Tuesday, August 27, 2013

American attack coming, says John Kerry

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Tuesday, August 27, 2013
U.S. strengthens naval force along Syria's coast

The suggestion that American troops now attack Syria are largely debated all afternoon and into the evening hours, with one Poll demonstrating that only 9% of Americans believe the United States should become involved in yet another Islamist war!  
Americans do not lack sympathy for the innocent Syrians dying, and we are in shock, grieving over the loss of life because of the use of chemical weapons.  But, many innocent lives have been lost since this war began over two years ago; we hear over 100,000 people. However, it is a fact that the Obama administration cannot by-pass Congress (again).  Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution says "Congress shall have power to ... declare War".  Obama did not present his case before sending troops to Libya. 
What Americans are very leary of is having an attack on Syria turn out to be another failed "Libya".  We are not very trusting of this administration's decisions when it boils down to "foreign" policies.  Nor, do we support Islamists terrorists, who seem to accumulate daily, sprinkling their hatred and cowardly murders in just about every country in this old world. It is clear they cannot live in today's society, as they attempt to bring us all back into the 7th century. 
President Obama must present his case before Congress and the American people.  For the opinions of others, see:  (Syria: Everyone Has an Opinion, but The Road to Damascus Starts in Tehran).  And, please take a moment to read Fresno Zionism's: Syrian crisis not serious (yet)

Kr8 (Israeli News) Translated from Hebrew:

American attack coming, John Kerry: "There was a massacre in Syria chemical, we will exploit the law"
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry carried the night with a clear statement that there is no doubt performed chemical attack Syria, and that the Red Line "of the United States with regard to cross state intervention. "There is nothing more significant than that on the agenda," it is a moral slump can no longer be denied "

John Kerry - screenshot
Kerry explained: "use of chemical weapons can not occur without consequences"

U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, said in a statement that there is no doubt that Syria used chemical weapons, and said that Obama believes that there must be a reaction to it. "There is nothing more significant than that on the agenda", said Kerry. "This is a moral low Lhchsh"socnoiot can no longer news source:

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry carried the night (B) a statement which said that there is no doubt performed chemical attack Syria, and that the Red Line "of the United States with regard to cross state intervention.

"The killing of women and children with chemical weapons is a moral slump can no longer be denied," said Kerry.

Reason that the world has completely abandoned chemical weapons. There is a reason that so many countries have stopped the use of weapons other. There is a reason why Obama made clear that global norms can not be violated without repercussions. "

Kerry said last night talking to heads of state from around the world and watch videos distributed over the network. "I can not get the description from my mind, images of entire families dead in their rooms, bodies, people suffer. No way anyone could fabricate these pictures," he demanded. "It is true that convincing. Certainly - used chemical weapons in Syria."

He added that the conduct of the government and its cover-up attempts to leave no doubt that used chemical weapons in Syria. While Kerry said that the UN investigation and made sure that the parties did, but noted that the U.S. government has information that the government can carry out this attack.

Syria since the fighting began two years ago and a half, many in the Western world were divided as to intervene in the country. In recent months, the death toll rose significantly in the country, respectively criticism of the non-intervention.

In recent months surfaced question is whether the "red line" that defined Americans who had attacked the army of relief in Syria, remains unchanged. Following reports on the use of chemical weapons against civilians in the suburbs of Damascus collected over 1,300 deaths, including many children, increased discussions in the United States and began forming a coalition in support of the strike.

On the other hand, Russia and Iran warned against the attack that could "roll the entire region to war" and explained that "there is no evidence for chemical weapons in Syria."

Deputy Minister of Information Assad's Baath Party, passed to the - key, even threatened that if the U.S. would intervene in the war, Israel would suffer a direct attack would include Iranian involvement, Lebanon, and Iraq.