Saturday, March 24, 2012

Obama's Twitter Account: Despicable!

Bee's NOTE:  A small group of my friends get together daily to share ideas and monitor the  latest news on President Obama.
It is distressing to note that the President's  behavior is becoming so low-life, one has to wonder if he's had a mental breakdown.  The language he uses and his campaign advertisements demonstrate a deep lack of respect for the Office he holds, and I have to wonder if allowing photo-ops of his beer-drinking, hand-shaking, golf-playing makes him appear more like the average "common" man, when actually President Obama reminds me more of that cartoon character "Despicable Me".  For instance, one of my friends noted a report posted on The Blaze of Obama's official Twitter account to sell "BFD" healthcare T-shirts".  I had no idea what "BFD" represented until I read further it meant  “big f–king deal”.  
How despicable!  
I'll share my friend Tony's opinion:
President Obama actually tweeted “Health reform—still a BFD, and now it’s on a t-shirt”. Can you believe the person in the highest office of the land, the most powerful, respected office in the world, actually tweeted that? Obama sure knows how to lower the bar of respectability, doesn’t he? Is such a message befitting of the President of the United States of America, or is it more befitting of a classless, low life, buffoon? He is not worthy of the Presidency and does not deserve the respect or esteem associated with the highest office of the land. America deserves better.
Twitter should consider closing down Obama's account in order to protect President Obama (from himself) and any further embarrassments to the Office he represents. 

I do have a suggestion for the GOP:  Make up a T-shirt with a photo of Obama's campaign bus and on the side of the bus, print "50 States - just 7 more to go!".  (He may need a military naval ship to get him to all 57 states).

Here's the report from The Blaze:


What do you think of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul?
According to his re-election campaign, it’s a “BFD.”
That’s the message on a new T-shirt for sale on Obama’s campaign site: “Health Reform — STILL a BFD.”
It refers to Vice President Joe Biden’s famous reference to the Affordable Care Act as a “big f–king deal” after Obama signed it into law two years ago.
“Stand with President Obama by reminding your friends and family that health care reform is still a BFD,” a description of the shirt says.
It’s selling for $30.
Obama’s official Twitter account promoted the T-shirt Friday night, though without the customary “-BO” tag to indicate the president actually wrote the tweet himself:
Obama Campaign Selling BFD Health Care T Shirts
The Obama campaign doesn’t have a perfect track record with its T-shirts: As The Blaze previously reported, some complained about an “O’Bama” St. Patrick’s Day-themed shirt that messed up the actual symbol of Ireland.
Obama Campaign Selling BFD Health Care T Shirts 
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