Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Syria is destroyed, the horrors of war screenshot

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In the Israeli news, Station Kr8,  a "second" report that Assad, family members have fled to Iran (below).  The first report came directly from Iranian TV news here.http://www.alnahar-news.com/index.php?news=2110
However, since first reporting on Assad's flight from Syria less than two hours ago, Iran's bandwidth is flooded and unable to open their "link".  Or, Iran has shut down their Internet services (??), which could by why no one is able to confirm reports of Assad's flight out of Syria.

And now, the world awaits the next "move" by the Syrian people, while the United States Naval ships are stationed along the coast of Syria.  Is there still reason to send missiles into Syria if Assad has moved on to Iran?  Which of the NINE groups of rebels will attempt to take over; which is a frightening thought, knowing that Fox News interview with former Ambassador Bolton (yesterday) reported that 7 out of 9 groups of the Free Syrian Army are linked to al Qaeda/terrorism.

Israelis have been on high alert, prepared for the worst, but continuing their daily routines, because in Israel, every day is filled with "unexpected" surprises - good and bad - due to the on-going, never-ending attacks on their tiny nation by their closest "neighbors".

I would think that this evening, there is a calmness in Syria - before the next storm.


Russian citizens evacuated from Syria, "the country on the brink of the abyss"

Russian citizens evacuated from the coastal city of Latakia special plane, due to the emerging Western attack Syria. UN refugee agency: Current fleeing prevail, Syria on the brink of an abyss. Unconfirmed reports: Asad fled Tehran AP source:

The Russians are trying to prevent an attack - but do not take unnecessary risks. Dozens of Russian citizens evacuated last night (Tuesday) special plane from Syria in light of the growing threat attack Western country. At the same time the Russian news agency "Novosti" Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke with his American counterpart John Kerry and part of the assertion that the Assad regime is behind the chemical attack on the outskirts of Damascus last week.

Meanwhile, unfounded media reported that the president's plane landed
unexpectedly Bashar Assad in Tehran and some claimed that the president is in, with associates and family. There is no verification of these reports from any reliable source.

Kerry Llberov conversation between U.S. Secretary of State said that Damascus guilt chemical attack claimed the lives of hundreds. But Lavrov rejected this claim and laid out the grounds of Moscow, unspecified foreign ministry statement. Vice President Joe Biden stated emphatically last night that the government's position is that the regime attacked the citizens with gas.

Images were transferred from the airport Latakia on the Mediterranean coast were the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Civil Defence of the Russian aircraft interiors dozens of civilians, including many children. Latakia is a stronghold of supporters of Assad, as is the area where people live among whom Alawite Assad. Russia has a military base where regular days.

Agency "Interfax" reported that earlier landed in Latakia plane carrying 20 tons of humanitarian supplies. He took off and the board asked 89 people to be evacuated, including 75 Russian citizens.

Russian citizens returning to their country, but the Syrian masses will leave their homeland and the United Nations call to prepare for the increasing flow of refugees from bleeding. UNHCR head Antonio Gottrs, said that Syria is "on the brink".

"It has become a global threat. Published the latest escalation, Syria is on the brink of an abyss. We need to be prepared for any scenario," said Gottrs an interview with the Associated Press in Baghdad. He called on neighboring countries to Syria to continue to keep their borders open to other Syrian citizens fleeing their country.

UN sources said that more than -44 thousand refugees have passed since August 15 northern Iraq from Syria. Activists say that the place had not seen such a large influx of refugees since the uprising against Assad began over two years ago. Weekend, the UN announced that Number of children of refugees from Syria crossed the millionth.

"Israel will receive an early signal"

Diplomatic sources told Ynet that will soon appreciate when American attack, but said that Israel would not be surprised. "Can we get an early signal evaluate military action in Syria," the sources said.

Israel officially careful to keep silent and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded his ministers to coordinate all their public statements with the Department of Information Office of the Prime Minister. But last night bothered both Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon, to convey messages to Syria aggressive and unequivocal meaning: Do not mess with us.

"The Iranians are threatening, all threatening," said a Syrian Israel versed on the subject. "But it is clear to everyone that these empty threats.

The goal of the U.S. and its partners is to find the right balance between military action to clarify the position of the U.S. government regarding the events in Syria, but at the same time allow Assad to contain the attack without opening other fronts. "

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Tuesday that Syria attack goal is the overthrow of the Assad regime, but sending a message about the use of chemical weapons. An Israeli political source said that "Israel is preparing for the possibility of peaceful American action in Syria. We do not believe we face war and we are not part of this process. However, should be vigilant and see how things develop."