Islamist rebels have the backing of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Al Qaida. Foreign jihadists have poured in to bolster the ranks of the anti-Assad opposition.

The conflict pits Shi’ite Alawites against Sunni Wahhabites, Muslims against Christians, and Islamic fundamentalists versus Arab secularists. In short, U.S. military intervention risks dragging in almost every major regional power — including Israel — because Assad’s allies have a vested interest in his survival. Hizbullah has vowed to attack Israeli and U.S. targets in the wake of American military action. Iran has also threatened to rain missiles upon Tel Aviv. Moscow has vowed to increase weapon shipments to Damascus. Bombing Syria will light the fuse that could set-off the Mideast tinderbox.
Obama is pushing the United States toward a disastrous war for one reason: to salvage his ego. In August 2012, he publicly drew a “red line” in Syria over the use of poison gas.
The administration claims that Assad’s forces recently launched a chemical weapons attack upon civilians in rebel-held territory, murdering hundreds. To redeem his ultimatum, the president is asking Congress to authorize military force. The House and Senate should vote no. Obama risks becoming the 21st century equivalent of Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef — a bungling buffoon, whose reckless military aggression triggers calamitous consequences.
The only justification to go to war is to protect America’s vital national security interests. Assad’s regime is brutal and ruthless. But it has not attacked or threatened us. Hence, Obama seeks to wage an illegitimate war. There is no moral or strategic basis to bomb Syria. It is bellicose imperialism masquerading as humanitarian interventionism. The Syrian civil war is none of our business.
In fact, Obama wants the United States to do the unthinkable: side with Al Qaida — the very group responsible for the mass murder of 3,000 Americans and the worst terrorist atrocity on U.S. soil. Contrary to the claims of Secretary of State John Kerry, the Syrian rebels are not dominated by “moderates”; rather, their ranks are filled with Muslim extremists, who have committed numerous atrocities.
The Al Qaida-backed jihadists have slaughtered priests, nuns, women, and children. Churches have been burned. Aramaic-speaking Christian communities, dating back to the time of Jesus Christ, are routinely attacked. The rebels’ goal: To cleanse Syria of all Christians. A shocking video reveals an Islamic fighter, after killing a Syrian soldier, cutting out his heart and liver and then eating the organs. Some rebels are engaging in cannibalism. If the U.S. intervenes, we will be allying ourselves with Islamist savages. Such a war would be a permanent stain upon America’s honor — a national disgrace.
Obama’s argument is not only morally indefensible, but perverse. The president and his supporters are essentially saying that the lives of those killed by poison gas are worth more than those shot, shelled, bombed, burned or hacked to death. Both the pro-Assad forces and the rebels have committed countless war crimes. To simply bomb Assad’s regime amounts to selective indignation, an act of blatant hypocrisy.
Kerry claims that allowing Assad to get away with employing poison gas will embolden other dictators to use such destructive weapons, thereby threatening global order. Hence, it is imperative — and urgent — that America intervene. This is puerile nonsense. Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser launched chemical weapon strikes upon Yemeni tribesmen.
Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein gassed countless Kurds — many more than have been allegedly murdered by Assad. Yet, this did not end world civilization.
In Rwanda, over 800,000 Hutus and Tutsis were butchered in one of the worst genocides of the late 20th century. The weapons of choice: machetes. Sarin gas is not necessary to commit unspeakable atrocities. The only thing required are evil men determined to do evil deeds.
Obama now says he never drew a red line; the world did. This is patently false. The United Nations, NATO, the European Union and the Arab League — none of them are willing to sanction or join a military attack on Syria. The president’s coalition of the unwilling consists of (maybe) France and the United States. That’s it. The American people are solidly against war. Obama is finding himself increasingly alone and isolated.
Like a Roman emperor drunk on power, he is becoming dangerously detached from reality.
Bombing Syria would transform Obama into a rogue president and America into a rogue nation. Congress must stop him before it’s too late.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a celebrated talk radio host at Boston’s WRKO and a columnist for The Washington Times and