Sunday, August 25, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Received $850K from US Embassy

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Sunday, August 25,2013
The White House is CLOSED to America's citizens: no more educational trips by our school children, citizens and tourists, even though most of the "tours" were conducted by volunteers.  Why?  According to Obama, due to "$85 billion in automatic budget cuts.

Of course, the sequester did not prevent the President and his family from canceling their planned vacations to Africa, or Martha's Vineyard; nor did Obama think twice about his weekend trips to the golf course, all paid for by America's taxpayers.  How much did just his eight day trip to Africa cost the taxpayers? Ready?  $60-100 million.
As the Obamas' waved goodbye to America, Americans waved goodbye to approximately ONE HUNDRED MILLION of their money to support this pompous, pretentious, trip, under the guise of "it will be good for America's economy".  Ha, have I got a bridge to sell you, if you can believe that old, tired excuse!  Good for who's economy?  Here's one example of how his trip boosted Africa's economy: Barack Obama pledges energy cash to light up Africa’s darkness.

It appears Obama can light up the world, while leaving America in darkness.
And now, low and behold, we hear that another festering weakness in America's economy can be attributed to his slush fund to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, to the tune of over $850,000.  Does anyone in the United States hear Obama saying those words from another era, "Let them eat cake"?!

Now, why am I fixated on the closing of the White House?  Because it is "we the people's" house; not Obama's personal home - it is America's home.  And, the un-American president, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, has supported terrorist organizations, such as the Brotherhood; apologized for America to the Islamic world; wined and dined Muslim Brotherhood members inside the White House; ignores the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights; has more scandals in Washington than Planter's has peanuts and now, add Egypt's latest revelations to Obama's corrupt legacy.  

How much longer must these United States endure this illegitimate leadership, before Congress takes action and does the right thing for the sake of our nation?
While you ponder that question, would you do one thing for America - open up the darn WHITE HOUSE!!

Egypt Atty Gen Says Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Received $850K from US Embassy
August 25, 2013 By  

obama we dont negotiate with terrorists we finance them

Being a Muslim Brotherhood leader is apparently a nice job, if you can get it. Apparently, according to Walid Shoebat, there are some very nice fringe benefits.

Egypt’s Attorney General Hisham Barakat is looking into evidence that arrested Muslim Brotherhood leaders accepted bribes from the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, according to a report from Almesryoon, an Egyptian newspaper that cites a “judicial source”.
The strength of these allegations is seemingly bolstered by another case alluded to by the newspaper in which a document is referenced. This document reportedly reveals monthly “gifts” being paid to Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt by the Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani, Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Mursi government. These monthly payments were said to be denominated in U.S. dollars to each leader.
The names listed on the Qatar document match several names mentioned in the Almesryoon article, including Mohamed Beltagy, listed as the last name in the Qatari document as being paid an annual “gift”/bribe of $850,000 annually in U.S. dollars.
The document above lists “gifts” which amount to bribes being paid to the Mursi government members in annual payments of between $750,000 and $850,000 in U.S. dollars each. The sums amount to tens of millions of dollars in bribes.
Chump change by Obama Inc. standards. Too bad the Muslim Brotherhood didn’t think of opening its own Green Energy company. Then it could have scored some serious DOE loans.
Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.