Sunday, July 8, 2012

Clinton: Straight from the horses mouth ...

US Declares Afghanistan Major Non-NATO Ally

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Saturday that Afghanistan has been officially designated a “major non-NATO ally."

First Publish: 7/8/2012, 2:38 PM

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
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Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Saturday that Afghanistan has been officially designated a “major non-NATO ally,” a status that allows for streamlined defense cooperation, including expedited purchasing ability of American equipment and easier export control regulations.
“We see this as a powerful symbol of our commitment to Afghanistan’s future,” Clinton said at a news conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai during a brief stop in the Afghan capital on her way to Tokyo for a 70-nation conference on civilian aid to Afghanistan. “This is the kind of relationship we think will be especially beneficial as we do the transition and as we plan for the post-2014 presence.”
The designation, which was first announced in May, is now being fully implemented.
Other countries in the category include Israel, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea.
It is one more way that the Obama administration is seeking to reassure Karzai that the United States will not abandon Afghanistan after American and NATO troops withrdwarl from the country.
A U.S. diplomatic official said Saturday that donor nations have pledged $16 billion in development aid to the country over the next four years, despite concerns over the country’s rampant corruption.
Clinton said the U.S. has been working closely with Afghan authorities to eliminate fraud, mismanagement and abuse. She said the meeting in Tokyo would include accountability measures to ensure that money sent to Afghanistan benefits the Afghan people.
"This is an issue the government and the people of Afghanistan want action on, and we want to ensure they are successful," Clinton said.
U.S. officials have yet to negotiate the exact number of troops that will remain in Afghanistan after combat operations are expected to conclude in 2014.
During the news conference, Clinton repeated the tenets of America's "fight, talk, build" strategy for Afghanistan: defeat extremists, and win over Taliban militants terrorists and others willing to renounce violence and help in the long reconstruction of Afghanistan, theAssociated Press reported.
"This is the kind of relationship that we think will be especially beneficial as we plan for the transition," Clinton stated. "It will help the Afghan military expand its capacity and have a broader relationship with the United States."

Bee's note:

Obama administration to ask Congress to sustain civilian Afghan aid through 2017 ...!

Is "asking" Congress merely a formality?!  Or, has this administration once again by-passed Congress to aid Afghanistan?
Oh, and I just love the comment about "helping the Afghan military expand" ... that's a pip! Is this the same military that was shooting our troops in the back of the head a few months ago?
"Fight, talk, build" ... nifty little propaganda phrase used to describe arming and aiding a country that hates the USA/West and all non-Muslims; with a leadership so corrupt it is taking 70 nations to decide how best to handle the "aid" in order for it to actually reach the citizens of Afghanistan!  Good luck with that one ... just like aiding the Gaza Palestinians hasn't stopped rockets from being shot into Israel.
Oh, and speaking of Israel, did you note in the article how Israel's name popped up in the same breath as Pakistan, etc.?  As if aiding Afghanistan is the same as aiding the only democracy among 57 Islamic countries is in the same boat?  And, anyone with a tiny bit of knowledge knows that Israeli aid comes back to the U.S. three-fold in contracts and technology, etc.  ... Name one Islamic country that is held to the same type of agreements/contracts that are made between Israel and the U.S.  Israel is an ally of the USA; comparing Israel with Afghanistan/Pakistan is like comparing apples and oranges.
Congress needs to think hard and fast before agreeing to Hillary's request for long-term aid to Afghanistan.  The American people are fed up with politicians that continue using failed foreign policies that are not in the best interest of the United States.  We are fed up with "fast talkers" who want to "build up" nations that continue to be led by Islamic Sharia laws and are unable to live in this civilized world. Remember, 99% of all terrorist organizations and countries at war are Islamic.  
America needs to vote out every last politician that hugs and supports America's enemies, as it leaks information/betrayals to the MSM that harm our true allies and our own nation.