Wednesday, June 13, 2012

(Music Video) "May Our Eyes Behold"

Jeremy Gimpel..
12 June '12..

Shalom Friends, 

I had an incredible opportunity to take part in creating one of the most inspiring Israeli-Jewish music videos I've ever seen. The song is performed by my dear friends Naftali Kalfa and Shlomo Katz. 

If you've ever wanted to hear the song of the soul of the Nation of Israel - THIS IS IT! 

"May Our Eyes Behold", the title of this song, expresses the deepest yearning, the greatest hope, and the most heartfelt prayer of the Jewish People. 

Shalom from your friends in Jerusalem, 
Ari & Jeremy 

Published on Jun 9, 2012 by  

Composed by Naftali Kalfa
Produced & Arranged by Shlomo Katz
Video directed by Eldad Eilat

May our eyes see Your return to Zion with love.

The One who restores His Presence to Zion.

May you build it up in our days an everlasting sanctuary.

And prepare the throne of David your servant.

May the Temple be built and the City of Zion be filled.

And there we will sing a new song, and with joy ascend.

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