Friday, September 20, 2013

Benghazi Victims’ Parents Assail Administration - as Democrats Leave the Room!

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As we watched the House Oversight and Government "Reform" Committee hearings this afternoon, and witnessed the contempt and disrespect of Obama's "Party" demonstrated towards the families of our four dead Americans killed in Benghazi, it is difficult to describe how I feel this evening.
I am a mother of four grown children and if I had any influence while my children were young, it would be to teach them the importance of honesty.  Honesty does not grow out of style from one generation to the next. Truthfulness is not a "feeling"; doesn't matter how you "feel"; it is the moral fabric of your soul and more important in life than the clothes you wear or how much money you have in the bank. 
The Americans who died in Benghazi are heroes. They saw their friends were in dire trouble and immediately came to their aid.  Songs will be sung and stories passed on to their families, in honor of their blessed memories. I commend their parents for teaching their children well.
A year has passed and the White House still refuses to ease the grief of the parents by telling the truth about what happened that fateful night in Benghazi. The Democrats walked out of today's hearings, rather than respectfully listen to the questions the parents had for this administration.
I blame their lack of compassion, contempt, and disrespect on the White House.  Why?  Because Obama has identified their deaths as "bumps in the road"; Hillary asked, "What difference does it make at this point in time?"  The Democrats are simply following their lead, as they walked out of today's hearings.
As an American, a parent, and one who also has waited over a year for this administration to come forward and speak the truth, I am outraged and disgusted. My heart breaks for the sorrow these families have undergone for over a year, while waiting for the men and women elected by the people to speak honestly.
The bloody fingerprints on the Benghazi walls are blood on the hands of whoever gave the order to "stand down"!  Who gave that order?  I'm betting it is the very ones who continue to lie to the American people and mock this Jihadist attack as just a "bump in the road".


Parents of two of the Americans killed in Benghazi, Libya, last year testified today before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Before these parents testified, however, most of the Democrats on the committee had left the room, refusing to even listen to these grieving parents. Only two Democratic members remained in the room.

[VIDEO] Patricia Smith, mother of Sean:

Patricia Smith, mother of slain U.S. Foreign Service information officer Sean Smith, testified that she met with President Obama, Vice President Biden, and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the day the four Americans’ bodies were returned to American soil. Smith says that the three and other senior administration officials lied to her about the cause of the attack.

“I was told a few things,” Smith told the remaining members of the committee, “and they were all lies. Obama, and Hillary, and Panetta, and Biden, and Susan [Rice] all came up to me at the casket ceremony. Every one of them came up to, gave me a big hug. And I asked them ‘What happened? Please tell me.’ And every one of them says, ‘It was the video.’ And we all know that it wasn’t the video. Even at at time they knew it wasn’t the video. So they all lied to me.”
Smith also said that all of the officials said that they would “check up” on what happened and get back to her. To date, she has heard from none of them.
“I don’t count,” Smith said, “the people of America don’t count. The only thing that counts is their own selves, and their own jobs.”
Charles Woods, father of slain Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, also testified. In his soft-spoken voice, Woods also leveled grave criticisms at the Obama administration.
“It’s been over a year since four brave Americans were tragically killed in Benghazi,” Woods said. “And after one year we know very few answers. We’ve been asking for the last year. We don’t know much more than we did a year ago.
“Two of my heroes while growing up were John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King,” Woods said. “Rev. King made the statement, that ‘Justice delayed is justice denied.’ It’s been over a year. We have no justice. We have very few truthful answers that have been provided.”
Smith and Woods were killed on the night of September 11, 2012 ,at a U.S. State Department facility in Benghazi, Libya. Ambassador Chris Stevens and SEAL Glen Doherty died in the attack as well. The Obama administration, including the president himself, Clinton and his then U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, blamed the attack on a crudely made YouTube video for about two weeks following the attack. But moments into the attack, officials in Washington had been told that it was a military-style, terrorist assault. To this day, no one has been held accountable for the deception or for the stand-down order that was reportedly given to military who may have been able to respond in time to save American lives. The president’s whereabouts and actions on the night of attack also remain a mystery.
To date, more than a year after the attack, despite President Obama’s vow to bring those responsible for the attack to justice, not a single attacker has been arrested.
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Update: List of Dems Who Walked Out Added… 
Carolyn Maloney
Danny Davis
Eleanor Holmes Norton
Gerald E. Connolly
Jim Cooper
John Tierney
Mark Pocan
Matt Cartwright
Michelle Lujan Grisham
Peter Welch
Stephen Lynch
Steven Horsford
Tammy Duckworth
Tony Cardenas
William Lacy Clay

The only Democrats with the decency to stick around are Elijia Cummings and Jackie Speier.

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