Saturday, June 29, 2013

U.S. Ambassador Patterson ‘Member of Muslim Brotherhood Sleeper Cell’

Patterson and Muslim Brotherhood supreme leader, Muhammad Badie

Egyptian Politician Calls U.S. Ambassador Patterson ‘Member of Muslim Brotherhood Sleeper Cell’

by Raymond Ibrahim on June 27, 2013 in From The Arab WorldIslam

More information concerning the blatantly pro-Brotherhood position of the United States continues to emerge. Earlier, U.S. ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson exposed the Obama administration’s allegiance when she urged Egyptians—including the beleaguered Christian Copts—not to protest against the Muslim Brotherhood as planned for June 30.
Now, in a recent live interview on Tahrir TV, former Egyptian Member of Parliament, Mustafa Bakari, exposed the relationship between Patterson and Khairat al-Shater, the deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. Among other things, he pointed out how she recently visited him at his private residence—as opposed to the party’s headquarters—where she likely discussed with him internal matters concerning Egypt, including how “we [the U.S.] will stand with you [regarding the June 30 protests],” adding that she sees and treats him as the “true ruler of the nation.”
Due to Patterson’s ongoing and very open relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, Bakari concluded that “in fact, in my opinion, she is a member of the sleeper cells of the Brotherhood, likely recruited by Essam al-Erian or Muhammad al-Baltagi.”
Bee's Note:  The new revelation of Patterson a member of the MB "sleeper cell" will explain the following article: Obama Readies US Marines to Assist in Egypt… But Wouldn’t Send US Marines to Benghazi