Monday, August 26, 2013

Video: Three Arabs Killed in Kalandiya Riot

Americans Stand with Israel

by Bee Sting
Monday, August 26, 2013
Before going to the report on Israel National News, please note TheTimes of Israel's headlines:
Peace talks on rocks after 3 Palestinians killed by IDF - "Session of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations scheduled for Monday night canceled over shooting in Qalandiya"
Abbas had to be appeased and bribed before he would consider "talks" of "peace" with Israel and Kerry/Obama team agreed with the PLO/Fatah/Abbas' demands, by forcing Israel to release Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prisons. Of course, that wasn't a "precondition" to talks, since there were not suppose to be preconditions. (Yeah, right!)

And so, the talks began with the blood on the hands of the Palestinian terrorists released; and everyone watching on the sidelines were taking bets as to how long it would take Abbas to bow out of the "talks" - "talks" he was never serious about in the first place.  How could he be?  He is attached to the hip of the Hamas Palestinians, who are attached to the hips of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The suicide bombings by the Palestinians began after the Oslo Agreement was signed and continue to this day: some of those suicide bombers were released per request of Abbas/Kerry.  These peace talks are as worthless as all previous "agreements" between these Arab Palestinians and Israel.

So, the attack on the IDF as they went to arrest a suspect, by 1500 Palestinians, seems like a good reason for Abbas, to cancel sessions of negotiations, as he whines about "settlement building" during his complaint over three dead Palestinians.  How does any rational mind include contractors and building in the same complaint about the deaths of your own people?  That's like being told your friends died and as you process that news, you then complain that someone served you the wrong flavor ice cream.  You ask, "What does ice cream have to do with friends dying?!"  My response would be "Nothing!" And settlements have nothing to do with peace talks, or a mob of Palestinians attacking the IDF.

By Kochava Rozenbaum & Gil Ronen
First Publish: 8/26/2013, 9:44 AM

Video: Three Arabs Killed in Kalandiya Riot

IDF: security forces entered neighborhood to carry out an arrest, and were attacked with "extreme violence" by hundreds of Arabs.

Arab sources said Monday morning that three Arabs were shot dead in Kalandiya, north of Jerusalem, in a clash with the IDF, and 19 were wounded.

An initial IDF inquiry shows that Border Police were attacked with fire bombs, rocks and bottles, and had to resort to live fire.

The IDF said Monday that the incident took place during nighttime activity by security forces for the arrest of a wanted man in Kalandiya. In thecourse of the arrest, “an extremely violent disturbance” developed, and “many hundreds” of Arabs attacked the IDF force.

The IDF force that was providing security for the arresting squad took action to extricate it, and when the forces felt actual danger to their lives, they opened fire at the attackers. The wanted man, a terrorist, was arrested and taken to interrogation.

AFP said that three Arabs were transferred to a hospital in Ramallah, where they were pronounced dead. 

Arab hospital officials told AFP the dead were Rubeen Abed Fares, 30, and Yunis Jahjouh, 22, who were both shot in the chest, and Jihad Aslan, 20, who died of brain damage.

"In the early hours of the morning a border police team went into Kalandiya camp to arrest a hostile terrorist activist," Israel Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said.

“After his arrest, a mob of about 1,500 residents began a disturbance, throwing fire bombs and stones, endangering the lives of force members, who responded with riot dispersal means."

"We do not know of any fatalities on the other side," she added. "We know of three injured who were taken to a (Palestinian) hospital but we do not know of danger to their lives."

She said that three border policeman were lightly injured by rocks.