Saturday, December 15, 2012

Americans Stand with Israel - 3rd Anniversary


This week marks my Third Anniversary blogging.  I began with "Americans Defend Israel" in December, 2009.  However, that blog began running as slow as molasses and had to begin anew - with "Americans Stand with Israel".  

To-date, I have had over one-half a million views.  Now, that may not seem a lot for the amount of years posting here, but every reader, every "view", is deeply appreciated.  

I had to slow down this year due to many personal issues.  However, time does not stand still and neither does the rush of news in relation to the Middle East and our own foreign policies.  I look forward to continuing to share informative news articles and commentaries of tremendous authors, plus some beautiful music videos in the coming New Year.  May the year 2013 be a little kinder than this past year! 

Thank you, each and ever American patriot who visits this blog and thank you for your E-mails of encouragement.  And, for those living in the Middle East, may you understand the privilege Americans celebrate through their freedom to express our opinions, without having our heads, arms and legs cut off for disagreeing with the President of our nation.

And, I could not end this note without expressing my appreciation to Israel - the first country to send the USA a message of condolences, for the great tragedy we suffered yesterday, in losing 27 Americans to one gunman bent on murdering little school children and their teachers.  Thank you, Prime Minister Netanyahu and all my Israeli friends who sent letters (and videos) of sympathy toward us.    

Meanwhile, my daily newspaper is available at the link below: