Sunday, November 18, 2012

Obama, Muscling Netanyahu, Presses Israel Against Ground Invasion

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Obama Back Stab
The New York Times is reporting that President Obama is 'urging' Prime Minister Netanyahu not to invade Gaza: 
Though President Obama uttered immediate and firm public and private assurances that Israel has a right to defend itself from rocket attacks emanating from Gaza, administration officials have been privately urging Israeli officials not to extend the conflict, a move that many American officials believe could benefit Hamas. A protracted escalation, the officials fear, could damage Israel’s already fragile relationships with Egypt and Jordan at a time when both of those governments have been coming under pressure from their own populations.


A senior Obama administration official said the American message to Egypt had been “that we cannot have this conflict drag on, as it just risks greater threats to civilians.”

If Israel goes back into Gaza, both Egypt and Jordan — the only two Arab countries with peace treaties with Israel — would come under pressure from their people to break off ties, a move that would undoubtedly strengthen Hamas.

But to the relief of Obama administration officials, Mr. Morsi so far has not hinted at such a move, which would threaten the 1979 Camp David peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, a linchpin for stability in the region in Washington’s view. And administration officials say Mr. Morsi has indicated that he will try to calm the situation in Gaza before it worsens.

Bee's note:
Interesting, the words used by the Obama administration, in a show of "concern" for the civilians. What civilians is he referring to - Palestinians, Israelis, ... ?  Also, stranger, speaking to Egypt, after Egypt has proclaimed loud and clear that it supports Hamas!  Where or where was Obama's concern for the Israeli "civilians"?  Why do we always receive from Obama, a false since of indignation, whether it be about Susan Rice, or the "civilians" in a war that Hamas has instigated since the day they were voted in by the Palestinian people?