Monday, August 26, 2013

Syria: Everyone Has an Opinion, but The Road to Damascus Starts in Tehran

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Monday, August 26, 2013

Free Syrian Army fighters (Photo: © Reuters)

U.S.-Trained Commandos Moving Toward Damascus

What will happen if the U.S.-backed rebels succeed in toppling Syrian President Assad?

The story: A 300-strong group of Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters crossed the border with Syria on August 17, and were joined by another group two days later.

"According to military sources, the Americans, who don't want to put troops on Syrian soil or arm rebels who are in part controlled by radical Islamists, have quietly trained a bunch of handpicked FSA fighters in training camps set up at the Jordanian-Syrian border," the paper said.

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Israelis Flock for Gas Masks Amid U.S. Syria Strike Talk
As U.S. and Western top generals meet in the Middle East Monday to deliberate their next move, Israelis are flocking to distribution centers to pick up gas masks, fearing Syrian retaliation should the regime of President Bashar Assad be attacked.
Israel’s Postal Authority, which is responsible for handing out civilian gas masks, reported a three-fold increase in home delivery orders of chemical weapons kits which include gas masks and a nerve gas antidote.
Israel’s Channel 2 is quoting Israeli military sources who say they do not believe that Syria will launch a military attack on Israel were it to face a U.S. strike. “Israel’s estimation is that Assad would not retaliate against Israel” but that precautions were being taken nonetheless, Channel 2 reported, as quoted by the Times of Israel.   read more
and now, from Israel National News:

Report: Syrian Intervention Could Begin 'Within a Week'

F/A-18F Super Hornets launch from US Navy aircraft carrier USS Enterprise
F/A-18F Super Hornets launch from US Navy aircraft carrier USS Enterprise
British, American navies poised for attack - but how realistic is western intervention in Syria?
British and American naval vessels are currently preparing for military action against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, following an alleged chemical attack by the regime against its own civilians, according to The Telegraph.
According to the paper, military commanders are currently drawing up a list of potential targets to strike, in a operation that would resemble the opening phase of the western intervention in Libya which helped oust Colonel Gaddafi.
In that operation, western forces used air and naval forces to back rebels fighters on the ground, but stopped short of sending "boots on the ground" of their own.
Talks between western leaders are still ongoing, but a potential military intervention involving a joint air and naval attack could potentially begin within a week, according to British government sources.
The report comes soon after British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu upped the ante by claiming United Nations approval was not necessarily needed for intervention to take place.  read more
and now, a word from a Conservative Movement - Lady Patriot:
Obama, al Qaeda and the Syrian Rebels: One and the same, throw in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey for Good Measure
by Diane Sori
 As Obama and his minions continue to blame Bashar al-Assad for the chemical attacks on Syrian civilians, a few days ago on Facebook I posted a short statement as to what I believed to be the truth in regards to the gassing of those civilians. 
I stated it was my opinion that the Syrian rebels, who are outwardly supported by al-Qaeda, and to whom I believe Barack HUSSEIN Obama was running guns and weapons to (can you say Benghazi), are the ones using the chemical weapons (of the same sarin gas type that Saddam used on the Kurds and moved to Syria before we went into Iraq) on their own people and blaming it on Assad.I further stated that I believed this to be the case because Assad’s military forces are gaining ground against the rebels…rebels who are actually jihadists and NOT opposition fighters for Syrian freedom, but fighters who want to turn once somewhat secular Syria (albeit a dictatorship) into yet another islamic state. And to that end, what better way to turn world opinion against Assad than to claim he’s the one gassing the civilians.
And now it seems I was right for according to both Syria’s information minister, Omran al-Zoabi, who said Syrian rebels were the ones who fired rockets containing chemical agents last Tuesday, and with the official Syrian Arab News Agency, reporting that the Syrian military has uncovered a large secret store of chemical weapons in the tunnels beneath the heavily contested Damascus suburb of Jobar, and that these weapons were NOT put there by Assad’s forces for this discovery…in the former rebel stronghold… shows that it was the al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels who were the ones using chemical weapons against civilians NOT Assad.
and, Lady Patriot continues:
"But really this is NO surprise as the governments of both Saudi Arabia and Qatar are strong supporters of the Syrian rebels, so finding these items in a rebel warehouse…in a former rebel stronghold…puts the pieces of the puzzle together quite nicely. Remember, Turkey is widely known as being the middleman between these two countries and the Syrian rebels, and with Ankara publicly denouncing Assad even while they deny any involvement in moving weapons to the rebels, a definitive connection is starting to emerge that ties Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s in-your-face loyalty to them with the happenings at Benghazi (the infamous photo of an American president bowing down to the Saudi King comes to mind).And for we patriots everything points back to Benghazi…the truth about Benghazi and why Ambassador Christopher Stevens needed to be silenced…a truth I have spoken of time and again since day one…the truth that (I believe) shows Barack HUSSEIN Obama was ‘under the radar’ smuggling guns and weapons (including possibly these just used chemical weapons) through Turkey to the Syrian rebels, and that he was even aided in that task by both his allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar…after all the findings in the warehouse seem to indicate just that." read more
 and, from DAILY NEWS:

Assad says chemical weapons claims 'insult to common sense'

A handout picture released by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on August 25, 2013 shows Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (C) meeting with newly-appointed ministers in Damascus. AFP Photo
A handout picture released by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on August 25, 2013 shows Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (C) meeting with newly-appointed ministers in Damascus. AFP Photo

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Western claims his regime used chemical weapons were an "insult to common sense" and warned the United States it faced failure if it attacked Syria, in an interview with a Russian newspaper published Monday. 
Assad told pro-Kremlin daily Izvestia in the extensive interview that Syria would never be a "puppet" of the West and said Washington had never succeeded in reaching its political aims through war.
"The comments (accusing the regime of using chemical weapons) made by politicians in the West and other countries are an insult to common sense... It is nonsense," Assad said.
Assad accused the United States of first making the accusations that his regime used chemical weapons in an attack outside Damascus that activists say killed hundreds, and only later starting to look for proof.
He said the frontline in the area where the incident took place was not clear and the Syrian regime would have risked killing its own army forces if it used chemical weapons. READ MORE
AND while everyone has an opinion about Syria, after their two-plus years of fighting a Civil War between and among Muslims, (isn't that what the USA has been fighting these past 12 years - Islamist terrorism?), here is the bottom line - by Michael Ledeen, PJ MEDIA: a "Red Line" drawn by PM Netanyahu a year ago and a "Red Line" that should have also been drawn by the United States of America,

The Road to Damascus Starts in Tehran

by Michael Ledeen, PJ Media                                                 August 25th, 2013 - 12:10 pm

It’s Middle East Groundhog Day all over again.  The discussion of What To Do About Syria is a replay of What To Do About Saddam:  it’s all about the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong way.

When the intel and military “experts” say, as they have been saying for many months, “there is no good outcome in Syria,” they’re talking about that war, the wrong war.
We invaded Iraq in the name of the War Against Terror, which President George W. Bush defined as a war against terrorist organizations and the states that supported them.  That should have made Iran the focus of our strategy, since Tehran was (and still is, now more than ever) the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.  Nothing would have so devastated the jihadis as the fall of the Iranian regime, which–then as now–funded, trained, armed and gave sanctuary to terrorist groups from al-Qaeda and Hezbollah to Islamic Jihad and Hamas.  Unless we defeated Iran, it would not be possible for Iraq to have decent security, no matter how total the defeat of Saddam and the Baathists, and how well-intentioned the successor government.  As you can plainly see.
It’s not as if anyone should be surprised;  before the invasion, both Assad and Khamenei publicly announced that they would wage war against us in Iraq, just as they had in Lebanon a short generation before.  Today they warn us to stay out of Syria, or they will attack us on a global scale.
Here we go.  Again.  We are still the main target of the terror war, of which the leading sponsor is Iran.  The Assad regime in Damascus is a satrapy of Iran, as we are publicly told by both the Syrian insurrectionaries and the Iranian leaders, including The Great Moderate, President Rouhani.  There are thousands of Iranian killers in the front lines, hailing from the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force and from Hezbollah, long the regime’s foreign legion. Iranian advisers tell Assad’s loyalists where and how to attack, and if the Syrians have indeed used chemical weapons, you can be sure the Iranians approved it, and were probably involved in the operations.
So, as in Iraq, if you want to win this battle in the terror war, you must defeat the Iranian regime And, as in the early years of this bloody century, you can do it without dropping bombs or sending Americans to fight on the ground, because the overwhelming majority of Iranians want to rid themselves of Khamenei and Rouhani and all the rest of their tyrannical oppressors.  They can do it, with a bit of political, technological and economic support. 
 They could have done it in 2003, when they were on the verge of declaring a general strike against the regime.  Colin Powell and W abandoned them, and it never happened.  They could have done it in 2009, when millions of them took to the streets in demonstrations larger than those that led to the downfall of the shah.  Hillary Clinton and O abandoned them, and a brutal repression ensued.
A lot of Americans have been sacrificed to our failure of strategic vision, and American soldiers, the best of us, are at risk today in Afghanistan, targets of Iranian-trained Taliban fanatics.  You can be sure that more Americans will be at enhanced risk if we engage in Syria, from soldiers on military bases to civilians in embassies and consulates and resorts and stock exchanges, or even walking through Times Square or waiting at the finish line of a marathon.