Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"A Letter to Israel" by Edward F. Villa

Bee's Note:  The following letter to Israel, written by Edward F. Villa expresses the sentiments of all who support Israel.  If you take a moment to visit Ed's blog, "Jewish Miracles", you will find many music videos and photos of Israel that are absolutely outstanding!  
Soldiers stand at attention in front of the graves of the fallen at Mt. Herzl, Israel's national military cemetery.
Soldiers stand at attention in front of the graves of the fallen at Mt. Herzl, Israel's national military cemetery.
Photo Credit: IDF
Dear Israel,
I just want to let you know , that you are not alone during this most hard and difficult time that is
Yom HaZikaron .
Many of your beloved brethern have fallen.  Yet, they have fallen because they do believe in life. They, despite the baseless and virulent hatred Israel has endured since ancient times, choose to fight.
They fought for life.
Although they are no longer physically with us today, their eternal and enduring spirit and soul continue to persist amongst all of us thru memory, even thru true dreams. Forever will they live within those that pick up the uniform of the fallen and dawn on the uniform of the living .
May we all with gratitiude, grant honor to the sons and daughters of Isarel who fell in love and who do still love us from heaven above with The Holy One of Ya’akov .
Let us embarce all of Israel’s fallen this Yom Hazikaron, by living and preforming the following words of King David’s Psalm 133
” Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
It is like the precious oil upon the head, coming down upon the beard; even Aaron’s beard, that cometh down upon the collar of his garments;
Like the dew of Hermon, that cometh down upon the mountains of Zion;
for there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for ever . ”
In prayer thru deed in light of  honor for the fallen, let us diligently persue the true and righteous path and  real destiny laid out before and entrusted to Israel .
Although we live in the shadows of our true pain and incompleteness left by the departure of our loved ones from this world this day, let us live the words of King David above, and chose to move on foward with resolve and justice for those that require and deserve of it .
Eternally in our hearts and where before HaShem do the fallen of Israel  stand, they will forever be embraced by a loving and Eternal Father – The Eternal One of Israel .
I send a warm, yet tight embrace to all of The People of Israel during this most solemn, melancholy and trying of times.
You have someone here that prays for you .
Someone that believes in you .
God bless, strengthen and encourage you forever and always … Israel .
Edward F. Villa
 (Jewish Miracles)