Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bad moon over America - by Douglas J. Hagmann

Bee's note:  
Before reading the following commentary "Bad Moon Over America", by Douglas J. Hagmann, I want to express a huge thank you to Mr. Hagmann, for expressing so eloquently the thoughts of many Americans.  He has touched on the main issues, beginning from the first day Obama was elected in 2008 and with each passing day, the continued cover-ups under his lying lips and "guiding" hands.  

The other night my son and l were watching the evening news and of course, the discussion of how Obama is destroying America came up with each "new" announcement from the White House.  I said, we should write a book on "America's Destruction: Let me count the ways" this president is transforming America and my son said, "How about writing one on the "Biggest Scam in America's History".  My son wins the best title award!

Biggest Scam in America's History

The scam began during his first campaign, when he proclaimed from the rooftops "Hope and Change"!  The "flexibility" he promised the Russians was in operation under his "command" long before Americans voted for him.  Mr. Flexibility, the "Appeaser and Supporter of all things Islam", the "Betrayer of Good and Embracer of Evil", began long before he was president.  

People ask "Who is this man Barry Sorento, who now calls himself "Barack Hussein Obama"?  What a shame not enough American citizens asked before voting for him and worse, how ignorant to vote for him a second time around!  It is almost laughable that during his second campaign, there were no more promises of "hope and change"; he could only mouth the empty word "forward".  

Well, America, as Boston was bombed by Islamic terrorists two weeks ago, did you feel we we are marching "forward", or backward to the pre-9/11 days? - Bee Sting

Bad moon over America

29 April 2013: As the events in Boston played out over the last two weeks, one facet of this administration’s actions kept troubling me.  I couldn’t quite see it through the dense fog of information and accusations at first, but then in the dark of a restless night after my oral surgery a few days ago, I looked skyward and asked God Almighty for some light on the big picture, because I’m a “big picture, bottom line” kind of guy.  It seemed that within seconds, the clouds overhead began to break, and out of the darkness rose a full moon.  Somehow it seemed like an answer, but how?
I thought about my family and friends and then about my country and the world.  I tend to be a little dense at times and it still wasn’t quite clear to me what the moon rising on the horizon had to do with my hope for divinely inspired insights and revelations.  Amid the haze of my pain and medication, I startled myself by talking out loud to the Almighty, perhaps a bit too testily for which I hope I will be forgiven. “Don’t you see,” I fumed, “I’m just trying to get some perspective on our situation. How can I help people if I can’t get their attention on the big problems looming right in front of us?”
Perhaps it was the medication, but for the life of me I thought I heard God chuckle a  bit as I just stood there staring at the odd moonlit shapes and shadows around me.  It’s strange how moonlight makes the colors go away, turning everything monochrome.  The dark shadows of a rising moon distort and lie about what is really around you.  The buds and flowers on the oak and cherry tree branches which seemed so beautiful and reassuring on the previous spring afternoon suddenly become foreboding and stark.  The slightest, rustling breeze puts one’s senses on edge, seeing what your imagination is hearing.
Bad moon rising
Standing in the darkness, my thoughts wandered to a song from my youth by Credence Clearwater Revival, Bad Moon Rising. The lyrics were well imprinted in my subconscious: “I see the bad moon arising. I see trouble on the way. I see earthquakes and lightnin’. I see bad times today. Don’t go around tonight, well, it’s bound to take your life, there’s a bad moon on the rise.”
I already felt sick and the thoughts induced by that rock scripture weren’t very comforting.  Not being one to leave fate completely to chance, I walked back inside where I chased a couple more pills with some clear water in pursuit of my own “revival.”  While waiting for the promised relief I took a deep breath and badgered the Almighty yet again, clearly showing my heightened exasperation, for which I have since apologized.
“Please excuse my blindness, but what am I missing here?  I see a full moon.  How’s that relevant to Boston or Benghazi?  How does that tell us anything about the times were in?”
Bad economic moon
I complained to God that I’ve written about the peril our economy is facing as this president and his administration are kissing up to the globalists, and are in apparent agreement with their curses on our currency with their proclamations that they intend to  “just kill the dollar.”  In those moonlit moments, I complained about how wrong it seemed that no one has yet to challenge the president by asking whether the statement made by a high level Obama Administration official is truly their intent or if this official perhaps misstated the administration’s position.
Perhaps “we the people” don’t have the right perspective on the matter and there is a defensible situation that the president and this administration could envision where “killing” the dollar was a wise alternative that could be made to make sense to the American people… and for that matter, all other people around the world who rely on a stable U.S. dollar as their country’s reserve currency.  I again stared at the rising arse of the full moon.  I felt a bit indignant at the indignity of the situation.  I again begged God out loud, “please, please help me to see the obvious, if it’s actually that obvious!  What am I missing here, what’s right in my face that I’m not seeing?”
A tale of two moons
I closed my eyes and for a moment and I thought God directed a little nod to me, telling me to “look again!” After giving my eyes a moment to readjust, I looked back up at that full moon. In the blur and for an instant I was seeing double! Albeit briefly, two moons.
Instantly, like a silver bullet to the center of my brain it hit me, striking me hard right between the eyes and in a Godly instant it was clear as day.  It’s all a matter of perspective! The Almighty allows me to see it clearly now, it was always right there, but I just didn’t comprehend it correctly, or completely.
Now, bear with me here for a moment as my thoughts instantly went to the predicament my friend had over some neck ties that were marketed for men a few years ago. They looked conservative and relatively innocent so my friend’s mother had bought a few for him as a gift.  He had occasionally worn them around and never gave it a thought until his girlfriend’s mother had asked him, rather incredulously, if he thought it was really appropriate to wear a particular tie (his favorite until then) to a relative’s wedding where they were headed as a group.  She said “all those dead heads, skulls and naked women are really not very respectful to the sensibilities of the congregation who do not expect to be insulted by such indignities in God’s house. It’s just not right!”
Well, my friend failed to see the pictures hidden within the pictures. In his defense, he claims that a little color blindness mixed with intermittent dyslexia contributed to the problem. We were both amused that he could not see what his future mother-in-law saw so clearly and so immediately.  Upon his arrival at the church, he walked directly into the rest room where it seemed that most of the clergy and half of the choir were present. There, along with the choir and clergy, he explained his plight as they all stood in front of a mirror and looked for several long seconds at my friend’s tie.
Almost simultaneously, perhaps assisted by the mirror’s correction of the dyslexic-crossed brain wires, there it was, the montage of madness hidden within the tie that his mother-in-law so readily saw. Following a group blush, my friend quickly removed his tie and entered the church. Later, he recounted that he tossed that tie and the others into his fireplace, disposing of them like a possessed Ouija board. He watched as the flames contorted the colorfully glowing, coiled and writhing forms until they flattened dead to ashes.  He is amazed to this day at how the obvious pictures within the picture had eluded him so completely.  He has repeated the tale to me many times since, vowing that he “won’t be fooled again.”
That’s how I feel now, it all a matter of perspective, and I also am vowing to never “be fooled again!”
Against the backdrop I have painstakingly but purposefully detailed, I see Barack Hussein Obama now and in the past bowing to foreign kings and princes, and I see his officials, staff and even the people closest to him doing the same.  He pays these foreigners the dignity of his bows… but from my perspective, and America’s perspective, we’re just getting MOONED. There, I said it. We’re getting MOONED by the president and the members of his administration who are following his lead.
But, as if that’s not bad enough, we’re also getting MOONED by Congress.  They won’t pass a budget, but don’t you dare be one day late on your taxes. They bend over and pay foreigners, globalists, and murdering Wahabist/Jihadist scammers with the sweat off our brow.  They dignify their foreign benefactors evil deeds with deep virtual bows, while imposing the indignities of their MOONING stench upon us in the form of increasingly invasive burdens of regulations and taxes, further hampering our ability to function as a nation.
As any farm kid in flyover country can tell you from personal experience, you can’t run, let alone move very fast in farm-fresh fertilizer muck. The deeper and wetter it is the slower you go; and whatever you do, watch where you step, don’t let it slop over the top of your boots because the smell doesn’t wash away easily.
Now you might imagine that the subject of being “mooned” is a bit over the top and as such not suitable for “decent folk” to discuss publicly. Given the divine origins of my current enlightenment, however, I’ll continue along with anyone so inclined to further consider my divinely inspired thoughts on the perspective we are being provided by those “assuming the positions” of representative leadership within our fine Republic.
I will, however, pause momentarily to allow any of you who feel the need to exit this article now, due to my references to the Almighty and the angst this might have caused the atheists and even the Progressives among you. Blame it on the “mentical” (my new word) damage as a consequence of my pain and medication if you must, and accept my sincere apologies as you depart.
There is, however, an interesting historical precedent for “mooning,” which is a bit of trivia you probably thought you could do without. The first known incident of “mooning” someone reportedly took place in 66 AD, when a Roman soldier mooned Jewish pilgrims on their way to the Temple in Jerusalem. It was near the beginning of the First Roman–Jewish War and caused a riot that resulted in the deaths of thousands of Jewish pilgrims. As we fast forward a couple thousand years, apparently little has changed.
The Obama moon rising
It was four years ago this month that photographs and video appeared of Barack Hussein Obama bowing deeply to Saudi Arabian King Abdullah at a G20 meeting, causing criticism by some conservative commentators who opined that his gesture was nothing more than a Hillbilly gaffe, or ignorance of protocol, considerately giving Obama the benefit of the doubt.  Others believe he exercised proper etiquette in that situation. I submit to you that given the events and news headlines of the last 5 years, both assertions are utterly incorrect and fatally naive.
Obama’s deep bow was the body language of submission, and equally disgusting as his predecessor’s kissing and hand holding with his Saudi counterpart. First, let’s stick with being mooned as this action is more relevant to present-day events, including but not limited to the murderous attacks in Boston on April 15, 2013.
The blood red moon over Boston
Can you tell me with absolute certainty exactly what happened in Boston on April 15, 2013? Do you believe the official government narrative of all accounts of that day and the days that followed? If you question the events and the identity of the perpetrators and hold the government accountable in your position as watchmen, you risk being marginalized and described with pejoratives by the power elite. Yet, the bombing attack provides us with the most recent clues about what is taking place directly in front of us, as the holes in the official narrative are nearly as large as those that exist in the security at our southern border and just as numerous. Despite the many inconsistencies that can be identified and dissected, one critical aspect of the Boston marathon bombing will provide valuable, if not undeniable insight into the deep bow or bad moon rising.
It is the account of Saudi national Abdullahrahman Ali al Harbi.  If that name is unfamiliar, it is because our government and the corporate media intends it that way. In fact, the mere unauthorized discussion of al Harbi comes with the threat of jail for boots-on-the-ground field investigators. It is that serious and that much of a threat to the ultimate powers of government.
Glenn Beck and Alex Jones both extensively covered the account of al Harbi, which is the best example of the latest mooning of every American. Therefore, I will not rehash the details here. The case of al Harbi, however, included so many senior administration officials, that this bow to the Saudis (and the mooning of America) was so incredibly deep that from my perspective, it appeared that they were all not just bowing, but grabbing their ankles.
The now infamous bow to the Saudi King was like a bad moon rising over America, much the same as the first recorded “mooning” by a Roman soldier that ended up causing the deaths of thousands of Jewish pilgrims some two centuries ago. It’s a matter of perspective – on which side of the bow you are on. Unfortunately, Americans have been “mooned” in favor of the Saudis, but despite ample evidence have yet to realize it.