Thursday, September 19, 2013

What Is Obama Hiding In White House Visitor Logs? (Video)

Bee's Note:  
Has the White House been taken over by Aliens?

On January 21, 2009, Obama said, "Transparency and the Rule of Law will be the touch tones of this presidency".  How soon you forgot your promise to the American people, Mr. President.
Perhaps if you kept your promise, Washington would not be in turmoil today; but, that's water over the dam, built by you and all the little "beavers" you appointed since your first term.  
You have become a recluse to America.  First, with the lies, cover-ups, scandals, choice of "new friends" and betrayals of the U.S. reliable friends and allies; right down to shutting the White House down and leaving a "No Trespassing  sign on the door to the American people and other visitors.  When you did that, Mr. President, did you begin paying your own rent, since it is the taxpayers who pay the rent on the house you live in today.
It was only a matter of months since the White House closing to the next step of a recluse - that of shutting down the "visitors" logs from the view of America.  Well, since we know we're no longer your guests, who exactly are you entertaining in our house?  Did you become uncomfortable when we noticed the trail of Muslim Brotherhood visitors you invited to tea?
I took a look around my house last night and wondered what I would want cleaned up if I had unexpected visitors.  Other than a few dishes in the sink and dust on the furniture, I'm an open book. (Just ask NSA - they read my Emails and FB pages).
So, just for fun, I thought it would be good if the American citizens began sending you Emails with their own ideas of what they think you might be hiding. To contact the White House; Corresponding with the White House address, at this link, and to ask questions, at this link.
Here are a few of my guesses:
  • You haven't turned the White House into a bordello, have you?  I ask because you have prostituted the U.S. Constitution and massage our enemies.  If you have, that is the fanciest brothel in the country! 
  • I know it isn't a Hunting Lodge, because you are all for gun control, except for the Secret Service guarding you and your family.
  • Have you turned it into a Mosque? Have you hired workers to attach a minaret to the building?  I understand a mosque is traditionally the centre of social, political, and educational life in Islamic societies. Have you mistaken the country you are leading to be an Islamic country?  If so, would you do America a huge favor and resign immediately, as "your" Office and our House are not representatives of Islam.  
  • Has the White House been taken over by Aliens?!
  • My friend, Lance, just suggested that America hire a few "Ghostbusters" to fumigate the White House after you leave, Mr. President.  We fear the White House will be haunted after having so many "unknown/strange" visitors. 


(by Susan Duclos) -- When Barack obama first became president, he gave a speech, one you will see below in the first video, talking about transparency and how for a long time there has been too much secrecy and the “old rules” said that if there was a “defensible argument for not disclosing something to the American people. then it should not be disclosed. “
Quoting obama directly, he then said “That era is now over.”
He talks about the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and how it is the “most powerful instrument we have for making our government honest and transparent.”
Which brings us to a recent court ruling, where the Obama administration argued and won, against a Judicial Watch FOIA request for Secret Service records in order to access White House visitor information for President Obama’s first seven months in office.
Make no mistake, the Bush White House asserted the same thing, but Barack Obama said that era was over as he took office.
In February, Obama claimed his administration was the “most transparent ever,” and that claim was made as he was fighting another FOIA request about his targeted killing drone program, which was eventually exposed.
Obama’s website says “My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government.”
Yet the White House, paid for by American taxpayers, and Obama, who works for those same taxpayers, is allowed to hide who he talks to, who his staff talks to, in OUR house.
What is Obama hiding?