Friday, September 20, 2013

UN: ‘Increasing number’ of arms, ammunition from Libya shipped to Syria

Bee's note::  

Surprise, surprise!!  The connection between Libya and Syria has been mentioned numerous times since our four Americans were killed on 9/11/12 in Benghazi.  What was a Turkish representative doing in Benghazi, meeting with Ambassador Stevens,  just 40 minutes before Stevens and the U.S. /CIA compound were attacked?  Reports have followed shipments of arms from Libya to Syria, through Turkey.  ... The UN is just now expressing concern about weapons and ammunition sent to Syria from Libya?  

The US aided the Libyan rebels to overthrow Gaddafi, just as we're doing today in Syria.  For the UN to think the weapons out of Libya are from Gadaffi's "stockpile" doesn't add up and lacks common sense.  How many US weapons were left behind at the compound after the Benghazi attack?  The UN began investigating arms shipments in 2013; why not  investigate when the first shipments began leaving Libya and who, exactly, gained the most by aiding in the shipment of weapons?

Meanwhile, Americans  are still waiting for the truth about the night in Benghazi.  When the truth of Benghazi is exposed, I believe there will be more information about weapons linked to Syrian rebels/terrorists. and, those weapons will not be from Gaddafi's stockpile. 

The fact that all but  two Democrats walked out on the Benghazi hearings yesterday, during the parents of the murdered men's testimony  is an indication that the so-called "on-going" investigation into Benghazi is dead in the water.  


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WASHINGTON Libya has become a leading weapons supplier to Syria.
The United Nations has determined that weapons and ammunition were sent from Libya to Syria.
Weapons left by Gadhafi regime fighters are seen in Misrata, Libya.  /Reuters
Weapons left by Gadhafi regime fighters are seen in Misrata, Libya. /Reuters
The UN report, relayed to the Security Council, said the military equipment was sent to Syrian rebels by sea and air.
“There have been an increasing number of reported cases of trafficking of arms and ammunition from Libya to the Syrian Arab Republic by sea and air,” the report said.
On Sept. 16, the council’s committee on Libyan sanctions said weapons were flowing from the North African state at an alarming rate. The panel said the weapons, stolen from the former regime of Col. Moammar Gadhafi, fueled the Libyan black market.
“Despite those efforts, however, the proliferation of arms and
ammunition across Libya’s borders, and an increasing number of reported
cases of trafficking in such materiel to Syria by sea and air were
worrying,” the panel said. “Additionally, the report said that increasing
demand for personal and small arms had boosted imports into Libya’s civilian
black market, and that third countries had carried out several seizures.”
The panel said members of the Gadhafi family found safe haven in Arab
states. At one point, two of Gadhafi’s children, Aisha and Mohammed, were
living in Algeria and Oman.
The Security Council decided to investigate several large arms shipment
from Libya in 2013. No additional details were released.