Monday, July 23, 2012

We interrupt this vacation ....

Yes, I had notified everyone that I was "on vacation" until the first of August.  For someone who spends so much time on the computer, the first few days "away" were quite difficult for me, as I felt as though I was having major withdrawal symptoms.  Since I don't live in a box, spending more time with family and enjoying what I considered a time to catch my breath, has not prevented the world to stop reporting news and events from around the world that are so horrific, so shocking, it makes me wonder if continuing this blog is "good" for my health.  A constant diet of bad news is not good for anyone, which is one reason why I decided to take this time off just to reflect.

Dead Jews, Old NewsHowever, there isn't a day that goes by when Israel hasn't had to deal with terrorism and terrorist attacks and so, the Islamic attack that killed 7 Israelis and injured 32 Bulgaria on the 18th anniversary of the Iran-sponsored AMIA Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires is no coincident. I felt the need to "speak" and post yet another attack of Israelis and so, posted as a "record" of the latest attack on Jews.  Israel and Jews throughout the world are on constant alert, due to growing anti-Semitism and terrorism, that prevent a Jew from taking a vacation without first preparing for the worse, while making plans for a summer vacation.  Doesn't anyone wonder why Hilliary's decide to exclude Israel from the recent Global Counter-terrorism Forum?!  Let me guess - was it because Turkey and other Islamic leaders refused to sit at a table with Israeli leaders?

The Olympic Flame visits a dedicated London 2012 training facilityThis blog is a mere speck among blogs - there are huge blogs with great writers and supporters of Israel, many of whom I also post here in an effort to share what is happening in and to Israel, along with this present Administration's foreign policies and treatment towards one of America's major ally's.  It hasn't been a pretty picture: Israelis have not only had to tend with unfriendly neighbors, threats from the Iranian madmen, bombs and missile attacks from major terrorist organizations, it also must contend with propaganda and unbelievable  false statements within major newspapers and blogs that are less friendly towards the Jewish people.  I will give you one example of demeaning the Land of Israel:  Weeks before the Olympics begin in London, the BBC refused to acknowledge that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.  And then, there is he refusal of the Olympic Committee to allow Israel one minute of silence on the anniversary of the Munich massacre that took place in 1972, to appease the Muslim nations.  The Olympics are not suppose to be "political" and yet, by the very refusal to honor the murdered Israeli athletes, the OIC has bowed to Islamic pressure - "Let the Games Begin!"
Photo: The Olympic Flame visits a dedicated London 2012 training facility
Torchbearer Scott Emmons carries the Olympic Flame around Mayesbrook Park Training Centre, a dedicated training centre for London 2012 athletes, on the Torch Relay leg through Barking and Dagenham (London Borough).

What other country in this world has had its capital and seat of government denied by the international community? Answer - none, none but the State of Israel.  As a matter of fact, the West, including the United States of America has refused to honor Israel's choice and right to define where its Capital exists - just like so many among the Muslim world refuse Israel's right to exist.
Is Israel the only country that experiences terrorism?  Of course not!  Whether from a lone gunman in Colorado who murdered 12 and wounded 59 innocent people, terrorism appears to be on-going and never-ending.  But I will continue to state that 99% of world-wide terrorism is from the bloody hands of Islamic followers.
The scenes from Colorado, the survivors who spoke of their experiences escaping from the movie theater, the list of victims, the tears shed by the families of the victims are shared with every American.  The photo below is from Mitt Rommney's Facebook page: "If any names are to be remembered regarding the tragedy in Aurora let be the names of the victims rather than that of the killer. Please keep their families, friends and the community of Aurora in your prayers."  You can go here for more stories of the real heroes
The two horrific acts of terrorism have caused both America and Israel to become as "one" in their losses fof innocent civilians.   -  both attacks were carefully planned to harm as many people as possible.  I am only mid-way into my vacation, but have made the decision to continue this blog when I return, as I believe both America and our ally Israel can share a different perspective than the one posted in the Main Stream Media.  No matter where you are or what you're doing, the shock of terrorist actions will always make one stop, think, and give "One Minute" of silence, in prayer, to acknowledge and honor the victims of terrorism.

God bless America and God bless Israel.
Friend, always
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