Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Iran "lights" her lights (again!)....

Yet another mysterious accident at an Iranian installation

Iranian fire at refineryThere has been yet another mysterious accident in Iran, this time a fire at an oil refinery in Isfahan. This continues the string of things that have gonebump in the night (or boom in the day) in Iran over the last few weeks.
A malfunction at an Isfahan refinery caused a leakage of cooling water from its generators – the latest in a string of mysterious mishaps in Iran in the past few months. A power outage was created as a result and a state of emergency was declared at the refinery, the Iranian Mehr news agency reported.
According to the report, one person was injured and taken to hospital. Various eye-witnesses reported seeing flames and thick smoke covering the area. The report stated that workers burned off the excess oil and gas in pipes to prevent a blast in the site. Traffic to the site was blocked and all phone lines were disconnected to prevent an explosion.
Accident? Sabotage? Does it really matter as long as these things keep on blowing up or catching fire.
Or perhaps it was the Iranians’ way of showing solidarity with the Jewish people, igniting their oil refinery just as we are igniting our Channukah candles. :-)