Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What's News? When will the U.S. strike Syria?

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Wednesday, August 28, 2013



The thought in every American's mind today is "When will the U.S. strike Syria?" The Administration has made it clear that it could be as early as Friday (perhaps Thrusday?).
I awoke this morning to hear Fox News discussing the "topic of the day" and the usual round of "Syria-Obama-Congress" issue.  Reports are on-going on how soon the U.S. would strike Syria - Thursday, or Friday(?). The only problem is that Congress is on vacation, Obama has not presented his case to the members of Congress except for "calling a few members of Congress", and the fact that no one has reported what Iran is claiming on their News Channel: .  That link crashed last night, but is up again this morning.  Either Iran is playing a joke on the world, or Assad and family actually did arrive in Iran on Tuesday evening.

If Assad is in Iran and the U.S. is bent on striking Syria come Hell or high water, I would launch a media "blackout" on any news that the chemical weapon strikes by Assad's army is no longer a threat to the Syrian people.

And, since the first chemical weapons attack happened over 3 months ago, why did Obama wait until Congress was on their summer vacation to decide to call up the Navy and strike Syria?  Is anyone awake in Washington, D.C.?  And, surely, Obama could call Congress back for a meeting about something as serious as attacking another nation - a nation in the middle of a Civil War - that has not been a threat to the U.S. security these past two plus year.

I am not in support for Dictators, but every Islamic country has either a dictator or King/Prince as its leadership - name one out of 22 countries that doesn't - and the United States is not in the business of overthrowing governments, are we?

Oh, wait!  There's that little matter of telling former Egypt's President Mubarak to "step down" and then claiming no responsibility for what happened in Egypt.

And there is that incidental problem in Libya that is like an elephant in the room - after Gaddafi was captured, tortured by a group of savages, and then murdered. In the streets of Libya, butchers murdered a Butcher.  Under Bush, Saddam Hussein received a trial - was not left for the crowd to torture.  Let's talk about the case for "humanity". The savages who murdered/tortured Gaddafi, did the same to FOUR Americans in Benghazi.  I would say that our interference and choices, to-date, have not been a huge success.

Let's give Egypt credit where credit is due.  They did not allow Mubarak to be tortured and murdered, as the Libyans did to Gaddafi.  That's another thing the world can thank the Egyptian military for - respect and decency.  

Chemical weapons are crimes against humanity, that's for certain!  However, so is blowing the brains out of young children and civilians, which has amounted to over 100,000 dead Syrians in two years!  Cruelty, savage beatings and murders are not entirely to be blamed on Assad: we have posted videos here of the cruel behavior of the rebels, towards young children.  We also reported yesterday that there is evidence that the rebels, not Assad's army, have used chemical weapons.  We used more than one source of information.  Here's a video posted recently on this blog, demonstrating once again, the cruelty of the "rebels":  

Executing Children for Supporting Assad

And yet, Washington, and McCain (on Fox News) deny the possibility that the rebels used chemical weapons.  Why?  My guess is that if there is a doubt as to which side, or both sides used weapons of mass destruction (WMD), it would be more difficult to claim it was all President Assad's responsibility and not the al Qaeda terrorists/rebels fault for the use of those weapons.

President Assad is a wicked man - no doubt, not denying.  His country has been an enemy of its neighbor Israel for many years.  Yet, it was not that long ago, when Hillary Clinton claimed Assad was a "reformer"; so, again, there are constant mistakes/poor choices made in Washington, D.C. 
I am not playing devil's advocate.  There is no doubt that Syria is in the middle of a Civil War costing the lives of over 100,000 of its citizens.  There is no doubt, according to experts, that chemical weapons have been used.

What I do doubt, from failed foreign policies of this administration, is decisions as serious as the possibility of starting another "War on Terror", or worse, a Third World War: a matter so serious that is should first be discussed among ALL our congressional members, and then presented before the nation.  The objectives and goals of an attack on Syria have not been presented before the American people.

War is hell!  Decisions made by the United States will have a lasting effect on the world - let's walk carefully before sending more American troops into another war.

Lastly, I do have a question: "Why aren't the very Arab nations we have provided planes, military equipment, technology to involved in the support of the Syrian people?  Saudi Arabia is demanding that something be done (referring to the removal of Assad); well, what is preventing Saudi Arabia's military from taking care of Syria?  Why does the Arab world expect the United States to take action, when the Arab world should be the very people defending their "brothers" within the Islamic world."
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Shalom!  Long live the United States of America.  Long live Israel.