Monday, March 19, 2012

Have You Had Enough Of Obama,America?

MARCH 17, 2012
President Obama face WH photo SC Have You Had Enough of Obama,America? 
Under the cover of darkness and a media blackout,Barack Hussein Obama has signed HR 347 into law. Most of you may think that it is just another law with no teeth,but think again! HR 347 has cancelled out our First Amendment rights to free speech and to peaceably protest where secret service agents are present,and at their discretion. Remember all of the town hall meetings with our elected leaders? They will now be a thing of the past. We the People HAVE LOST OUR VOICE!!!

We will not even have access to our Republican candidates if they do not want us to because they are being protected by the secret service as well. America has been so busy watching NASCAR and American Idol that our freedoms are being taken away right under our noses,and we don’t even realize it.
We have not had access to our elected officials for quite some time. Nor do we have access to the conservative leaders that have sprung up over the course of the past few years in order to voice our greivances. Thank you to Floyd Brown and the staff at Western Journalism for giving this freedom loving American a voice;I intend to use it!
We are seeing the systematic destruction of America right before our eyes and it seems that either no one cares,or they don’t know what to do about it. I prefer to think that it is the latter. What I propose is this:Our Constitution-loving conservative leaders must STAND together. This is an open call to Rush Limbaugh,Glenn Beck,Mark Levin,Michael Savage,Michelle Malkin,Sarah Palin,Orly Taitz,Sheriff Joe Arpio,Sean Hannity,Floyd Brown, and many others like them. We all know that these people can pack houses with believers in Constitutional freedom,but they have idealogical differences in their beliefs. They must now put those differences aside and stand together in one accord. The Holy Bible tells us that “a kingdom divided amongst itself,will not stand.”
The communists on the left are very well funded and well organized. They have the mainstream media in their pocket. They have the head community organizer sitting in the White House. They have been able to push unconstitutional legislation through time after time,figuring that the “little people”won’t rise against it. They now blatantly disregard our flag by removing the stars from the blue field andreplacing them with Barack Hussein Obama’s face. They have issued permits to a Wyoming Indian tribe to kill bald eagles (our national federally protected bird for those who didn’t know). And now,they have cancelled the First Amendment to the US Constitution! Have you had enough yet America?
It is time for us to stand together and take this fight to the left. When they spew their talking points,back them into a corner with THE TRUTH. Stand strong ,stand together,and make God the center of our lives. HE is the only one that can save America now!