Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Day: Thank you, Israel

Music plays in my home, throughout the day, no matter what I am busy doing; this particular video's music is very light, brings cheerfulness to the soul and what a great way to bring a heart to a point of "Thanksgiving". I think that through tears, our hearts count our blessings and that has been this year, for me, often. It's been a rough year, a year of disappointments and then, suddenly, like the blooms on the flowers you see here, life became so beautiful, refreshing, and new! I thank you, dear friends, for your kindness and many E-mails that were so encouraging; I thank the Lord for my family; for the roof over my head and the warmth inside; and this year, in particular, I want to thank our dear friends living in Israel. What a blessing to see the people and my personal friends in Israel, under fire from rocket attacks and bombings, never give up. What an amazing attitude and strength you demonstrate to the world and, to those who love you! I wish each and everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, and even to those who do not celebrate this holiday, because every day is thanksgiving in their hears and souls.  Bee Sting